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Jun 24, 2018

Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Mauve Obsessions

About a month ago, I suddenly had this strong desire to own a "small travel-friendly eyeshadow palette with a good matte black". You see, it is a pretty specific thing. Fascinating how my desire to buy new makeup manipulates my brain. I am sure I knew on a subconscious level that I did not have one in my stash. However, knowing that I have too many eyeshadow palettes already, I wanted to be sensible so that I ordered a $5 palette that appeared tiny on - 9 colors for $5, it's got to be tiny, right? Turns out that it was the BIGGEST palette I ever purchased (it contains whopping 4.4 oz if you're wondering). The Profusion Cosmetics palette swatched well and I honestly couldn't find anything wrong with it, but it wasn't what I wanted so I gave it away. I was $5 less sensible but the search continued. Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions was about the only one I could find with a matte black that's small and also reasonably priced. Then, I added the Mauve Obsessions to the basket convincing myself that I did not own a good pinkish palette (not true, by the way) and I was no longer sensible.

Muji Skincare

Jun 18, 2018

Muji skincare review

I have been forever repurchasing Muji cut cotton since Mina of Citrine's blog pointed me to them. I've also enjoyed a few different types of toner, but this is probably the first time when my daily cleansing routine heavily relies on the brand. I find some Muji stuff is overpriced for what it is, but the brand still creeps into my daily life. There are Muji storage items, soap dispensers, and lint rollers in the house. I even own a set of ramen bowls that I really like. I guess it's mainly because of the unobtrusive designs (someone described the brand as "sedated IKEA". LOL) that are also functional. The same applies to their skincare offerings yet in this case they are fairly priced as well.

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