Jan 16, 2012

NOTD - Essie Bordeaux

Looking for a perfect winter red polish?
I cordially invite you to visit this classic shade, Bordeaux from Essie. :)

This rich & posh red color is one of my favorite reds of all time.
I think it looks best on short-trimmed nails.
The color is deep but never looking stuffy thanks to the slight jelly finish.
It looks deep and pure. The color changes under different lighting.

I am wearing 2 coats of this with Duri base coat & Seche Vite fast drying topcoat.
My bottle is very old and came from the pre-Big 3 free era, so the application is fantastic, if you know what I mean. ;)

This sure beats the winter blues for me.
I highly recommend this sophisticated shade to anyone.
It is not the usual in-your-face red but certainly a wowzer. :)

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  1. MyrtedCaldonaJanuary 16, 2012

    I love it's red wine-y resemblance. It's a deep and pretty classic nail polish to wear. :)

    Btw, you got long and pretty hands. :D *envy*

  2. I just painted my nails yellow. Lmao. Red ones are too much for me, or so I think. :P

    <3 GRYSH

  3. It's definitely a gorgeous shade! I love it.

  4. such a lovely shade! suits your hands really well... love your nails to bits!

  5. hi Diane :)
    thanks for visiting and for your lovely compliments!

  6. Lena, I can't get over the finish of this polish. I'm loving Essie more and more. Great shade of red. Very rich!


  7. ooh yellow is hot! but even harder to pull than red for me.
    would love to see you notd with yellows. :)

  8. yes. it is perfectly named, imho.
    seriously there are some gorgeous shades from years ago.
    sadly i believe essie & opi has beyond their golden age. nowdays i don't see any greatness no matter how how they try with name-playing their new polishes...

  9. you should get this, Kim! (enabling mode on ;p)
    i prefer essie over opi in general. i love love their red colors.
    this and A-list are my recommendation for essie reds. :)

  10. CassandrapamelaJanuary 16, 2012

    oh really pretty! I've been wanting red wine nail polish,and this one looks perfect. Now I have a reason to go to perfumerie and buy this essie nail polish. lol. thank you for the picture Lena :D

  11. thanks Pamela! :)
    everyone should have this her nail polish wardrobe. (lol i sound like a sales person.)
    it'd look beautiful on you. ^-^

  12. I love a red wine colour for nails, my go-to for every day!

  13. Love the shade and you are right- it is a beautiful sophisticated wine red :)

  14. Oh wow Lena, this looks SO classic and sexy on you! Looks like an amazing color I have to check out soon!

  15. love the red! the shade is classy and so eye popping!

  16. karoline lia aaslandJanuary 16, 2012

    Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog! :D

    Usually I'm always replying back on the commenters blog, but now blogger started with this "reply" alternative, which is very handy! but I don't know if you got any notification about me replying to you comment on my blog?

    What a delicious red shade! I want this! :D


  17. such a divine color. i absolutely love the way it shines, and such a regal, classy shade of red. perfect for winter! nice review. :)


  18. Mie NielsenJanuary 16, 2012

    It looks gorgeous... I once had a red nail polish on at work kinda like that and they hated me for it cause they said red is bitch nails... I would so rock this anywhoo lol


  19. That is like the perfect shade of red that doesn't have any overt blue or yellow undertones and the shine you achieved is just dazzling!

  20. it is quite perfect for its kind. :)
    i use Seche Vite or Poshe top coat and they make all the differece.

  21. wha..? they can't say things like that because you were wearing red polishes!!
    i think this color looks as professional as nude or sheer colors.
    i always put darks and brights on shorter nails and it balances out.
    i agree. you'd rock this color, Mie :)

  22. i love this polish for winter. :)
    Seche Vite should get credits for the exceptional shine, though. :)

  23. hey thanks for getting back to me! :)
    i think it is cool that blogger finally adapted this "reply" function which they should have done a long time ago. i don't know about the notification, though. i'll prolly stick with disqus although it acts up pretty bad sometimes.

    you should get this shade. i know you'll love it. ^-^

  24. thank you!
    it is one of the rare shade that would work for any skin tone. i love it so much i have a backup bottle! :D

  25. i mentioned about this below but you can find many classic essie shades that are truly gorgeous. the new shades are relatively(!) blah..lol
    i might do "oldie but goodie" series or something. ;p

  26. red wine colors are just perfect for the season! good choice. ;)

  27. This is a pretty color, but I don't wear reds ;o
    You paint your nails really good, and it looks so shiny like a gel manicure!

  28. its a very nice shiny dark! its so shiny!! without a topcoat! awesome!

  29. it is indeed very very shiny color with bit of a jelly finish.
    i did used topcoat, though.
    i use Seche Vite or Poshe fast drying kinds and they work very well as shine boosters. :)

  30. thanks, Banny :)
    generous application of good topcoat can create gel mani effect and soften out small errors.

  31. wow, stunning. I absolutely adore this shade. I'm not really a red person when it comes to polish but I love how deep and rich it is. Love, love, love!

  32. you can't really go wrong with this classic shade.
    i highly recommend this! :)

  33. love the deep shade of red. essie is my favorite brand...lasts a long time before chipping.


  34. thanks!
    essie is my favorite nail polish brand, too.
    thanks for visiting! :)

  35. Meghan SacharukMarch 17, 2013

    ooo i <3 this colour...I must find it!

  36. wow! i love essie nailpolish and i have been looking for the perfekt dark red since ages - think i've might found it now ♥

  37. i love essie polishes, too!
    i think essie's reds and nudes are exellent.
    bordeaux is such a classic. you can't really go wrong with this. ;)


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