Jul 15, 2015


KLENSPOP SCL 23 C-Brown currently is my go-to pair. I LOVE THEM.
If you are searching for something that is work appropriate and SUPER comfortable, look no further. 

Diameter : 14.3mm
Graphic Diameter : 13.5mm
BC : 8.8mm
Life Span : 6 months
Water Content : 38%
Manufacturer : MAXLOOK
Origin : Korea

As the name suggests, SCL 23 C-Brown consists of two brown shades: chocolate brown (C is for chocolate in this case) & medium brown. There are also Brown, Choco, Grey, and Black available in the similar designs.
The end result is defined yet softly alluring eyes that are perfect for Hallyu(Korean Wave) inspired makeup looks. I myself care very little about Hallyu, but I like that I don't have to wear a lot of eye makeup with SCL 23 C-Brown.
I am pretty sure these brown rimmed models with subtle enlargements are designed to enhance dark brown eyes, but I've also seen some interesting and attractive effects on lighter eyes with these.

Bare(?) eye
(Trust me. I like my own eyes, so I wear conventional clear contacts as often. I just like to switch things a bit.)

With SCL 23 C-Brown

(I was also testing a Japanese mascara on the same day. Spiky)

Under bright lighting
I love that the mix of two different brown strokes gives some dimensions to the look, because I personally detest those stark soulless eyes that are often resulted from wearing badly designed circle lenses.

SCL 23 C-Brown is also made of silicone hydrogel and so so comfortable
I purchased some daily contacts at the same time when these were provided to me, and I honestly did not expect to find out these silicone hydrogel contacts are even more comfortable than those dailies. I can't wait to use up the conventional dailies and upgrade everything to silicone hydrogel. (Luckily KLENSPOP also offers clear dailies made of silicone hydrogel)

These silicone hydrogel lenses are priced reasonably in my view ($30-$40). Currently they are running a promotion with the range (you get one random color of Peri Pera lip tint with purchase), but to me the comfort level is so worth the price even without a free lippie.

Hope this review is helpful for those who are shopping for circle lenses with subtlety. :)

*The products were provided by the brand for the review purposes.*

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  1. "Bare eye (?)" - DYING!!!! These are fun and subtle. If I wore contacts, I'd give color/intrigue-enhancing contacts a whirl!

    1. LOL. Naked eye, then? ;D
      If you ever feel like trying some, I'd love to see you wearing sheer blue contacts. They look beautiful on green eyes transforming them into aqua blue! :)

  2. I love how natural these look yet they definitely give your eyes a pop! If only I weren't so freaked out by putting anything into my eyes. I wince at eye drops even O_o

    1. I totally understand!
      I guess there are many similar designs out there, but I think this particular design is something special while being very subtle. But I'm totally smitten with the comfort level. I just ordered another pair in a different color. :)

  3. Contact aside, I actually like the spiky lashes :-)

    1. Haha, thanks! I will review it soon, too. This one leaves my lashes a bit crunchy, though. ;p

  4. i dabbled in colored contacts years ago...wouldn't mind trying some out again. they seem to make much better ones these days!

    1. I agree! The ones I've tried recently are much different! To think about it, those classic models are really from a decade ago. I'm so impressed with the quality, I've just ordered a similar design in Gray and dailies made of silicone hydrogel! :)

  5. They make your eyes look bigger, but they also look so natural! I love them! :)

    1. Thanks, Cathy!
      The color is also a bit softer than my own, and I enjoy the effect. :)


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