Feb 6, 2015

Haul - Paul & Joe, NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Happy Friday!

Today I wanted to do a light post about my recent haul.

I have to say it does feel good to have placed a few online orders for makeup and pretty things. Granted I am a materialistic person who maybe likes makeup too much, but it also means my work schedule is finally letting me breathe and think like a beauty blogger (yay!).
I've realized I don't shop or even think about shopping much when I am really busy, which is interesting because I know retail therapy can be quite soothing for many people under stress. For me, shopping based on "want" (vs "need") is some form of creativity, which I do not think I could afford lately.

Paul & Joe haul

I've ordered from ASOS and Beauty.com taking advantage of good sales. Both carry Paul & Joe stuff, and it was quite fun to compare price and add things to the shopping baskets sensibly.
My observation is that Beauty.com offers Paul & Joe Beaute priced very reasonably and their selections are pretty much up-to-date. Overall price on ASOS is higher, but I can spot some amazing deals there.

Paul & Joe Hand Cream Makeup Pouch set
This hand cream / makeup pouch set is ASOS exclusive and on sale at around $15.
I am interested very little in the skincare samples and certainly don't need another hand cream, but I'd totally pay more than $15 just for the makeup pouch. It is beautifully made with high quality fabric and a perfect size. 
The hand cream isn't half bad, actually. It is delicately scented with a feminine floral and feels light yet moisturizing. But I adore the tin more than what's inside. It is big to carry around (80g), so it's been placed on my nightstand.

The Pressed powder duo refil was also on sale at a little more than $20, which is much cheaper than the price on beauty.com.

Paul & Joe Pressed Powder Duo Cool
I chose the Cool shade, which is a very pretty and pale ivory with highlighting shimmer.
This will be housed in the empty Paul & Joe compact that I've had for years.

Paul & Joe Sheer Lipstick Pink Balloon
The sheer lipstick refil (Pink Balloon) was purchased from ASOS, and the lipstick tube from beauty.com since it was cheaper even at the regular price offered there.

And, taking advantage of $10 off coupon at beauty.com, I bought the new NARS foundation!

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Gobi
I have yet to try this but so far I think I like how it looks. The light yellow based Gobi shade is quite ideal for my skin.
We will soon find out if it indeed is "luminous, weightless and lasting all day"!

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Have you spotted any good deals lately? 
What pretty things have you been eyeing on?

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