Jan 13, 2012

Review, Swatch, FOTD - Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hr Cream Gel Eyeshadow

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Audacious Asphalt

Spring 2012 is probably the best time to venture into drugstore makeup if you haven't already.
There are so many interesting products of excellent quality practically lined up!
Starting with Revlon Lip butter, we have L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows and now Maybelline is adding more heat to the competition.

I wasn't going to buy any of this new Color Tattoo eyeshadows from Maybelline (because I have already gotten many Infallibles), but this shimmery gunmetal shade called Audacious Asphalt is just what I was looking for and I was basically helpless after reading all those glowing reviews :)

In short, this is a great cream to powder eyeshadow with excellent staying power.
Supposedly it is a nice alternative of Make Up For Ever Aqua cream, but I wouldn't know for sure since I haven't tried the MUF.
Everyone is raving about this color tattoo shadows' longevity, but to be honest, I don't think this lasts for 24 hours.
When I used this without eyeshadow primer, the color faded away after 3 hrs just leaving sheer tint of color. However, it didn't crease nor was it collected much in my eye folds, which is interesting.
With nice primer, it lasts for very long time and the color appears more vibrant.

Audacious Asphalt is very shimmery and quite dark cool-toned grey that is intense enough to be a stand-alone shadow.
This is actually what I wanted my L'Oreal Infallible Sultry Smoke to look like, so I am very happy with the color. ;)

top-Color Tattoo Audacious Asphalt
bottom - Maybelline Gel eyeliner in Sapphire


(I am also wearing Maybelline Eye Studio Gel liner in Sapphire here. This is nothing special except the brush comes with it is nice. It doesn't last on my lower waterlines. I'd recommend Wet 'n' Wild gel liner instead.)

Overall looks..(FOTDs)

Makeup products used for this look
Maybelline Fit Me foundation 110 + 115
e.l.f. HD powder
Maybelline XXL pro curl mascara (a piece of crap)
Physicians Formula Healthy Glow blush strips
Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in Audacious Asphalt
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel liner in Sapphire
Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy
(Contacts - Vassen Barbie Black)

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. CassandrapamelaJanuary 13, 2012

    oh this is another product that isn't available here! I'm so angry with maybelline >.<*.
    I'm considering to move to US now. lol. it looks really good on you!

  2. Pretty colors! Too bad it didn't last you...
    You look very lovely, btw ^_^

  3. It looks really nice on you! Are the other colours nice and worth getting too? :)


  4. CassandrapamelaJanuary 13, 2012

    Hey Lena! I awarded you Kreativ blogger award !


  5. ooh it looks similar to benefit's cream shadows!

  6. How precious are you Lena!!! It's 8:30p here and you have me wanting to go to the drugstore to get all of this. LMAOOOO It looks great with the Sapphire! I like that lip butter in Cotton Candy. That's a very pretty pink. You look like a doll! :) Have a super sweet weekend my friend! TTYL


  7. I have the blue/teal color of the 24hr stay eye shadow! I love it! Like I kinda want to go get the silver and purple one! I never tried a wet and wild gel liner, I always use the Maybelline one xD Ill look out for it!

  8. suzie_markovskaJanuary 13, 2012

    This looks gorgeous !

    I didnt know maybelline had that 24hr stay eyeshadow, its probably not out in australia considering we are always behind for everything lol

    Im a new follower :)
    Check out suziemakesyouup.blogspot.com if you like
    xxx keep up the good work !

  9. You look so pretty! I'm excited to try the new drugstore products that came out in stores. I just need to get my hands on them first. The Maybelline tattoo looks amazing! I'm so glad to hear it doesn't crease. <3

  10. Pretty pretty pretty~ Very nice look! Hehehe. Loving the sapphire eyeliner!

  11. Aww Lena you're so cute in these photos! I've heard so many good things about these too, but I haven't seen them here in Belgium and I don't know if I ever will! This color kind of reminds me of Urban Decay Gunmetal, though it's a color that I don't love enough because I don't have enough cool-toned colors to go with it!

  12. teehee thank you, Sunny. ;D
    i am sure you will see them soon in Belgium. they are new even here so they are not even placed in the permanent display, yet. ;)
    i guess you prefer warmer toned colors? i envy you. usually luxurious warmer colors look terrible on me. T..T

  13. thanks, Aki ^-^
    i like the purplish blue color of the liner, too.
    just wish it lasted on my waterline..

  14. thank you! ^-------^;
    i kinda expected it to crease since i've never used any cream type that doesn't, so i was pretty excited to see it just faded away. when i paired it with my too faced shadow insurance, it is so much better.
    hope you like them, too! :)

  15. hi Suzie, thanks for stopping by and adding me to your list. ;)
    now i am more into simple things, this cream gel eyeshadow is pretty nice. all i need is finger to blend it out. :)

    (i followed your blog as well. have a nice weekend! ^-^)

  16. oh i saw them and they look gorgeous! especially the teal color!
    purple looked nice, too but i held myself telling me "you have too many purples, lena!" lolz
    i hoped maybelline liner would last on my waterlines since many rave about it, but sadly it didn't..
    wet 'n' wild is pretty close and much more affordable. :)

  17. lol lol thank you, Kim!
    you are so very sweet (and your blog is named perfectly!!) :D

    i know what you mean. reading other bloggers posts about new products makes me go downstairs all the time. i have a drugstore right down in the same building. sometimes i don't know if it is a good thing. *sigh*

    have a wonderful weekend!

  18. you are right! i 've seen some comparison with these two. :)
    do you own any benefit one? how do you like it?

  19. thanks, Chloe.
    i would think so. it took lots of self-control(??!) for me to just grab one. lolz
    besides this color that i bought, teal and purple looked most apealing to me. :)

  20. thank you, Bee.
    it lasts pretty nicely once applied over some primer. i am pretty happy about this. :)

    have a nice weekend!

  21. and i am mad at maybelline for giving you FIT ME foundation with pumps! lol lol
    i am sure this will show up there soon.
    thank you for the compliment! :D

  22. thanks for the award! :)

  23. Brilliant for partying the night away with stay on make-up -gorgeous look!

  24. As always, gorgeous FOTD!!
    I've definitely been more interested in drugstore brands as of late, I use to not go near L'Oreal or Maybelline. Thanks for your reviews!

  25. MyrtedCaldonaJanuary 14, 2012

    It's lovely on you! I think a quick smudge of this thing onto the lids and some darker eyeliner will do the trick to an effortless yet looking fab FOTD! :D

    It must be awesome :)

  26. you are right!
    sometimes early in the morning i simply have no time to work with multiple eyeshadow colors. also this would be nice to carry around for quick touch-up. :)

  27. thank you, Stacey :)
    i broke out the new lighting set. i am still trying to figure how to work it. ;p
    i am just like you. i have disliked maybelline and l'oreal for a long time except for a few things. i thought they are expesive compared to other drugstore brands but the qulity is just okay, you know? i wouldn't mind it any more if they keep bringing goodies like this! :)

  28. hi!
    thanks for visiting and commenting.

    yes! i agree it's nice to wear for simple yet glam look. :)

  29. I had three different colors but I barely used it and ended up giving it to my friends. . The color was pretty but it didn't look good on me x(

  30. ah it's a shame since they are quite pricey!
    i am sure your friend was happy, though. ;p

  31. Looks very pretty on you! I might have to get one, hehe. Your second pic is very cute. =)

  32. The blue-grey tone looks beautiful on you! :)

  33. thank you, Andrea!
    i love cool-toned colors a lot. ;)

  34. thanks, Diana :)
    this was the first time using my new soft box set, i was goofing around. lol
    i think it's a pretty nice choice for the price. wouldn't hurt to try. ^-^


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