Jan 23, 2012

EOTD, FOTD - Revlon New Colorstay 16 hour Eyeshadow Siren

So I tried out the new Revlon quad Siren today.
They are very nice indeed. The texture is even and all the colors go on smoothly.
For its longevity, I can't vouch for anything since I used my trustee Shadow Insurance primer and most of eyeshadows stay well if I do.

In short, it is nice but not earth-shattering for me.
I would have liked some intensity in colors.
Oh, well...


*used products*
Revlon Colorstay 16 hour Eyeshadow Siren
stila kajal liner in Smoky Quartz
Maybelline Illegal Length wp mascara Very Black
Jane blush Blushing Plum
L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm SPF15 Heavenly Berry
NEO COSMO Lucky Clover Grey contacts

Basically, I just followed the instruction on the back of the quad.

(sorry about the gigantic headshots. my hair was so messy, I had to crop it all off...; /)

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  1. very pretty :) The eyeshadow colors goes amazingly well with the contact lens color ,wonder if it would be the same with the other colors.

  2. Lena, your eyes are simply beautiful! The makeup is not powerful, but it just adds to your sweet look. Have an amazing week.


  3. I like the color on your lower lash line! I can see how it's not "earth-shattering," but it's clean and classic!

  4. this is a really lovely and subtle look! I haven't purchased grey shadows because I never know what to do with them--now I know! thanks!

  5. u look gorgeous..
    and u have flawless skin..

  6. CassandrapamelaJanuary 23, 2012

    pretty pretty pretty!! xx

  7. Mie NielsenJanuary 23, 2012

    you are so pretty :O


  8. Love how you did your eyes! I love the color palette. Do you find the eye shadow really long lasting or it's one of their marketing gimmicks? I find even after I apply the primer on eyelids, the colors don't stay long(I'm using Benefit right now)

  9. You always look amazing in the cool tone shades.
    Love the look, Lena :)

  10. So beautiful Lena! I can't wait to try out these instructions, I can never get my eye shadows on right! Hope you had a wonderful Lunar New Year!

  11. ahhh u look so pretty. those lenses make your eyes look so...whimsical hahaha the palette looks great on u. very natural :]

  12. You look gorgeous! Your eye makeup is very neutral, it suits you so well. I'm loving the look of those lenses too, it's so natural!

  13. thank you, Stacey. ;)
    i tried it with sponge tip applicators and it works a little better in terms of color payoff.
    NEO lucky clover series is one of my favorites. i've even considered getting them in every color. lol

  14. hehe whimsical? ;p
    whenever i put on grey colored lenses, i think about anne of green gables and her "shining grey eyes". she is my favorite book character!

  15. i want to do a simple eye makeup tutorial that works for asian eyes with small folds like me. actually it is a bit different from the traditional methods, but it works for me.
    thanks for the compliment! :)

  16. thanks, Andrea :D
    so you think i should stop buying warm toned shades and secretly hoping them to work for me..? ;p lolz

  17. i am not sure. they are kinda gimmicky, i think..cause how many of us wear eye makeup for 16 hrs?
    i haven't tried benefit primer but even with some super primer, nothing stays fresh for 16 hrs, is my humble opinion.
    the revlon quad is pretty nice, to be fair. at least they go on very smoothly without being chalky. good stuff. ;)

  18. aww you are so sweet! (and pretty yourself!) ^-^*

  19. thank you thank you thank you!! ^-----------------------------^

  20. awww that couldn't be any further from the truth, but i appreciate it! :)
    it is mainly the lighting...;p

  21. thank you, laura :)
    try to go with grey colors with taupe or purple undertone. straight up cold grey colors are not very flattering for anyone.
    i like this quad since it is quite purple toned greys. easy to wear!

  22. i used the stila kajal eyeliner and this is quickly becoming my favorite eyeliner of the moment! it is so soft and natural looking.

  23. thanks, Kim! :)
    i like this contacts a lot. this one consists of 4 different colors which makes it so much more realistic.

    i hope you are having a great week yourself! :)

  24. You look sexy and sweet at the same time lol:) Subtle, but very pretty!

  25. thank you!
    i think this quad would be very nice for dark brown or green eyes as well.
    purple,brown,green,grey they all compliment each other. :)

  26. awww! i think yours just made "comment of the day"!
    thank you. ;)

  27. whoa, I'm so distracted by your lenses. They look SO great on you! I'd like to see you with a dark smokey look wearing these!

  28. lol. thank you, Feelo. ;)
    they look nice with deep navy or dark taupe shades, too.
    i will try a dark smoky look soon. thanks for the inspiration! :D


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