Apr 27, 2012

Swatch, Review - Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lip Gloss Heavy

Urban Decay Lip Junkie lip gloss is one of their bestsellers for it's high-shine finish and plumping effect.
Candice @ Makeup Box generously included this in her prize package for me to try. :)

Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lip Gloss in Heavy

From the Urban Decay website..
Get hooked on shine, without the sticky hangover. Lip Junkie features a soft, luxe texture, stay-put shades and tastes like wedding mints.

To be honest, I didn't expect to like this gloss too much.
I was happy to try a new product, of course, but I prefer lip gloss with wand applicator and I thought I was passed the "sticky shiny lip gloss" phase at this point, so this high-shine lip gloss in tube didn't appeal as much as other items. ;)
However, I ended up liking this very much and have used it quite often, I even see I have made some dent to it. ;p

First of all, the slanted tip is made of silicone, which makes the application so much easier and feels rather nice on my lips as well.

The color Heavy  is a slightly shimmery medium brown shade.
It is kind of an understated color and the finish is almost creme since the shimmer is not noticeable at all once applied on lips.

On my lips, it looks very shiny and natural looking while giving the "My Lips But Better" effects. :)

under cool lighting

under warm lighting

I slightly disagree with the description from the website since I still find this a little bit sticky but not so much that it bothers me.
To be fair, I  think the texture is rather pleasant considering this is a long lasting and shiny kind.
I like it so much better than MAC Lip Glass, for example.
It tastes faintly sweet and there is some unnatural smell to this lip gloss but way better than its sister gloss Pocket Rocket which smells like peanut butter. -_-;
Lip Junkie doesn't peel my lips like MAC Lip Glass does, either. :)

It claims to "color and plump", but I find the plumping effect is quite minimal. 
In other words, it is not as irritating and I am happy about that!
I just get a bit of minty tingle-y feeling and that is it. :D

My lips do look bigger wearing this, though. ;p

Have you tried Lip Junkie Lip glosses?
How do you like them? :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Your lips are so plump! Gorgeous, I love the muted colour, it's very wearable, but makes your lips look very smooth and perfect.

  2. Min AnnikaApril 27, 2012

    i'm not that found of glosses, but this one looks really nice. perhaps i should give it a try :)

  3. the packaging looks nice, I like how glossy it makes your lips look :D

  4. hey, lena! i was so happy you visited me because last week, i've been checking to see if you had new posts... i figured you were really busy. :) good to have you back. :) missed ya! i've been busy myself actually... but trying to blog regularly... it keeps me sane. :)
    i'vev never tried urban decay glosses before. i really love the way it looks on you! the shade appears lighter than it does before being applied. i actually think the plumping effect doesn't work on ya because you already have plumpy lips!! gorgeous. :)

    have a great wknd!


  5. Oooo I got this in Naked with Naked 2, but I haven't really tried it out yet! I'm not too much of a gloss girl for some reason. I think it's because however un-sticky they claim to be, if you live in a windy and rainy country your hair always ends up sticking to your lips! This looks lovely on you though! xx

  6. is this the one which comes with Naked2 ? I have problem with the 'lip plump' feeling. It's a bit too mint soothing.. I dunno how could this look so good on your lips.. it looks crap on me. T,T

  7. It's pretty! I haven't really tried these sort of applicators before, so I'm not sure how I feel about them. It is a really lovely color, though!

  8. This gloss looks very pretty on you! I always like those "lips but better " colors. I've never been much of a gloss fan cause they tend to make my hair stick to my lips O_o

    Happy weekend!
    rolala loves

  9. i really like how it looks on you..like the colour as well..but i hate anything remotely sticky on my lips..i don't know why!

  10. Ohh I like the way it looks on your lip!
    When I saw the swatch I was like eh..too dark but it looks amazing on !

  11. Really lovely MLBB shade on you :) I have a mini tube of this in Naked from the Naked2 palette. It's quite a nice gloss, though it is a bit sticky. I really don't mind the texture, it's smooth and feels moisturising, plus I really like the mintiness!

  12. thank you! :)
    i completely agree with you. of course, it is a bit sticky but not too bad at all compared other lip glosses with super glossy finish.
    i wonder how the Naked shade looks! :)

  13. thanks, Banny :)
    my lips are quite pigmented. this color shows up light mauve-ish brown color. anything lighter than this would look clear on me. ;p

  14. thank you, Debi! :)
    i used to wear very sticky lip glosses a lot and didn't mind them all, but now i mostly reach for non-sticky sheer lipsticks.
    funny how our tastes change, huh? ;)

  15. thank you, Rowena.
    how are you feeling? i hope you are all better now. :)

    i have long hair so i suffer the same thing. yesterday was so windy here in nyc, right? of course, i didn't wear this. ;p

  16. thanks, Larie!
    the tip feels a bit sqeeshy and soft if you ask me. lol
    it does nice job spreading the jam evenly on my lips. ;)

  17. lol. ridiculous! i think i saw the lipgloss on you and i thought it looked nice!
    trust me. this one feels a lot nicer than some of the plumping glosses i've tried. :)

    honestly, i don't really believe plumping glosses and the effects. to me, it is just added irritation. ;p

  18. i am afraid this gloss is no match for the combo of wind and long hair. lolz
    it is much better than some of the glass shine lip glosses i've tried. it goes on kinda thick but feels comfortable on my lips as well.;)

  19. hey Jas! :)
    sorry i've been a bit MIA lately.
    just that little things kept piling on me and didn't allow myself blog regularly. i am planning to be better, though. ;)

    hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  20. thank you, Chloe :)
    this gloss makes a nice statement thanks to the glossy finish!

  21. if you like relatively non-sticky high shine gloss, i'd think this one is a nice choice. :)

  22. LoLs @ plump. ;p
    thank you, Katherine!
    i think i am gonna do a FOTD post using this one today. ;)

  23. It's such a great colour on your lips! I have a small tube of this in Naked, but have yet to try it. Guess I will now!

  24. The color is really pretty on you! I think it might just be the shine, but it really does make your lips look fuller :)

  25. Love how glossy that goes on your lips!

  26. thank you! :)
    how have you been? good to see you back. ^-^

  27. thank you, Rinny!
    i agree with you. i think it's the shine and tiny shimmer that make lips look fuller. ;)

  28. thanks, Andrea :)
    i actually would prefer a small size tube. this full size one is a bit too big. haha
    i assume the naked shade is even lighter than this? :)

  29. I love the subtle colour! I actually feel the same about high shine glosses.. or I guess I should say did as I'm a recent convert as well. :P:)

  30. thank you!
    we both have log hair and high shine tacky glosses are not so friendly to us, right? lol
    i think this gloss, however, is reasonably sticky(?) if that makes sense. ;)

  31. I've been great :) glad I'm back too, I missed blogosphere so much! How are you hun?

  32. i've been well. thanks! :)
    hope to see you often on your blog. ^-^

  33. Procrast1nato2May 10, 2012

    Im SO in love with the finish. I still haven't tried the one from my Naked2 palette yet, need to get on that!

  34. lolz
    it seems everyone has a mini tube thanks to the Nakes palette frenzy. :)
    i'd actually love a mini since the full size tube is rather too tall to carry. ;-/

  35. I'm impressed! It worked out really good!

  36. it is a great nude color. i really like it! ;)


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