Jul 10, 2015

Samples | Lancôme Shine Lover

I have another post with brief reviews and swatches from sampling
When Lancôme introduced this sheer lipstick range, I was excited and almost sure that I'd get at least a few. Sheer lipstick with shine seems to be a thing for which I tend to open my wallet easily these days, but this time the sampling didn't lead me to an immediate purchase. It rather held me back.
I have mentally placed Lancôme Shine Lovers on the "maybe list" because I still think they are very nice. Maybe it is due to the fact that my impression is gathered merely from a sample packet with a tiny lip brush, which I suppose substantially differs from actually swiping a lipstick on the lips. 

I can't really fault Lancôme or the sample itself. It includes a great selection of colors that would appeal to many people. It even comes with a small lip brush if that counts at all.

I liked:
The colors - they are pretty, vibrant, and wearable. 
The formula - it feels moderately hydrating and weightless on the lips.
The packaging - the tube looks simple, sleek, and functional. 

I didn't like:
The scent - it is scented with the same fragrance as the Lip Lover range, which I'm not so crazy about. Some people do like it, and it isn't a strong scent, though.
The hydration claim - it is there, but not for 8 hours. I mean, it has to stay on for longer than a few hours for us to talk about 8 hour something, no?

The finish is pretty but I don't love it. It gives a subtle kind of "shine" that is similar to many other sheer lipsticks like Dior Addict, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, and NARS Sheer Lipstick.

Now, on to the swatches.

Lancome Shine Lover swatches

Lancome Shine Lover Inattendue swatch
Inattendue is a soft peachy pink. There is nothing "unexpected" about it although it pulls a bit pinker on my lips.

Lancome Shine Lover Fuchsia In Paris swatch
Fuchsia In Paris is a very pretty fuchsia with deeper undertones which makes the color easily wearable. Unfortunately, I already have too many of similar shades and a few even come in better formulas than Shine Lover's. You can see this color in context here.

Lancome Shine Lover French Sourire
French Sourire is the star shade of the range. It is a vibrant medium pink with a nice dose of warmth. I might want this in the future.

Hope this was helpful.
I find the range has quite a few interesting shades, especially the pinks. The $25 price tag is certainly modest especially when a NARS Sheer Lipstick is now pushing $30. 

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts on them?

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