Feb 2, 2012

Review, EOTD - L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Liner

I consider myself as an eyeliner newbie and I am still searching for a perfect dark eyeliner that will stay on my lower waterlines.
I recently found out that stila kajal eyeliners stay best on my lower waterlines although they are not perfect, and I was very surprised by that!
So I was naturally intrigued when I saw the new Voluminous Smoldering liners that claim to be inspired by kajal.

Kajal is one of the many other names of Kohl and has been cosmetically worn by middle eastern and Indian women for centuries. 

I luckily found a value starter set on sale that holds this liner in black color, False Fiber Lashes mascara and a sharpener for the eyeliner.

I swatched it on my hand and smudged it out after.

It goes on smoothly and the color is quite intense.

smudged out with finger
The darker middle part is where the color was applied originally.
(why my hand looks so scaly?! MUST MOISTURIZE)

You would think this is too soft to last after seeing these pictures, right?
It is true this liner is quite soft (not as soft as stila liners, though) and easily smudges but strangely (at least to me) it stays on pretty well once it's smudged out.
Soft smoldering effect makes this intense black liner much easier to wear.

I can't vouch for others since I have spotted more than a few negative reviews complaining about smudging, but I myself am satisfied about how this liner stays on my lower lash lines/waterlines.
(I am cheating a bit here. As you see in the next picture, I didn't cover my entire waterlines with this. That lower outer corner of my eye is wet all the time, I honestly think nothing would stay on it. ;-/ )

I am also wearing matte shades from WnW Lust  palette here.
It looks a bit shimmery because the eyeshadow primer I used is shimmery.

As for the regular False Fiber Lashes mascara, it is about the same as the wp version I have used.
It does great job volumizing and lengthening, but it doesn't hold my curls very well just like the other regular mascaras. 
(Good thing is the formula is not that wet, so it does not make my curled lashes entirely straight.)

I want to try more smoldering and darker look by putting on thicker lines next time.

They are available in black, grey and brown colors and retail around $8.95 where I live.

Have you tried this eyeliner? :)

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