Haul & Swatches | KIKO Cosmetics Sale

Jul 29, 2015

I haven't actually "hauled" makeup in a while (my last one was back in February). Buying multiple things at once from a single brand is not one of my shopping habits, either. But the 50% off deal from KIKO (the sale is still going on) was too sweet to pass up that I placed a sensible order which arrived today. 
By "sensible", I mean I only chose things from the sale pages and stayed around the free shipping range ($35). That doesn't change the fact that I added yet another taupe eyeshadow which obviously isn't lacking from my stash, but seriously, I am being my own killjoy by saying it. Silly Lena. Stop it. 

I only swatched them today, but everything seems satisfactory if not earth-shattering. Considering the small price I paid, I think I will enjoy them a lot.

Now, on to my show-and-tell..

IOPE Air Cushion XP N21 | Peach and Lily

Jul 24, 2015

When I briefly tried the AmorePacific cushion compact, I was infatuated and disappointed at the same time. I loved the glow-y finish with a perfectly skin-like feel, but couldn't make even the lightest color offered here in the U.S. work for me. 
So you can easily guess I was over the moon happy when Peach and Lily sent the IOPE Air Cushion XP in N21, which is an awesome color match for me. IOPE Air Cushion is "the cushion compact" that started it all, and it is still very popular in Korea now when there are a lot more cushion compact options available. It is called "6 second compact" as they say one is sold every 6 seconds. 
I have been wearing it for 7 straight days now, and I can confidently say this is everything and beyond of what I fantasized about Korean cushion makeup.

Saturated Lips | Revlon Utra HD Lipstick Hydrangea & MAC Amplified Lipstick Red Balloon

Jul 18, 2015

Liz of Beauty Reductionista gifted these lipsticks to me a little while ago (Thank you, Liz!). I have been always partial to sheer lipsticks and usually find lipsticks with opaque finish quite challenging to pull off. Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick Hydrangea and MAC Amplified Lipstick Red Balloon are not the ones that will change my lipstick preference, especially since they come in such bright shades. However, Hydrangea and Red Balloon are both stunning colors for sure.


Jul 15, 2015

KLENSPOP SCL 23 C-Brown currently is my go-to pair. I LOVE THEM.
If you are searching for something that is work appropriate and SUPER comfortable, look no further. 

Samples | Lancôme Shine Lover

Jul 10, 2015

I have another post with brief reviews and swatches from sampling
When Lancôme introduced this sheer lipstick range, I was excited and almost sure that I'd get at least a few. Sheer lipstick with shine seems to be a thing for which I tend to open my wallet easily these days, but this time the sampling didn't lead me to an immediate purchase. It rather held me back.
I have mentally placed Lancôme Shine Lovers on the "maybe list" because I still think they are very nice. Maybe it is due to the fact that my impression is gathered merely from a sample packet with a tiny lip brush, which I suppose substantially differs from actually swiping a lipstick on the lips. 

Blue Nails | Essie Mesmerize, Misa A Sin Worth Committing

Jul 4, 2015

I am not the one who draws stars and stripes on the nails, but I give you a blue NOTD for the sake of it. 
When I first saw the promotion images of the Blue Rhythm de Chanel, I immediately thought about these two legacy nail polish shades I've had for years, Essie Mesmerize & Misa A Sin Worth Committing

In Rotation | Hair & Body, Drugstore Edition

Jul 3, 2015

There was a time when I was so obsessed with hair and body stuff that I often got my foot bruised in the shower. (Hear me out.) I had so many bottles and tubes of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, scrub, body oil, etc., and occasionally one of the them (or two;;) would drop from the cluttered shelf and land on my poor foot. True story.
Those days are long gone. I can't believe I used to even blend essential oil with unscented shampoo and conditioner. Now I just stick with simple drugstore things that seem to work just fine for me. 
Um, I still like varieties. Which is why I usually have 2-3 different shampoo/conditioner sets and more than a few body wash in my shower booth. Here are the ones I've been happily using lately. Some of them were repurchased many times, too.

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