Feb 15, 2012

FOTD - Soft Matte Smokey

I have been drawn into matte colors lately.
Personally, I think shimmery colors are easier to work with than matte ones, but there are some undeniable attractive qualities in soft matte looks. :)

Matte colors are less forgiving since they don't give "illuminating" effects so I had to work a little harder(?) on my base makeup.
(meaning that I used concealer today. ;p)

I wanted to keep everything simple and clean.
For eyes, I used L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering liner in black drawing thick lines and smudged with a short stiff brush, then just blended with L'Oreal Infallible in Sultry Smoke using my fingertip.
I also made sure to use matte colors and my cheeks and lips. :)

Makeup product used for this look
Maybelline Fit Me foundation 110 + 115
Maybelline Fit Me concealer 10 Light
Prestige total intensity eyeliners in Black  (upper waterlines)
L'Oreal Voluminous wp mascara in Black
Jane Blushing Cheeks in Blushing Petal
Revlon Super Lustrous Matte lipsticks Stormy Pink + Pink Pout

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  1. So true about matte colors being less forgiving but matte looks are also more sophisticated looking. Very pretty! I love the soft pink lips with the dark rimmed eyes!

  2. OOOO this is so nice, soft, and feminine! I don't have a lot of matte anything because you're right about it being less forgiving. I also have the impression that if the shade doesn't work 100%, it just looks horrible, as opposed to shimmery shades which have more leeway. However they are definitely more classic and sophisticated, and I think you ROCK this look!

  3. This looks like something i can wear to work! Very soft and beautiful Lena!

  4. ShoppingObsessionFebruary 16, 2012

    I love the soft look. For some reason, I have always like matte rather than shimmer. Very pretty!

  5. I like this clean look. Very pretty face.

  6. I really like this look on you... you are so pretty... I actually looked at loreal eyeshadows yesterday because of you... right now they are on my wish list hehe


  7. CassandrapamelaFebruary 16, 2012

    this look is really wearable for everyday ;D I love it !!

  8. i really love this look..what would you say is a good concealer by the way for an oily skinned person?

  9. Lena you are gorgeous, I will be trying this out this weekend ;)

  10. I've always preferred matte colours to be honest. Love the lip colour!

  11. Beautiful makeup! *.* really antural and acsual!



  12. thank you, Raimar! :)
    hope you have a nice weekend.

  13. thanks! :)
    i myself prefer shimmery colors in general, but i like to use matte ones better on my nails or eyebrow bones. :)

  14. aww thanks, Thu :)
    do let me know how you liked matte colors on you although i am sure it will look beautiful on you!

  15. thanks, Debi :)
    unfortunately, i am a concealer newbie. i don't think this maybelline one is good for oily skin since it is very creamy and best for under eyes.
    i've had better luck with mineral makeup. i used heavy coverage one to cover blemishes and it worked pretty well.
    sorry i am not being much help here.. ;p

  16. thank you, Pam :)
    i agree this is suitable for everyday look but takes more time and energy than using shimmery colors. oh well.. ;)

  17. thank you, Mie. you are very sweet!
    l'oreal never impressed me before with their makeup. not even their famous HIP line did anything for me. it is just recent after i discovered infallibles that i started looking at l'oreal differently. lol

  18. thank you, girlie blogger!

  19. thank you. :D
    it is quite difficult to find good quality matte colors since more affordable ones are so easy to come out chalky and blah.
    i am glad these are working out for me. :)

  20. yes, very work-appropriate!
    thank you, Naomi. :)

  21. you are so right! i once tried a wrong blue color that is matte and it look horrendous on me and i can usually get away with any shimmery blue. ;O
    thank you for your sweet compliment.
    i am encouraged to try matte colors more often now. :)

  22. thank you. :)
    i was afraid i might look weired if i mess with too many colors, so i kept it as simple as possible. glad it worked out. :D

  23. you look amazing!! this is a very beautiful look lena!! i LOve it!

  24. oh it's fine!i am newbie too..am currently using the avon stick concealer..while it's nice..i would like to try something else too..
    here's to us finding good concealers..cheers!

  25. awwww thank you, Oreloena. ^----^

  26. cheers! :)
    do let me know when you find good one, Debi!

  27. I agree - I've really been into matte colors lately, too! I do think they take more work, but they also seem more polished looking. Love this with the soft pink lip!

  28. thanks, Larie :)
    it is worthwhile taking a little more time once in a while, i guess.
    i felt confident and even calm wearing this makeup all day. :)

  29. You look fabulous! And I love my mattes too, even though I probably wear shimmers a lot more, it just takes more time to get mattes right!

  30. thank you, Stacey!

    you are so right.
    i'd wear matte shades more often if it didn't take so much time to work them. ;p

  31. You look marvelous Lena!! Such a pretty look xx


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