FOTD - Mostly L'Oreal

L'Oreal has surprised me a lot this year.
I mean, I have used L'Oreal mascaras for years (Classic waterproof Voluminous is still my favorite, btw.), but that was about it.
Revlon used to get my undivided attention (drugstore-wise), but before I know it, I have hauled quite a few L'Oreal stuff lately.
My daily favorites includes True Match Lumi Foundation, Infallible eyeshadows, and Shine Caresse Lip Stains.

It is rather interesting L'Oreal owns lots of different brands including high-end ones like Yves Saint Laurent, Lancome and Giorgio Armani, and we soon find the affordable versions on the drugstore shelves.
While it is a valid question to ask whether one gigantic company owns everything is ethical or not, I, who is a bargain shopper yet seeks for good quality have no big complaints.

The other day, I was putting on my usual face and realized the makeup items are mostly made by L'Oreal.
An easy no frill look, I didn't even add blush.

"Mostly L'Oreal" look
Of course, this is NOT a sponsored post. ;p



NEO Cosmo Queen series is one of my favorites for its natural colors and designs not to mention it is one of the most comfortable and thinnest contacts out there.
I am not going to do a full review here.
This is just a FOTD post that would give you an idea about how they would look from 3 feet away.
(Sorry I am being lazy, but I guess I am trying to blog more often this way at least..)


Swatch, FOTD - Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Eye Shadow Snowy Egret, Delicate Hummingbird

Here is what I don’t recommend – not blogging over a month!

True I am still struggling with my insane schedule, but I must say it was more difficult to do a new post because I have stopped for long.

I almost never lose my stuff but last month I did lose my makeup bag full of Paul & Joe goodies, which I still feel sour about yet this was a perfect excuse for me to haul some new products.
I went ahead and ordered some Rouge Bunny Rouge pretties from Beautyhabit.com this time.
It was not my first time ordering from the site but the customer service I received was especially nice. I suspect (in a pleasant way) that they read my tweet about having lost my makeup bag since they sent me a very pretty Paul & Joe cosmetic pouch filled with wonderful samples.

Rouge Bunny Rouge haul from Beautyhabit.com
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(BTW, the price on Beautyhabit is more affordable than from the UK Rouge Bunny Rouge site. Why is that?)

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