Jun 17, 2014

Review, Swatch - NARS Lip Gloss, Orgasm

It took a really long time for me to finally warm up to this cult favorite called "NARS Orgasm". (Well, I bought my Orgasm blush (reviewed here) almost 10 years after it was introduced.)
Although I ended up liking the blush much more than I expected, I didn't think it was "the blush color" for me. So naturally, I was not interested in the lip gloss with the same name thinking it was too frosty and warm for my light neutral complexion.
I still ended up with a full size NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss, though. Why? Because I always fall for legit mini makeup items (The key word here is "legit", btw).
I ordered a couple of (unnecessary-but-they-come-with-minis) things from NARS and was supposed to receive a mini NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss as a part of GWP, but they must have been out of minis because they sent a full and long Orgasm to me.

NARS Lip Gloss Orgasm
NARS Lip Gloss, Orgasm
(A generous GWP from NARS)

Kudos to NARS for sending me a full sized one to hold up to their promises, but I must say I was a bit disappointed. 
I wanted a mini! And NARS Orgasm is a kind of color I would enjoy more in a mini if you know what I mean.

NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss
I know I really shouldn't complain, but...

NARS Lip Gloss Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss comparison
Actually, the packaging reminds me a lot of Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss.
I used to have a shade called Peony that is a good alternative to NARS Orgasm or Super Orgasm. I would have loved to give you a comparison swatch, but I do not have it any more. You can still check out my swatch post for the Revlon lipgloss.

NARS Lip Gloss applicator
It comes with a very typical doe foot applicator.

NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss Swatch
NARS Lip Gloss Orgasm is a light peach with fine gold shimmer.

I kind of failed to capture the pretty golden shimmer here.
As I expected, it is not the best lip color for me. It easily makes me look washed out if I don't play up my eyes and cheeks.

In this swatch picture, I am wearing NARS Orgasm lip gloss on top of a coral lipstick.

The formula is solid if not revolutionary or groundbreaking. It is on the thicker side but spreads evenly on the lips. It does not peel my lips although I don't find it that moisturizing.
I like how the gloopiness(?) of the lipgloss is just about right - not too sheer or slippery, not the lightest feel but it sticks on the lips and stays on for a while.

NARS Orgasm Blush Lip Gloss Swatch
I compared the lip gloss and the blush here.
The lip gloss color is much warmer than the blush color. Surprised?

Once worn together, the blush and the lipgloss colors are nicely corresponding to each other.
I like to pair peachy things with blue or purple. Here, I am wearing NARS Marie Galante eyeshadow duo (reviewed here).

NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss is actually a nice addition to my lippie collection since I do not have many that are similar. 
I also think this color would suit much better for warmer and deeper skin tones, or if worn together with bronzers. There are a lot of bronzy summer goddess vibes going on with this one.

Thanks for looking!
Have you tried NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss?

Makeup Items Used

NARS Lip Gloss (Orgasm)
NARS Blush (Orgasm)
Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Foundation (100)
NARS Eyeshadow Duo (Marie Galante)

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