Feb 2, 2012

Review, EOTD - L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Liner

I consider myself as an eyeliner newbie and I am still searching for a perfect dark eyeliner that will stay on my lower waterlines.
I recently found out that stila kajal eyeliners stay best on my lower waterlines although they are not perfect, and I was very surprised by that!
So I was naturally intrigued when I saw the new Voluminous Smoldering liners that claim to be inspired by kajal.

Kajal is one of the many other names of Kohl and has been cosmetically worn by middle eastern and Indian women for centuries. 

I luckily found a value starter set on sale that holds this liner in black color, False Fiber Lashes mascara and a sharpener for the eyeliner.

I swatched it on my hand and smudged it out after.

It goes on smoothly and the color is quite intense.

smudged out with finger
The darker middle part is where the color was applied originally.
(why my hand looks so scaly?! MUST MOISTURIZE)

You would think this is too soft to last after seeing these pictures, right?
It is true this liner is quite soft (not as soft as stila liners, though) and easily smudges but strangely (at least to me) it stays on pretty well once it's smudged out.
Soft smoldering effect makes this intense black liner much easier to wear.

I can't vouch for others since I have spotted more than a few negative reviews complaining about smudging, but I myself am satisfied about how this liner stays on my lower lash lines/waterlines.
(I am cheating a bit here. As you see in the next picture, I didn't cover my entire waterlines with this. That lower outer corner of my eye is wet all the time, I honestly think nothing would stay on it. ;-/ )

I am also wearing matte shades from WnW Lust  palette here.
It looks a bit shimmery because the eyeshadow primer I used is shimmery.

As for the regular False Fiber Lashes mascara, it is about the same as the wp version I have used.
It does great job volumizing and lengthening, but it doesn't hold my curls very well just like the other regular mascaras. 
(Good thing is the formula is not that wet, so it does not make my curled lashes entirely straight.)

I want to try more smoldering and darker look by putting on thicker lines next time.

They are available in black, grey and brown colors and retail around $8.95 where I live.

Have you tried this eyeliner? :)

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  1. I am not a fan of pencil eye liners, but I did see this plenty of times at target.
    For some reason I wanna buy it...for my eye brows or something haha!
    Maybe it your eye liner won't smudge so much if you put black eye shadow over top of it to set it ^^.

  2. Haven't tried this yet! but its cool how you got it in a set!


  3. It's a nice black. I like the way you lined your lower lid. I'm off pencil liners at the moment since I got back into tightlining. I had wanted to try the False Fiber Lashes mascara but since you're saying that it didn't hold your curls well I might pass unless I see it on sale.

  4. Hi Lena. Good review. I was just wondering if you thought the jumbo style pencil is wasteful compared to if they just did the same formula in a regular pencil form. I like my eye liner pencils fairly sharp and I feel like with this, every sharpening you will lose so much more product. Just a thought.

  5. hey Fannie :)
    it is actually a very good point!
    i was thinking the same thing.
    we'd end up shaving off as much products by sharpening, right? ;-/
    l'oreal says you can apply thicker line easily by changing the angle or something (there is a demo video on the website), but i think regular size pencil would perform just as well since it is quite soft. ;)

  6. yes, i like the color a lot. it is intense but not one of those shiny weird black. ;p
    i really enjoyed waterproof version of False Fiber and i recommend it. i always use eyelash curler but no regular mascara actually hold up the curls and that's why i usually go for wp knowing it is not good for your lashes. -_-;
    this regular version is not that bad. it doesn't toally uncurl the curls at least. ;)

  7. yeah, it was a pretty good deal. i got everything for a little over $11. :D

    thanks for stopping by and adding me to your list, Mary!

  8. i guess you usually use liquid or gel liners, Banny?
    it might be too soft and dark for eye brows but using chubby pencil like this always bring childhood memories for me. lol
    adding eyeshadow on top of the lines really helps but it still smudges..i really hope i find something! :)

  9. I have never tried this, but it sounds promising. I have the same problem on my waterline. For that reason, I hardly put anything there... hehe~

  10. I should have picked these up. What a fantastic combo. The liner doesn't look smudgy at all.


  11. Kajal has been BIG! I've actually seen a real one used by an Indian friend. I really wonder if it'll stay on my monolidded eyes tho. That and I'm actually quite happy with my UD 24/7 collection, so I haven't looked so much into these yet.

  12. wow! what a big kajal liner.. looks really chubby cuute! my first time to see something like that from Loreal.. i waant ^^ swatch looks nice too

  13. Oooh Lena, I really love it smudged! I never buy pencils since I just can't figure out how to make it look nice smudged! The color is just preeeeetty!

  14. the eyeliner looks great smudged!! usually I use liquid ones but this looks like a good one to use


  15. my 1st ever make-up product was a kajal..a long while ago..back when i was absolutely sure i would never be into heavy stuff and all..
    i have used most of the stuff available in the indian market..i also have that problem,the corner is always watery..but i like the revlon kajal which i am currently using..this looks lovely.

  16. I love your eye look.. gotta do that tomorrow =D

    I have not tried the eyeliner... I use Gosh kohl black eyeliner, i like that one


  17. CassandrapamelaFebruary 03, 2012

    I prefer liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner rather than pencil eyeliner.. I just can't go out without eyeliner! lol
    But I've never tried this pencil eyeliner before.. do you like it?

  18. i am new to eyeliners in general. i didn't use any eyeliner for the first 10 years of my makeup life and didn't even know there are things like tightlining or lining on waterlines and such. lol
    i prefer pencil type, though. they are easier to control and create softer looks, imo. ;p

  19. thanks, Mie :)
    my usual way of doing eye makeup is painfully easy, actually. haha.
    i've heard good things about Gosh products. so everybody is using kohl liners, huh? ;p

  20. oh wow, that is amazing!! you must be very adventurous person. :)
    i've been interested in revlon kajal liners, too. i wanna try them since you say you like them. gotta trust someone who has experience of using the authentic stuff!

  21. i like it smudged, too!
    i still prefer stila one since it is even softer and stays better as well. :)

  22. some waterproof eyeliners are kinda hard to smudge and don't look as half pretty as softer liners like this. i usually just us q-tips but stiff tiny brush works too. :)
    the smudged soft black color is attractive, right?
    the other two colors are quite intense and pretty, they seem.

  23. i know, right? it feels like i am holding a crayon or something. lol
    i still wanna play with bolder more smudged look. thanks for the complement! :D

  24. so i am late to the party. (again! lol)
    i've been only searching within range of waterproof or gel liners for longevity, so i was very surprised to see this smudge-city kajal staying pretty well on me.
    it's great you've found something that works for you. i've tried UD, but it is still no match for my super wet lower waterlines. ;-p

  25. it was a pretty good deal. i am glad i gave this a try! :)

  26. i think what you do is wise thing to do!
    my waterlines are so visible and out there and it makes such difference, it is hard to resit the idea of it although i know it is bad for my eyes. *sighs* ;)

  27. shahnaz husain kajal was the deepest and darkest.but it smudged like hell..revlon works well..but doesn't stay on for long...i have heard maybelline kajal is very good..anyway i always keep my in my bag for touch ups..out of habit:)

  28. ooh thanks for the info. i am writing this down! :)
    maybe it is wrong of me to expect eyeliners to last all day when i carry lip products around and do touch-up! heh heh

  29. love the way you applied it. very nice.... i am more of an liquid liner girl, but i'm willing to try this. :)

    was going through my bloglovin' acct... and just followed you there also. :)

    enjoy your sunday!


  30. ooh if you are used to liquid liners, working with pencil type would be so easy for you.

    thanks for following, Jas.
    hope you are having nice sunday as well! :)

  31. have you tried the inglot gel liners? my waterline is notoriously resistant to keeping eyeliner, but their black liner (#77 i think) is a dream to work with. guerlain makes a more traditional kohl where the formula is actually a fine powder, but if you can use the plastic wand the right way to tightline your eyes, it really stays put too! I have it but don't use it often b/c I tend to get it on my contacts, and it's a PITA to get off the lens.

  32. thank you so much for your recommendation.
    i wouldn't want to try the powder type since i wear contacts daily.
    i will definitely look for the inglot gel liner. i've heard tons of good things about this brand as well, i have been curious. :)

  33. hmmm, very nice. :)


  34. thanks. :)
    i am reaching for it quite often.

  35. It looks good! You need to post a full face photo though so we know how it looks overall!

  36. thanks!
    i wanna experiment a little bit more. will do full face one, soon. :)


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