Apr 29, 2012

Review - NEO Shimmer Blue

I recently fell in love with this NEO Shimmer series (aka Beaucon Shimmer) and ended up getting them in three different colors. (Honey, Green and Blue)
The blue pair, which I am going to review today, is my latest and least favorite from the group because of the bright obvious blue color, but I wear them quite often especially with my warmer bronzy makeup. :)

NEO Shimmer Blue close-up

At first, I thought NEO Shimmer series was the same thing as NEO Princess since they both have the same size in diameter as well as the natural tri-color designs.
I inquired circlelens.com and they kindly sent me a comparison picture for me to see the difference. ;)

From the top row,
Sunflower  series
Celeb Eyes  series
Shimmer  series
Princess  series
You can see they are indeed similar but different.
(click for the bigger picture)

NEO COSMO Shimmer Blue vials

close-up on vial

in lens case

*Item Details*
Origin - South Korea
Brand - NEO
Diameter - 14.2
Base Curve - 8.6
Water Content - 45%
1 year disposable

*Color, Design* 8/10
Shimmer series has soft black outer rims with two other colors cleverly mixed. 
The light brown colors in the inner area blend in very well with my natural eyes leaving a bit of green nuance.
I actually prefer the Shimmer series over Princess cause I personally think the colors blend in better with my eyes and they look not as opaque as Princess.
(for your reference, my Princess Purple Violet Review & FOTD )
This particular color blue is quite bright but it is still on the translucent side, which makes it more wearable in my opinion.

*Enlargement* 7/10
14.2 mm is perfect to my preference.
It gives just enough enlargement without making me look like an alien or a puppy. ;p

*Comfort* 9/10
They feel very thin and comfortable.
At this point, I am only buying NEO lenses especially for that reason.

*Overall* 8/10
I know I said this is my least favorite of the series, but I really like the color and design of this.
I don't  think blue contacts are the best for Asian complexions and they do often look cartoonish and weird.
This Shimmer Blue does have a bit of the unrealistic character to it and I notice people stare when I wear them during the day, but it has the best of both worlds of artificial and natural thanks to the semi-sheer color and natural design.
I love to pair these with my warmer makeup colors since blue and bronzy brown bring out and balance each other and this makes it easier for me to pull off warmer shades. :)

What do you think about blue color contacts in general?
What is your favorite way to wear them?

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Lena, this is so pretty! ♥
    I was actually looking for color lens last night...
    You make me want to try NEO too!

    *Giada Beauty*

  2. I like that it still has the subtle dark ring around the outside! Looks amazing on you :)

  3. Wow these are beautiful on your eyes. ;_; If they're your least favourite, the others must be beyond spectacular!

  4. Oh wow, they are super intense! I love them on you!

  5. I have never tried circle lens, but I do want to try green and gray and purple, because I think it'd be fun! I'm a little worried, though, since I wear regular prescription contacts daily. Ah, well. You look beautiful! I actually like the blue - it's fun but not *too* cartoony.

  6. ShoppingObsessionApril 29, 2012

    They look gorgeous on you. I haven't tried any though. I think they would look great with aqua eye shadow, color would really pop out.

  7. least favourite?let's see what the rest of them look like..when i saw this the first thought that came to mind was that of green palm trees against a clear blue ocean..which i love..

  8. It really stands out! I love the mix of blue with green, very pretty for spring and summer! Can't wait to see what the other two colors look like on you. And thanks for the comparison chart, so helpful!

  9. this is what you call your least favorite? but that's a lovely two tone color lens and you look really gorgeous with them on! I love it how it brightens up your eyes ^_^~

  10. My fave contact lens is actually blue :P
    And i feel it compliments your fair skin really well!:)

  11. i like its design the two tone color makes it look more natural!! its so pretty!! u look lovely in em :)

  12. wow..i love colored lens...especially green ones!!


  13. I've not tried colour contacts (I generally don't wear contacts except for a specific reason), but I've been intrigued to try them. I think you wear these blue ones really well for something that could look a bit unnatural. I definitely can see how they'd look beautiful with bronzy eye looks :)

  14. I don't care if they're your least favorite-- I love them. :) I am going to be getting a contact eye exam one of these days because I want to wear colored contact lenses!!! Your reviews and photos just are sooooo tempting!

  15. love how there's multiple colors in them. it looks great on you! great review... i would totally get them/

    have a great wk!

  16. I love the blend of the two colours, it looks surprisingly natural! And I bet people stare when you wear this because it looks fantastic on you! ;)

  17. awww thanks for your sweeeet comment, Stacey! :D
    this looks quite nice when i wear them after sunset. lol

  18. thank you, Jas!
    lately i only wear multi-colored designs or barely-there kinds. i can wear them without feeling so self conscious! ;)

    have a nice week as well!

  19. haha thank you, Laura!
    i love wearing color contacts because i can wear makeup colors that i can't normally pull off. i am sure it'd be same for you and your outfits! :)

  20. thank you! :)
    it's been about 8 months since i started wearing color contacts and so far i have had no problem and feel pretty happy. ;)
    it is fun to wear makeup colors that i can't normally pull off. ^-^*
    do try them!
    i'd recommend NEO brand since they have higher water content and feel very comfortable.

  21. i've recently tried green colors as well and i think i like them! :)

  22. thank you, Oreleona! :)
    i really like the Shimmer series a lot. Honey color is my current top favorite and it looks even more natural. i will review them soon.

  23. i remember seeing blue contacts on you and you do look beautiful wearing them! :)
    thanks for your sweet comment, Carla!

  24. Wow, what beautiful colours. The first photo definitely shows the design and colour well. I really want to try this series..

    I have to agree about the lighter coloured lenses with asian eyes, however I don't think it's impossible to pull off!

  25. thank you, Janet! ^-^
    i really like this blue color but honey and green are really really natural and stunning! i will review on them as well. :)

    i love that i can wear subtle bronzy colors cause normally they look normally very weird on me . ;p

  26. thank you, Diana! :)

    i see NEO lenses are based on the same color palettes and they seem to work for me pretty well.
    it is interesting the light yellow brown appears like green once worn. :)

    the company i mentioned provides superb customer service. i wish they carry more designs, though.

  27. awww how i love your interpretation on the colors. so poetic and it makes me wanna go to some exotic places. :)

    my favorite of the season is the Honey color and it is awesome. i am sure you will love it, too!

  28. thank you! :D
    your makeup idea sounds very very nice. i will try it soon. :)

  29. thank you, Larie!
    i'd say do try them! i've been wearing presciption contacts for ten something years and i don't think color contacts are much different. :)
    gray and purple complement asian complexion very well and they are my favorites, too. :)

  30. lol thank you, Katherine :)
    Honey and Green of the series look so much more natural on me.
    i don't know about spectacular but i really like them! ;p

  31. thank you, Chloe! :)
    i agree with you. i like the subtle but defining outer rims. ^-^

  32. thank you, Chloe ^----^
    i'd highly recommend NEO brand. it is my favorite.
    they are pricey compared to other brands but worth it, in my opinion. ;)

  33. thank you, Feelo :)

    nowadays i stick with brown and subtle grey colors but it is fun to wear some bright colors like this sometimes.
    i think i like the fact better that i can wear brown and warmer makeup colors with these. heh

  34. ooh Shimmer Blue is just too gorgeous!! love the lovely yellow inner ring. it helps create a really beautiful multi-toned effect overall <333 don't tempt me to get more circle lenses haha!!

  35. only if my eyes can handle, I really want to try color contacts! but my eyes are too dry and even wearing my regular contacts cost me great pain x(

  36. Hi Lena, this is beautiful, even if it is your least favorite--- I think the colors transition to your eye quite well. The face picture you posted reminds me a lot of Angelina Jolie (who I <3)

  37. It looks great! I haven't tried any blue lens before, afraid that it might not suit me. >___< But I think I would get a pair to try real sooon! *__*

  38. hey Aki! thanks :D
    yeah i still think twice before i reach for a blue pair but it is fun to wear them sometimes.
    i am sure it will look pretty on you.;)

  39. awww Dovey, what a super comment! ;D thanks!!
    now i like them better. lol

  40. awww i am sorry to hear that.
    i admit that it has been relatively easy for me to wear contacts in general. ;-/
    maybe disposables with more warter content would work?

  41. haha i'd be glad to enable you, Izzy!
    i will come back with other colors in the same design. let's see if i can really tempt you then. ;)

  42. The colour is SO pretty on you Lena! Now you have more colours to confuse your students with, haha

  43. hehe you remember that?
    yeah she would be definitely confused. lolz

  44. The colors are so striking! You look beautiful! Hey Lena!!! I'm back from my blog break. Thank you so much for your sweet messages girl. Missed you too. Catching up on blogs now. ((HUG))

  45. Pretty Pretty! I love colored contacts, but I can't wear them as I have bad eyes that don't wear colored ones too well. Looks great on you though.

  46. hi Mary, how are you? ;D

    thanks for your kind comment. i have pretty bad vision myself but wearing color contacts actually working out better for me than just wearing conventional ones all the time, if that makes sense. lol
    i wear glasses more often and try to take care of my eyes. ;D

  47. hiya, Kim! :D
    good to see you back.
    thanks for the compliment!

    hope you're having a fab week, Kim.;)

  48. those contacts are pretty. your skin also looks very nice!

  49. those lenses are so wonderful on you, you're so beautiful !!Xoxo

  50. hye Moeri, how are you? ;)
    thanks for the love!

    btw, friend me on FB when you get a chance! :)

  51. wow i've never seen lenses this color before. reminds me a bit of Avatar hahahha you look beautiful!!!

  52. miss ya, girl!! hope you're doing well! :)

  53. aww thanks, Jas!
    i've been so lazy with blogging lately.
    promise i'll do better! :)

  54. lol you are so right! ;D
    thank you, sweetie ;)

  55. love the lens on you babe!:)

  56. thank you, Aimee! :)

  57. that blue and green on you is just GORGEOUS Lena! Love the dual color combination.


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