Jan 11, 2012

Review, Swatch - Cargo Amalfi blush

My first smart phone was a Palm Pre, not an iPhone.
My favorite eyeshadow primer is Too Faced Shadow Insurance, not Urban Decay primer potion.
If I have money to buy a luxury car, it would be from Audi, not from BMW nor Mercedes..

Just like that, I like Cargo blush better than NARS...
Maybe I like anything that is a bit underdog..or I don't like anything that is most popular of its kind..I don't know. ;p

Amalfi is a beautiful town in Italy, that much I know, and of course in this case it is the name of this fresh pink colored blush from Cargo. :)

Amalfi is a fairly new addition to the Cargo blush range.
It is a cool-toned bright pink with silvery shimmer that shows up glowy not glittery once applied on your cheeks. It is interesting because the shimmer is quite noticeable in the pan and you can definitely see it when swatched on arm.

top - heavy-handed
bottom - blended out

This picture is taken under natural lighting.

Closest color in the same range would be the famous Catalina which is a matte ballerina pink.
Amalfi is cooler and brighter than Catalina, and the shimmery finish also makes a difference.

This blush is excellent in quality and the color is very flattering for me.
It blends well without much effort and the color shows up vivid but sheer.
(Don't be scared! ^-^)
I also like that it doesn't turn into some reddish unrecognizable color and it stays on for long hours.

I have seen some reviews complaining about the packaging (it's not easy to open..?), but I don't have any problem and frankly I even love that it come in a tin. (I have a thing for pretty tins. ^-^)
Cargo blush retails $26 in the U.S. and it will last forever since a tin contains whopping 8.9 grams of blush. (that is more than double of what NARS gives...)

Here I am recycling one of my recent FOTDs to show how this color looks on me. ;)

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  1. I've never used their blushes before, but that color is beautiful. I'm going to have to try it. Awesome review. <3

  2. Lena, that pink looks precious on you. I agree with you. Sometimes 'the best' is not always the best. :)


  3. oh my such a poppy pink! so cute!!

  4. CassandrapamelaJanuary 12, 2012

    oh no this blush is sooooooooo pretty! and again, cargo isnt available here in Germany T.T.
    I think I should move to US soon.lol

  5. Psst try Beautybay.com! I live in Belgium and I just got 2 Cargo blushes from there. The price is very correct, and shipping isn't all that expensive either!

  6. I don't have a smart phone, I do love UDPP (haven't tried Shadow Insurance), but if I could buy a luxury car it would be Audi, and I LIKE MY CARGO BLUSHES TOO!!!

    This shade is mega hot on you! It's a shade that looks intimidating to me in pan, but on you it looks super natural! I do have some problems with one of my tins, but it's OK. I heard that NARS packaging just collects fingerprints, and THAT is something I CANNOT stand!

    Thanks for the review Lena :) I'm so happy I found your blog!

  7. This blush is wonderful

  8. CassandrapamelaJanuary 12, 2012

    oh thank you so much!! I'll check the website :D

  9. very pretty, lena. so subtle and feminine.

  10. aww thanks so much, Sunny! :)
    i do like my NARS and i personally think they have lots of imagination when it comes to creating colors, for that i respect them. i guess cargo blush speaks to me closer and i feel more comfortable wearing it.
    (and NARS blushes do collect fingerprints......lol)

    i am glad we are getting to know each other better like this! :)

  11. it is a very happy color for me. thanks! :)

  12. thank you, Kim :)
    i don't know..i just get more attracted to something than others..lol

  13. thanks, Nikki :)
    blush review are harder for me. i never capture the colors right...
    this one came out pretty close to the real life, i am glad. :)

  14. ohhh i love pink cheeks on you :) looks so fresh and cute!! *-*

  15. thank you, Melody. ^-^*

  16. You're such a pretty lady and the blush looks hot on you! :) I agree I'm not a big fan of Nars blushes either. I have 4 of them, but I find them powdery. I need to try Cargo blushes now... hehe~

  17. thank you, Ahleessa. you are very sweet. ;D
    i do like my NARS blush and the particular color i have..but i am not in love with it that i am planning for additional purchase. on the other hand, i wouldn't mind getting a couple more cargo..you know? ;)
    cargo blush is gigantic, it kinda breaks my heart knowing i will never be able to use it up. lolz

  18. such a pretty colour!! It really suits you~


  19. It really is a lovely shade of pink! I assumed it was going to be really pigmented but it's not (which I think is a good thing with blush, easier to apply more but not to take off some!

  20. it's quite pigmented but so finely milled so very easy to control.
    it's not powdery at all!
    i completely agree with you. you can take off overdone color using powder or something, but the result is never same and it is hard to do anyway! :)

  21. i don't need to be in a giveaway, but that's a pretty photo of you


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