Feb 11, 2012

NOTD - L'Oreal Raven's Strength (Project Runway Collection)

Ok, this NOTD is so not appropriate for the upcoming Valentine's day, but I have been itching to try on these dark jewel toned polishes from my recent haul. ;)

L'Oreal Raven's Strength  (from "Project Runway Collection")

I would say this is a deep charcoal grey shimmer.
There is a good amount of blue and green thrown in, which makes this color more wearable.
It reminds me of Chanel Black Pearl a little bit. (not a close dupe, though)
Dark colors with shimmer like this could make your skin look drier than what it is, so frequent moisturizing is a must. ;)

As for the polish itself, I think the formula has improved in a great deal compared to the last L'Oreal polish I had. (That was 10 years ago, btw.)
The brush is slightly wider (not as wide as OPI prowide brush) that was quite workable although I thought it was a little stiff.

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  1. i really love your nails..
    such a nice shade...

  2. Oh my oh my you really make any nail polish look gorgeous! I love your nails :) What are your tricks to strong healthy nails like yours?

  3. Super vampy. Glad to know that the polish improved. I've always loved l'oreal. best drugstore beauty products around.

  4. your nails look gorgeous! they just look so healthy and perfect. haha it's funny I've been inspired to wear vampy shades nowadays too- just looking at my nail polish collection and realising how little love my dark shades have been getting :P I like the second one a lot- it's not that dark and more grey!

  5. wow i can't help but to notice that the mani you did yourself looks very neat. ( the dark color made it more obvious lol)

  6. Oh wow! Beautiful colour and perfect nails!

  7. I like this one! It's black but not a flat black, which makes it way more interesting!

  8. wow, love the sheen this shade of black has. i usually go for darker-color shades, and this is a very nice shade of black. :)

    hope your wknd is a good one. :)


  9. thanks, Jas :)
    i like this one for being very wearable. usually black colors with cool shimmer look very harsh on almost every skin tone.

    have a great weekend! :)

  10. thanks :)
    the subtle shimmer is quite pretty and interesting. ^-^

  11. Hey! Thank you very much for your comment - I appreciate it. (: Yeah, sometimes I style my bangs like that with my hair straightener. I like it, but not always, hehe :D
    Thank you :*

    I love dark nail polishes!! I often wear them because they are so...kind of mature, I think. I like it! And this color isn't just plain black, it's really shiny and I like this metallic effect (:

  12. well your bang looked great in the pictures! having options like that is always great. ;)
    yeah i love dark colors on short trimmed nails. they practically go with many different makeup and oufit looks. :D

  13. heh heh thanks. ;)
    i've painted my own nails many many times. lol
    funny thing is it doesn't come out as nicely when i paint my sister or friend's nails. ;p

  14. thank you, Izzy :)
    i love darks on short nails.
    and i guess i am feeling a little rebelious since i see lots of pinks and reds these days. lolz

  15. I'm not a big fan of dark polishes, but this color actually looks really nice! The shimmer in it prevents it from looking too gothic :)

  16. yeah, i am glad l'oreal is finally picking up their games. no makeup look is complete without a complementing nail color, right? ;)

  17. awww thank you, Anel.
    you are always so sweet with your comments. ;)
    i think i wanna do a post regarding nail care although there is nothing very special about what i do. thanks for the inspiration!

  18. i agree :)
    stark black polish isn't flattering for anyone.
    the shimmer in this is quite subtle, which is nicer. :)

  19. Beautiful color! I love those dark shades.

  20. its so shiny!!! i love it!!i think the shimmer makes it more attractive

  21. I think this color can also be wearable on V'day...=) Its not all all matte black, I can see a shimmers which is really pretty and shiny..I wouldn't hesitate wearing that color on V's day..hehe...^_^~

  22. the shimmer isn't too much it seems which i like..gotta try a loreal polish some day..haven't tried one in a long while..

  23. try them when they are on sale.
    i'd go for higher end if it's for the same money.
    they are cleary better than before, i am glad. :)

  24. thanks, Janet :)
    the color goes with many things in my outfit since i wear lots of dark mono tone.
    i like it quite a bit. :)

  25. I really like that shade! :D It looks good.

  26. thanks!
    i can't wait to try other two on. ;p

  27. PinkOrchidsStephFebruary 14, 2012

    Gosh you apply your polish so well!! Looks very professionally done. Also your nails are so perfect!
    The colour is really nice, i can see the sparkle! The quality looks good too, glad it has improved! xX

  28. This is actually darker than I thought it was, especially in the first pic. But I do like the subtlety of the shimmers, it's definitely very wearable! :)

  29. yeah, it actually looks close to black indoors.
    i've been wearing this for days and now i am ready to change but i've enjoyed the color a lot! :)

  30. thank you, Steph :)
    i am too glad l'oreal polishes are better quality now! :)


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