Feb 19, 2012

Review - Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Lipstick Stay Magnolia

This was gifted from one of my students' parent a while ago, otherwise I would have not known there is a lipstick like this. ;)
In fact, I am glad she gave me this since it is a quite nice lipstick and I don't own many long-lasting kinds. :)

Estee Lauder Double Wear Lipstick Stay Magnolia

Estee Lauder claims that this lipstick lasts on lips for 12 hours without the drying effect.
(They say "Apply once and don't think twice about it.")

Is it true?
Not in my opinion. 
You still need to apply it again after eating and excessive talking(!).
However, I don't think too much of this rather ridiculous longevity claim  because I personally think no makeup should last for that long.
(Btw, what is up with all the cosmetic companies and these big numbers? I really want to know.)

My rant aside, this is still an excellent long lasting lipstick that almost lives up to it's claim.
It glides on lips very thin and smoothly without being heavy and provides silky satiny finish.
This feeling is very unique and different from any other long lasting lipstick I've experienced.
I love how light it feels on my lips. :)
Once applied, it sets quickly and lasts for a long time for about 4-6 hours if you don't eat anything.
(It seems pretty resistant to drinking.)
I don't think this is very moisturizing compared to those conventional moisturizing kinds, but I don't feel it is drying, either.
It accentuates lines a bit more if I use it on a bad lips day (like today), though.

The color I have, Stay Magnolia  is a cool-toned rosy pink.
There is some retro and almost mumsy quality to it and you could even say this is a medium barbie pink.
I don't want to admit but is a quite flattering color for me. :) 
(Honestly, i feel a little mortified to see this type of color works on me.  ;o )

It retails $25 from Estee Lauder counters. 
If you like Estee Lauder and there is a nice gift with purchase going on, I'd say it is worth getting one. :)

Now on to the swatches...

one swipe on my arm

on lips

Thanks for reading.

Do you normally wear long-lasting lipsticks? 
What is your favorite? :)

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  1. wow such a beautiful lipcolour!!
    i'm searching for petty pinks as well x'D
    and you have really pretty lips btw .__.


  2. Love this color! I love wearing lip gloss than a lipstick >.<
    sometimes lip stick can make my lips dry D:

  3. I do wear long lasting ones for work sometimes, hate reapplying during a busy work day! lovely colour!

  4. This color is so so pretty!! Love it!

  5. Pretty color.

  6. Very pretty! Matches you well.

  7. simera habeebFebruary 19, 2012

    This looks like such a gorgeous color.


  8. I tend to avoid long lasting lipsticks because they are usually dry :/
    But in other hand, I also hate lipstick that stains, and long lasting lipstick usually doesn't stain, right? so that way, long lasting lipstick is great ;D

  9. This color is so pretty! It looks really good on you too :)

  10. Heel in MintFebruary 19, 2012

    That's a beautiful color. It does look great on you :)

    Heel in Mint

  11. Oooh, I like the packaging! It's a very nice colour too! The wear time on products doesn't really bother me, as long as it doesn't claim to be moisturizing for how many crazy hours and doesn't really live up to the claim. I'm totally fine with reapplying to maintain colour, but not moisture :P

  12. Oooh that is a pretty colour. I don't own any Estee Lauder lipsticks, so can't comment, but personally, I would like lipsticks that are longer lasting. I hate having to reapply it throughout the day. So I usually just put it on in the morning and then when it goes, I just let it...haha how lazy

  13. I've never had a lipstick last long on my lips. I would love to try a long lasting lipstick though. And I agree with you, this is such a nice color on you! ^__^

  14. what a pretty color!! and so sweet of your student's parent to give to u =] and omg i know hahaha wth is with the 18, 24, 100 hr wears for everything these days?? who do they test these things on and how do they come up with the end goal of "x" amt of hours?! hahaha

  15. RiriRodriguezFebruary 20, 2012

    pretty colour. i actually have never tried EL lipsticks.
    looks great on you lena :) x


  16. This is a lovely pink!
    I think matte lipsticks definitely lasts longer on my lips, but still, it always wears off after eating...

  17. This looks really nice on you! I haven't tried any Estee Lauder lipstick or long-lasting ones, just because I'm fine with reapplying :p PS: I really don't think you're having a bad lip day!

  18. Great review!! I am currently searching for a lovely pink lipstick and this one seems pretty good. I am not into those long-lasting lipsticks because I think that its just a thing they say in an advertisement to sell the product. Almost every lipstick must be used again after eating or drinking. If it doesn have to be it sounds kinda unhealthy to me if you know what I mean:)

  19. What a nice gift! :) You are right this color is perfect for you. It is natural but still adds a pop of color. I love it when I find shades like this one. Great review!

  20. That's a really pretty color :) I don't know if I wold spend so much on a lipstick though, even MAC is cheaper. It would be nice as a present.

  21. Debi ChakrabortyFebruary 20, 2012

    love that shade..it's lovely!
    i don't wear long lasting make up...

  22. thanks!
    me, neither. i don't really care if my lipstick lasts for hours or not.
    i like foundation that stays long and fades pretty(?), though. ;)

  23. i agree. the price is a little steep to spend on a lipstick.
    it feels very different and innovative, though. i'd say it is worth trying with good gift with purchase. lol

  24. thanks, Anel.
    this shade is definitely eye-chatching but in a subtle way. you are absolutely right! :)

  25. thank you, Lucka.
    i think i understand what you mean by unhealthy and i agree with you on that!
    good thing is is this one is easy to remove with proper remover and doesn't stain. :)

  26. hi aida!
    thanks for stopping by and your kind words.
    i am not sure about how you mean by "invite me to follow each other". do you mean you'd follow me if i follow you? cause i don't think you are following me as of now.

    btw, your link doesn't seem to be working..

  27. thank you, Sunny :)

    i used to shell out on their pure gloss and lipsticks. lol
    i am the same way. i don't mind reapplying and often go on even without doing that. ;p

  28. thanks, Stacey. :)

    i am just satisfied this doesn't transfer on beverage cups. for eating..it doesn't stand a chance..;-)

  29. thanks Rina :)
    EL makes good lip products in general. i actually like them better than lancome, for example. :)

  30. sometimes you end up with unwanted gifts, but this one was nice. lolz (i am a baaad teacher)
    i know that a model slather sunscreen until her face looks white to go under the official test (that decides SPF number and such..) so i guess this number gimmicks are kinda same??
    don't like it at all! ;p

  31. thanks!
    it feels very different, kinda hard to describe, though.
    i think it goes on very thin and stays flexible so it stays for long. :)
    it wouldn't hurt to try! :D

  32. i am that way, too.
    (i am not using up any of my lip product any time soon due to the lack of reapplying..)
    it comes handy when i work for long hrs, though. :)

  33. me, too! it looks quite luxurious and retro, right? :)
    speaking of moisturizing, i am sure tarte lipsurgence will annoy you alot in that sense. they claim 6000% moisture level boost!!!

  34. i have a feeling you might like this, then. ;)
    it is not drying and it doesn't stain, either. heh heh

  35. thanks Noami!
    i agree with you. this lipstick performs very well for that purpose. :)

  36. i understand. i used to wear lip glosses only.
    i still love moisturizing lipsticks with sheer coverage better than long lasting ones. :)

  37. thanks, Jennifer :)
    and thanks for adding me to your list.
    you are on my reading list now.
    have a nice week! :)

  38. Hey Lena!!! I've tried Estee Lauder lipsticks and they are wonderful. Love this shade on you. Very pretty. Thank you so much for the birthday message. You are sweet! :D

  39. i love long lasting lipsticks, but its hard to find ones that dont dry out my lips :( this looks like a good one, and the color is beautiful!!!

  40. ya 12 hours is a bit long! okay 8 hours is good enough for me haha but yeah lipsticks should have lasting power but they all seem to dry my lips


  41. The lipstick looks nice on you!! I actually don't use any long wearing lipstick :( I'm not a reapply person but tinted lipbalms and lipstains are my thing haha. I want to check these out thanks for the review!!

  42. I'm not a huge lipstick person and only own one estee lauder lipstick. This is actually pretty on you though!

  43. thank you, Susan :)
    price is a little steep even for an estee lauder lipstick but this one performs pretty well. i'd have to think about it twice if i am to spend $25 on a lipstick, though. ;p

  44. thanks!
    i am not into long lasting lipsticks much myself..i'd rather reapply moisturizing ones as needed.
    i am kinda glad that i have one that works pretty well, tho! :)

  45. yup. i'd be scared if my lipstick stays on for that long. lol
    i still prefer glossy lip tint but this one is not drying at all. :)

  46. then i think you might like this one!
    it is not drying even compared to conventional lipsticks. feel quite comfortable. :)

  47. you are very welcome!
    i am glad you had a nice birthday celebration this year. :)

    i like estee lauder lip products in general. i wanna try the new one with moisturizing core inside! :D

  48. Love this color on you!

  49. I have one Estee Lauder lipstick too! And I think this colour is really nice and it suits you! ^_^

  50. thank you, Aki!
    hope you are doing well with your school and performances! :)

  51. [REPLY] Thanks Lena! I had my doubts too about wearing an orange shade like that, but it actually works fine on my skin tone, even better if I get a tan:)

    This lipstick is really cute, and I totally understand you when you say retro.. I got that feeling about it too. A good feeling tho, it´s really cute on you:)

    I normally don´t wear long lasting lippies, I feel that most of them dries out anyway, and I get kinda addicted on reapplying, esp. when it comes to glosses...Hehe:P

    I dont have a favorite, but if i gotta pick a kind, it must be the glossy lipsticks, with a slightly wetlook to it. I feel they dont dry out as quickly as the matte ones...:) however i do love my matte lippies ;)

  52. thank you! :)
    the lipstick feels very sturdy when i hold it. i definitely doesn't feel cheap (it shouldn't, actually. lol)

    i am like you, too.
    i am a fan of glossy sheer lipsticks. nowadays i like them more than lip glosses. who would have thought? ;)

  53. the colour looks gorgeous on you! I think Estee Lauder tailors to a slightly more mature crowd in general, but not everything is mumsy! haha it's still a really pretty shade, I'm sure you could still look quite youthful :P

  54. heh heh thanks, Izzy :)
    i am quite interested in their new collection. it is "mad men" collection!
    looks super glamourous. :)


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