Dec 29, 2012

Editorial FOTD - Leafy Eyelines & Purple Lips

I have been wanting to do this editorial look for some time now ever since my blog friend Larie did these beautiful looks inspired by this.
(And she encouraged us to do it! )

Of course, all the models look beautiful and their makeups are stunning but I was particularly attracted to this look.
Maybe I just wanted her shoulders.
(Next life, baby)

It was also a little too much for an everyday look, but I just had another holiday concert which was a perfect occasion to wear this dramatic look.
This is what I came up with.

my editorial/stage FOTD

Sorry for the excessive lighting although it seemed very necessary for an editorial look aiming for a model shoot. ;p
I also used a different camera this time. 
I was amazed to see the different effect and texture cause the other settings were the same.
Funny this camera makes everything look blurry except for the hair! 
(Don't my eyebrows look bushy??)

The eyelines looked quite different than those usual winged ones.
They remind me of a pair of leaves or even feathers, which was kinda challenging for me.
I don't own any black liquid eyeliner so I just used a pencil type.
Another problem was that the lipstick color I was so sure was purple was not purple enough!
(I am wearing Revlon Berry Haute here.)

So, now I have concluded that I need a black liquid eyeliner and a (real) purple lipstick.
(It is never gonna end, is it?)
And I am going to have to quote my friend Larie cause she's so right about this.
"It is so much eyeliner, guys!".

I hope you enjoyed this look.
Wish everyone a happy new year! :)

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