Sep 11, 2014

Zoya Lael

For some reason, I have been quite lazy about doing my nails lately.
I was just rotating nudes, reds and light vamps all summer long - mostly Essie Ballet Slippers, Butter London Come To Bed Red, and Essie Bahama Mama.
I would easily go on for more than a week without refreshing my manis, too. The fact most polishes stay very well on my nails only with minimal tip wears didn't really help, either.

To shake up this boredom, I broke out one of my favorite vamps (it doesn't really make sense, I know), Zoya Lael.
This is another deep vamp with creme finish, but I can certainly appreciate the difference in the undertone.

Zoya Lael
Zoya Lael

To normal people's eyes (I mean, non-beauty-blogging folks), I don't think Zoya Lael would look much different from other vamps. Indoors it even looks similar to Revlon Vixen or Chanel Rouge Noir, which are more classic vamp colors that resemble "dried-up blood".
However, under the studio lightings or the natural lighting, Lael finally reveals her nature.
She is very grape-y as you see in the pictures.

Zoya Lael

Although I love the color very much, I can't say the same thing about the formula since it is a bit streaky and thick. 
I am very fond of Zoya polishes in general, but unfortunately this particular one came with a wonky brush. Hence the not-so-great paint job here resulting those uneven lines.
Nevertheless, I know that I will occasionally stretch my fingers out in the sun to admire Lael.

Thanks for stopping by.
Do you have a favorite vamp polish that is unique in your book?

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