Mar 29, 2015

Tatcha Skincare

It is no secret I am totally smitten with this niche luxury skincare brand. After experiencing The Discovery Kit, I did not hesitate to purchase full sized items. It has been full 4 months with Tatcha, a truly indulgent time for my skin that is, and I have used up everything except for a few.
Normally I'd get anxious to try new things especially near the end of a regimen when the excitement is well gone and my skin doesn't seem visibly better probably because it is already used to it.
However, this time is different. I am seriously considering to repurchase the whole line right away, which is something that I almost never do.  Plus I do have some other skincare items in my hand to try. I know what Tatcha skincare does and how my skin reacts to it (maybe too well at this point), but rather than being bored with it, I feel like continuing with it.

It is still a decision to make, but I want to recap my experience with Tatcha regardless, and briefly review a couple more items I've tried yet haven't had a chance to talk about .

My opinion on Tatcha's core offerings stays the same as my previous gloss over, or maybe I've grown to like them even more after time.

Undoubtedly, The Ritual Discovery Kit is a wonderful way to explore the brand, but if you feel that you have more faith, I'd highly recommend going for full sized Pure Cleansing Oil and Polished Rice Enzyme Powder. They are long lasting and well worth the money. I'm only down to half the jar of my enzyme powder. I've used this twice daily for three months now (without experiencing any irritation, by the way). I find the screw top lid of the jar simple and much easier to use unlike the mini jar which doesn't glide shut smoothly like the full sized one. The 5 oz cleansing oil bottle has lasted for 3 months with daily use since it requires only a small amount to get the job done.

Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream is my other favorite. I started with a mini jar then I received multiple samples with my purchase. Normally I hate to deal with sample packets, but I made sure to use them all because I started seeing difference right away. It is rich but not greasy, so perfect under makeup. And it works wonders overnight smoothing and plumping up the delicate eye area. For an eye cream skeptic, it was a nice surprise.

Luminous Deep Hydrating Lifting Mask is hands down the best sheet mask I've ever put on my face. You know, I've tried many different ones having a Korean mother who sends them to me every so often. They are all nice but the same, which is why I never talk about them on the blog. So naturally I was ready to conclude this luxury sheet masks weren't that different.
I was so wrong. Let me just say that (and that I want 53 of Luminous Deep Hydrating Lifting Mask every year).

Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is the latest addition to my Tatcha regimen. It is milky and hydrating without being sticky. Interesting that it is scented with something light and herbal (almost Chinese medicine like) while others are scented with a very delicate floral (camellia). For me, this functions as a super toner that calms down and pre-hydrates my skin in the morning, although this can be used to set makeup. I use about 3 sprays right before applying the Serum. Surprisingly it lasts for a long time, but honestly? It breaks my heart everytime I spray this on my face not to mention I sometimes clumsily spray this precious water in the air.

I have to note that Tatcha regimen has done a commendable job keeping my skin flake and breakout free all winter, and that is really something especially when I think about the kind of winter we had here in NYC.

How about you?
Any skincare that has left a great impression on you lately?

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