Sep 12, 2014

Koh Gen Do Makeup Color Base

After I whined about how great Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture foundation is but maybe lacking 2% to become a perfect foundation for me, the team Koh Gen Do reached out and sent me a generous sample set of the Koh Gen Do Makeup Color Base to try.
They suggested a sheer makeup base with subtle color correction might solve the issue without having to sacrifice other good things going on with this foundation.

Koh Gen Do Makeup Color Bases (and powder samples)

I have to say that I am quite impressed with these pre-packed sample tubes and mini powder pots that are actually easy to use.
I feel weary of receiving samples in general since I find many of them come in flimsy packagings that are messy to use or some samples are so tiny that I hardly learn anything about the products. (Recently I was most appalled by a fragrance sample which was just a tiny paper towelette moistened. The full size bottle is like $120. Do they really expect to generate actual sales by distributing these samples?)
But each Makeup Color Base sample tube contains generous 0.1 fl oz (3g) and I get good 5-6 applications from a single tube. No messy sample packet here.

Koh Gen Do Makeup Color Base Swatches
Each works and corrects in different ways depending on what you are looking for, but basically these bases provide smoother surface and even out the skin tones to help the foundation to apply and stay on better. 
They also provide a basic sun protection (SPF 16) as well as possible skincare benefits from botanical ingredients.

1. Lavender Pink
Lavender Pink has a perfect balance of pink and lavender that adds a healthy tint to skin as well as counteracts a yellow undertone. 
I'm not keen on base products with pink tints but surprisingly this is my personal favorite. It generally works great with any of my foundation including the Koh Geh Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation, but I love to wear this by itself to brighten my complexion on a low-key day.
The texture seems slightly softer and more moisturizing than other three, too.

2. White
This one contains hydrolyzed silk and and micronized pearls to give a luminous finish to skin.
Although it is a nice base and helps my foundation stay a lot longer, I do not like it as much as others. I think it is a bit difficult to blend in when I am in hurry. The pearly effect is very subtle and almost invisible even by itself. Maybe it will work better if I mix it with a darker foundation for a better color match.

3. Green
This light mint green makeup base works best for me when paired with Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation
This is not overly silicone-y but evens out the surface just enough that the foundation reaches its full potentials. 
The ruddiness on my cheeks is invisible if I add a thin layer of this, so I enjoy using the Green color whenever I wear reddish berry blushes that usually make my cheeks look ruddier.
Green Color Base feels more matte and long lasting as well.

4. Yellow
Yellow is a close second to Green. It also counteracts the red tones and creates such a clean base. It is great to use with a light coverage powder foundation like Diorskin Nude Compact.

Koh Gen Do Makeup Color Base Swatches

Overall, I am very pleased with these color bases.
Adding a makeup base is not a new concept, and actually these tinted ones are quite common in the Asian countries, too. I used to religiously apply a light green makeup base before powder foundation when I was in college thinking "it would protect my skin from the harmful makeup". 
Well, that was quite a misconception, but I was well reminded of the benefits of adding a sheer makeup base this time.
I feel a little torn because I love seeing the even and clean complexion that is not caked up with heavy foundation, but it is certainly debatable whether I should add a pricey makeup base to perfect my already pricey foundation or not.

Thanks for reading.
Have you tried Koh Gen Do Makeup Color Base?
What do you think about enhancing the complexion by adding a tinted makeup base?

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