Jan 20, 2012

Swatch, Comparison - New Revlon ColorStay 16 hour Eye Shadow Quad Siren

I like the former 12 hour ColorStay quads and I own more than a couple , so I was almost irritated to see this "improved" version and it's "16 hour" claim.
(Sand Storm quad from the old line is a seriously beautiful classic. I am going to grab a backup before it's gone and so should you.)
The packaging looks to me less appealing and even backwards since it reminds me of the long-discontinued Revlon Wet/Dry eyeshadows.
There are 16 different quads available and that is a lot for a new introduction (they are supposed to start with a couple and add more colors and LEs later on, no?), but they look all muted and conservative except for maybe one. (again, backwards)

Still, I had to pick one for myself because I am a creature of curiosity. ;p

New Revlon ColorStay 16 hour Eye Shadow Quad Siren (525)

Nothing from the display looked interesting to me since many of the quads share same neutral shades.
I chose Siren which is Grey/Pruple smokey quad thinking this is very similar to Maybelline Charcoal Smokes quad.

See the resemblance? ;)


I like my Maybelline Charcoal Smokes since the purplish grey shades are quite pretty and the whole color combo is rather well-constructed, but I am not so crazy about glittery sheer black shade and the usual Maybelline chalkiness.
So basically I was thinking maybe this Revlon quad would be a great replacement. 

I've only swatched the colors so I don't know for sure how they are in quality, but so far I am a bit underwhelmed.
The colors are pretty sheer and the texture feels a bit hard against my fingers. 
And let me just say this. 
Nothing stays for 16 hours and the old ones didn't stay for 12 hours either, so.

The Revlon Siren and Maybelline Charcoal Smokes swatches are similar as well.

Revlon Sire

Maybelline Charcoal Smokes

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  1. Just a question, which of this two has more smooth and pigmented content?
    because I found my revlon is a bit not smooth..and less pigmented compare to any other brand..

  2. hmm it is a bit tricky to answer. i would say revlon has more even texture but overall the colors are quite sheer. those 2 purple grey shades from maybelline are nice then the shimmery grey and the black are not good at all.
    i also find that the recent revlon quads(12hr ones) are not as good as the old version and same goes for the almay shadows (they are basically the same company), whish is a shame...

  3. ahh...i am definitely staying away then..i currently use an avon quad.they are not the best shadow out there i have heard.but they work for me.

  4. Aww too bad! The reviews I've read about this are mixed, and I haven't seen this in Belgium (among all the other things I have no access to here lol). I'm sure you can make a beautiful look out of this though!

  5. CassandrapamelaJanuary 21, 2012

    oh I've read a lot of reviews about this quad and some like it some hate it. I've considered to order the whole range through ebay. but now I'm kinda hesitated :/

    What do you think ?


  6. I like Maybelline's eyeshadow quads but sometimes I find the non shimmery and sheen ones tend to be chalky!! :(

  7. i agree!
    the recent ones are huge improvements compared to their old versions.
    it's a shame since they alwasy bring out trendy chic colors. ;(

  8. i will have to use this quad a couple times to know sure for myself. maybe it will surprise me, i don't know. lol!
    but since ebay gauge the price if the products are popular, i wouldn't shell out for this. also there are shipping charges to consider, right?

  9. lol. now i feel bad. i think i am being a bit unfair to this new products.
    i've always liked revlon and they have done a great job recently with colorburst & phothready lines, but i don't think this is their best work.
    but i will report back to you EOTD or FOTD with full reviews. :)

  10. i like avon makeup. i am actually a fan of mark (avon's baby brand). :)
    this quad is not bad at all to be fair, but it is irritating a company repackage the almost same products and trying to sell them for new...

  11. I like the colors but after reading your review, not as excited now.


  12. CassandrapamelaJanuary 21, 2012

    yes! that's why I 've been considering about it a lot. I will not rush then :)

  13. yup. good thinking. :)
    there are so many other products that deserve your attention. ;)

  14. i agree the colors are quite lovely. i guess it is all about preference. i am not into bright eyeshadow colors but always want some oomph. this collection seems to fall short a little in that sense.

  15. I like the shimmer of the Revlon. I was surprised when I saw the swatch comparison. The packaging is about as blah as you can get. Isn't presentation everything? What is up with Revlon's design team? HAHAHAHA Excellent review Lena!


  16. I'm actually liking the greys in the Revlon more than the Maybelline one. But then again, I won't know for sure until I try them on me!

  17. i think you are about right. ;)
    the second and third dark shadows from the maybelline quad are quite similar and they could look muddy sometimes, but all 4 shades of the revlon quad are different and the shimmer is pretty. :)

  18. the shimmer is quite nice, right?
    i can't agree more with you about the new packaging. i think they went for "sleek and professional" but it turns out to be "blah" lol
    and seriously, why is it so hard to make perfect square frames and glue them properly? look how crooked they are. ;(


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