Apr 24, 2012

Swatch, FOTD - i nouvi Dust & Metallogy Eyeshadows

These shimmery pretties were included in the prize from Makeup Box. :)
I am very happy that she has chosen these neutral colors!
They are so versatile and I see many different ways to play with them creating from simply washed  to sultry smokey eyes. :)

i nouvi Dust Moonstone

i nouvi Metallogy Champagne

They can be easily paired together to create a soft and simple look.
I am particularly fond of the Moonstone  shade, which is a bit of surprise for me since I prefer pressed eyeshadows over loose ones.

Moonstone  is one of  the prettiest taupe shades with mauve-y undertone, and I think this would flatter any skin tone.
It goes on oh-so-creamy and the color payoff is just excellent.

Champagne  is a metallic color in harder texture and perfect for highlighting inner corners of your eyes and  brow bones.
It was quite similar to the cult favorite stila Kitten  but much easier to use especially on brow bones. I personally love Kitten  but only for the inner corners to brighten, not on my brow bones since its shimmer could be too much sometimes.
(I mean I rarely put anything there anyway, but don't you hate those "glow-in-the-dark" brow bones??!)

Ok, enough with words.. :p


Thanks for reading!

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  1. love these neutral shades on your eyes! they're so pretty yet subtle. I don't usually wear red lipstick but if I did, I'd probably pair them with neutral eyes too, just to avoid looking OTT :)

  2. oooh~ I love both shades!! really neutral and wearable! honestly, most of my eyeshadows are almost in those shades. I know I'm just so mainstream, hehe~ I love the FOTD especially the red lips! you should wear red lippies more often, it really brings out your aura' haha~ for real! ^_^~

  3. Moonstone looks amazingly pretty! I also really love the look you made, you really roch the mat red lipshade! I usually wear neutral eye colour shades all the way because I'm kinda boring :p

  4. I love both colors very pretty!

  5. moonstone looks pretty.... I find that not a lot of people can pull the red lipstick look but I love the red lipstick look , it just Gorgeous on you!! you pull it off so well...

  6. oh lush!love them..and that lip colour rocks on you.

  7. Moonstone is gorgeous. Love the look it's very pretty.


  8. couldn't stop staring at moonstone! love how simple your makeup look is :)

  9. Oh Lena, I LOVE what you did with these! I love this type of shades for a light wash :)

    I've started to pair more neutral eyes with bolder lips, though I'm not that brave yet at all!

  10. oh I love sparkles!!!! really pretty! and love your FOTD! <3

  11. Loving the red lips Lena! Both of these look so pretty, but Moonstone definitely caught my eye!

  12. It's probably just because you have amazing lips, but now I actually want the Revlon lipstick - totally stole the show!

  13. Moonstone is so pretty! Great as a wash of colour over the lid that's really wearable for the day. Neutral, understated eyes really do complement a strong red lip. That Revlon lippie looks great on you :)

  14. Red lipstick looks fabulous on you! :D I usually wear red lipstick with neutrals, too, and strong eyeliner.

  15. LENA you're so lucky! You always win stuff haha
    The colours are really pretty - I agree they can be worn so nicely with a bold lip!

  16. yes! i feel lucky, too. considering the limited numbers i enter, i did win a lot. lol
    i like this look cause i can easily amplify it using heavy eyeliners. ;)

  17. ah thank you, Larie! :)
    i am still not comfortable wearing red lip colors but this is very encouraging!
    i will try it with bod eyeliners as well. ;)

  18. thank you! :)
    i really like the Moonstone shade a lot. i think i can even create some "wet lids" look if i pack it on.

    the revlon lippie is awesome as well. i heard this particular color is a good dupe for MAC Russian Red. the formula is great, too. :)

  19. thanks, Fanny!
    have a nice weekend. ;)

  20. thank you, Sarah!

    it is very nice to hear because i almost never feel comfortable wearing red lippies.
    i'd highly recommend revlon matte lipsticks in red colors. they look pretty and go on very nicely!

  21. thank you, Stacey!
    now i feel a little bad for the Champagne color. everyone seems to prefer the Moonstone. ;p

  22. thank you, Pamela! :)
    have a great weekend.

  23. thank you, Sunny :)
    i've seen some bold colors on you and they look gorgeous!!

    i'd want to play with light wash of colors with some more definitions, like using more liners and falsies? ;)

  24. thank you, Chloe! :)
    i think Moonstone color is really something!

  25. thank you, Simera!

    have a great weekend. ;)

  26. aww thank you, Debi!
    have a wonderful weekend. ;)

  27. thank you! this is so very encouraging!
    maybe i am finally old enough to pull red lippies. lolz
    believe me, i have to think twice to wear any bold lip colors. ;p

  28. thank you, Teri!
    i don't think neutral + red look is boring at all. ;p
    i just didn't know how to define my eyes only using light colors until now.
    i'd wanna play more with these shades. Moonstone is absolutely gorgeous shade. ;)

  29. awww thank you so much, Janet!
    what an encourging and sweet blog friend you are! ;)

    actually, neutral eyeshadows and red lippies are my two big enemies(?). i should embrace them more after reading your comment! ;D

  30. thank you, Izzy!
    i completely agree with you. it is so hard not to overdo with red lippies.
    i should play with these colors more.

    have a nice weekend! :)

  31. Both are really pretty but I love Moonstone! I like how you toned down the red lips with a neutral eye. You look beautiful Lena!

  32. thank you. :)
    Moonstone works as a shimmery blending color as well. i find myself reaching for it quite often. ^-^

  33. Wow, those two shades are really pretty.. I have owned some Inuovi blushes and it was on sale for only a few dollars!

  34. thank you ;)
    this is my first time trying the brand and i am very impressed.
    would love to try their blushes as well. you're lucky they are available to you at such affordable price. :)


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