Feb 9, 2012

FOTD with L'Oreal Project Runway Collection & Sock Bun

Today, I put yesterdays' haul to work. ;)

I wasn't overly impressed with this Cockatoo  part of the collection, but actually it consists of my go-to colors like shimmery pink and greys.
The finished look is something I would wear for a first date.
(Of course, I would wear my hair down and flaunt it, not a rigid bun like this. Today was just a work day, though. ;p)

Lighter colored contacts make me look a little bitchy, don't you think?
I am wearing NEO COSMO Princess Eyes in Purple Violet. ;-/

makeup products used for this look
Revlon PhotoReady liquid 003 Shell
L'Oreal Project Runway Collection Charming Cockatoo's Gaze & Blush
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pursuit
L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering liner in Black
Maybelline Illegal Length wp mascara 
Too Faced Shadow Insurance Candle Light

Also, I made a sock bun today!
My hair is pretty long but layered so making big bun was never easy. 

(I have a sock in my hair)

The sock donut I made is not that big since it was my first one, but I want to make a couple more in different sizes!
You might see me wearing super big onion hair very soon. :)

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  1. Hi Lena! I love this look on you. It doesn't look bitchy to me but rather sophisticated! Growing out my hair after my disaster with split ends. Hoping to do a nice big bun soon!

  2. Wow. Your eyes are so pretty. Wish I could tolerate contacts.

  3. You look gorgeous. I really like your hair and makeup. I haven't heard of this collection, thanks so much for sharing


  4. wow! great makeup look ! matching it with the purple lens really completes the entire sophisticated look =)

  5. Love the subtle smokey eye!
    & Your sock bun is adorable :) :)

  6. lovely make-up... pretty lenses ^^

  7. very nicely applied. love the color combo of your lens and the shadow. very pretty and delicate, lena. :)

  8. CassandrapamelaFebruary 10, 2012

    pretty Lena! :D

  9. Riri RodriguezFebruary 10, 2012

    wow this looks gorgeous hun!
    great post.. and i love ur blog

    btw thanks for following me back.. appreciate it xx

  10. Lovely application! I actually really like the light contacts, they;re really striking. :]

  11. Your hair looks cute in a bun! Those contacts are entrancing. hahaha Pretty makeup Lena! :D

  12. i love this look!! youre so pretty! i love the sock bun!!! i wish i could put my hair in a big bun cant wait to see the onion hair haha:)

  13. Love the bun! The soft smokey look is really pretty, definitely perfect for a first date!

  14. thanks, Stacey.
    smokey eyes are low maintenance compared to bright lips. ;)

  15. thank you, Oreloena :D
    i am so late to the party. i didn't know people use bun enhancers(?) like this. i just thought they all have lots of hair.
    i've actually bought one from the store but returned it sinc i like my sock bun better. :)

  16. thanks, Kim! :)
    i like the contacts but i don't think i'd repurchase this once expired. i've found more natural looking light colored ones.
    you spend and you learn. ;p

  17. aww thanks, Katherine. (and good to have you back! ^-^)

  18. thank you. :)
    you have a very nice blog yourself. pleasure is mine. ^-^

  19. thank you, Jas :)
    i wanted to go with super sultry then i always stop cause too much makeup scares myself. lol

  20. thank you, Fanny. you are very sweet! :)

  21. thank you, Donna :)
    i want a bigger bun! lol

  22. thanks, Janet. :)
    choosing makeup colors for my "unnatural eye colors" are always challenging. lol

  23. i am glad you like it. :)
    this collection wasn't a big hit or anything. i am just glad to grab them on sale since i WAS curious when they came out. ;p

  24. thank you. :)
    yeah, sometimes wearing contacts and makeup could be too much for our poor eyes.

  25. thank you, Naomi :)
    i am growing my hair a little longer as well. i am so itching to get it trimmed, though.

  26. Wow, absolutely gorgeous! you have such amazing skin!

  27. I love your contact lens! And your skin is super smooth *w*, your eye make up is really nice 。◕‿◕。

  28. I'm always for looking bitchy, but that's just me. hahaha. I think the contacts look lovely! and I really love pink + grey together.

  29. I love this look on you! I think you can get away with your lenses too, because your skintone is light and leans cool. On me for example they'll look REALLY weird!

  30. wow, your sock bun came out nicer than the tutorial one too! I used to do this when I was in high school and I wanted to hide my perm. Yes, I got a perm in high school, don't ask me why!

    I love this eye make-up. Have a great weekend my dear!

  31. Pretty Pretty! love the smokey eye look.


  32. Love your eye make up :)
    Goes great with your eye color hun!

  33. lol super big onion hair! The bun looks really pretty on you! I've never tried using a sock before to get that big bun look.

    I love the smokey eye too - your eyes look especially alluring with the dark shadows and colored lens :D

  34. Absolutely gorgeous look,
    Have a great weekend sweets,

  35. Can I just say when I read sock bun I laughed as that was exactly what I was experimenting with before my major event this week. I was going for a Carrie bun!

    Loving the eye makeup!

  36. i wanna do this look during events..
    pls teach me.. when that time come

  37. of course, Camilla :)
    but my makeup is usually so simple there is not much to teach. i am planning to do a tutorial for asian eyes soon. :)

  38. heh heh i love carrie bun! it is huge!
    i think my hair is too straight and i feel i need to tease it a bit to creat a bigger bun. ;p

  39. thank you. ;)
    have a nice weekend!

  40. i even bought one from store but i think i like my sock donut better. lol
    i am glad the combo worked out. ;p
    whenever i wear this pair, peopl stare. i have to think twice. lol

  41. thank you, Thu :)
    i don't think you'd need any of enhancement like this for big bun. your natural hair would just do, right?
    you have gorgeous hair!

  42. thank you, Sunny :)
    most of lenses are designed to work with dark eyes, i am sure they will look good on you as well.
    i don't mind blue or grey (obvious) colors but i think i prefer more delicate design. :)

  43. haha thank you, Laura :D
    i usually try to look sweet or something in front of camera but i guess camera doesn't lie? lol

  44. aww thank you.
    it is mostly the strong lighting, though. heh heh
    have a nice weekend! :)

  45. thanks, Penelope. :)
    purchasing lighting set is so worth it since it makes my skin look better in pictures.
    much better than buying a face cream. lol

  46. SO SO pretty.. I don't know if I can get the project runway here, but I have to try this look. So beautiful


  47. This look is beautiful! It goes very well with the contacts too!

  48. thanks, Mie :D
    i think any blue/grey shimmer eyeshadow would do, really.
    to be honest, i could prolly dig out similar shades from my own stash. lol

  49. Looks glamorous compared to my boring workday makeup lol. Great pairing with the contacts!

  50. thanks, Diana! :D
    my daily makeup is quite simple actually. :)

  51. You have such flawles skin! And i love you eye makeup!:)

  52. thanks Carla :)
    do you have a blog or web space i can visit you? :)

  53. Hi, yes i do! its www.carlacation.com !:)

  54. hey Carla :)
    thanks for leaving me your link.
    i will see you there! :D

  55. abegail abundoFebruary 12, 2012

    I really want to buy the Revlon PhotoReady liquid 003 Shell. Will it be good for a combination skin? I'm bit oily. :)
    The lens looks so beautiful on you. So Hot! :)

  56. i have combination skin as well. i tend to get oily on my T-zone. i think photoready liquid is good for all around except for summer for me. i think it should work for you as well. there is a mouse version which seems to control oil better.
    thanks for your compliment! :)

  57. you look lovely..a bit ice queen-y not bitchy!
    i wish i could do a sock bun..waiting for my hair to grow out..just too many layers in them

  58. aww thanks, Debi :)
    it makes me feel much better.
    i think sock bun works easier for shorter hair, but layers are always a bit of hassle. i have the same problem. always need tons of bobby pins.
    i swear they make the security alarm go off. (and my bra) ;p

  59. You eye makeup just gets better and better. I love the contrast from your lenses to a smokey look.

  60. thank you, Feelo :D
    i'd still want to try super dark mono tone smokey with this contacts. ;)

  61. So pretty, beautiful skin too!!!
    I wish I had the eyes to do this type of makeup :(

  62. thank you, Estee :)
    my eyes are very asian with small folds. i believe anyone could pull off similar look. :)


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