Jul 16, 2023

CHANEL Summer 2023 | New Le Vernis, Les Beiges Summer To Go, Codes Couleur

Chanel Summer 2023 Makeup Collections Review Swatches
image via Chanel

As a part of my effort to catch up on blogging, I want to collectively talk about Chanel Summer 2023 Makeup Collections in this post. Usually, I get the least excited about Chanel makeup during summertime, but this year Chanel has brought out some interesting stuff.

NEW Reformulated Le Vernis ($32, Chanel)

New Chanel Le Vernis Reviews

Chanel has updated their iconic Le Vernis formula and its brush after many years and honestly, I am not very happy about it. It is because I personally really liked that classic long tapered brush and Chanel's gel-creme formula. Now it comes with a wider brush which seems to be welcomed by many people. See below for the brush comparisons:

The classic brush works better on my long tapered nail beds in general, but I don't mind a good wide brush. While the new Chanel Le Vernis brush isn't half bad, I do wish it was more flexible.

The color names are all about "persona" and "character", which I find quite whimsical - for example, there are Incendiary and Firefighter, Ballerina, Diva, Devil, etc.

I notice some changes in the formula as well. I tried 4 from the new range in different finishes and they all felt thicker than before. It is hard to describe it, but that magical something from the old formula (opaque with 2 coats with a hint of translucency and clarity of the color) seems to be lost. But there are some improvements as well. I think this overall thicker formula works better in the sheer colors (especially in the Ballerina shade cause it was extremely sheer before) and the new colors seem to last longer. Chanel also says the new formula is more hydrating on the nails (and it made me laugh).

Chanel Le Vernis 125 Muse swatch

Muse (125) is a beautiful powder blue with a hint of grey. It is a rare pastel shade that does not alienate the human skin and still feels sophisticated. The formula feels thicker than I like. 

Chanel Le Vernis 147 Incendiarie swatch

Incendiarie (147) is an insanely saturated and bright red with a strong orange undertone. I suspect this is the reincarnation of Gitane. The formula feels better than Muse but it is expected cause it is always harder to formulate pastel shades in any formulation.

Chanel Le Vernis 161 Le Diable en Chanel swatch

Le Diable en Chanel (161) is a solid black that looks uber chic. The formula could be better but I love this black shade.

(I do not have a photo of the new Ballerina (111) but it is a classic pinky nude that I will forever repurchase.)

Les Beiges Summer To Go (available at Chanel)

Chanel Les Beiges Makeup review

Except for a couple of new Chanel Rouge Coco Flash shades introduced this year, this collection is basically a repromotion of the existing line, but since Chanel is offering travel-friendly smaller sizes of the popular items, this seems quite well received.

Les Beiges Healthy Glow Natural Eyeshadow Palette Intense ($70, Chanel)

Chanel Les Beige Eyeshadow Intense review swatches

Chanel Les Beige Eyeshadow Intense review swatches

Not a part of the new offerings, but this is a new-to-me product that came out 2 years ago. I purchased this palette on a whim and boy, aren't I glad that I picked it up. The formulation and the colors in this are just gorgeous.

Chanel Les Beige Eyeshadow Intense review swatches

This is my first Les Beige eyeshadow palette and I think the formula is superior to the core eyeshadow line, generally speaking. I do find the narrow pans annoying cause they limit my brush choice.

Chanel Les Beige Eyeshadow Intense review swatches

But again, this khaki bronzy goodness deserves a spot in my crowded collection. Period.

Les Beiges Travel-size Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream 390 Soleil Tan Bronze ($40, Chanel)

Les Beiges Cream Bronzers Swatches

I picked up one travel-size tub in 390 Soleil Tan Bronze. The original size is so big and it is practically impossible to use up, so I think this small size (which still contains quite a lot) is most welcome. Plus Chanel reformulated it taking out coconut oil from the ingredients. Coconut oil does not break me out but I notice that now there is no slightly funky base smell in the updated version.

Chanel Les Beiges Cream Bronzer comparison

Soleil Tan Bronze (390) is a light shade with a neutral undertone and not quite red as the Soleil Tan Medium Bronze (392).

Rouge Coco Flash 174 Destination ($45, Chanel)

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash 174 Destination swatch

I find the Rouge Coco Flash formula can be too slippery and I only like it in the lighter colors. Destination (174) is the perfect example. It is the prettiest milky beige shade that looks so flattering on with other Les Beiges makeup items that I own.

And I have put together a "Mostly Les Beiges Face" here:

Chanel Les Beiges Makeup Look

Chanel Les Beiges Makeup Look

Chanel Les Beiges Makeup Look

Chanel Les Beiges Makeup Look

Codes Couleurs Collection (some still available at Chanel)

Chanel Code Couleurs Collection
image via Chanel

When I first saw the promo images of this collection, I instantly dismissed it thinking it looked "too childish". In real life though, it is an aesthetically appealing and very well-constructed collection. Most of the colors sold out in days and now some of them are sold on eBay at ridiculous prices. I don't think they are worth the jacked-up price like that. Do call your local boutique instead. They might still have them.

One other commendable thing about this collection is that Chanel did a fair play on the price. You get the solid brush case made of genuine leather basically at $16 if you think about how much the brushes cost. The mirror is the same price as the classic black one. The glass nail file seems a bit extra for $30 but this thing would last forever unless you drop and break it.

I managed to get the whole jazz in my favorite shade, Diva. I own the Camellia Le Vernis which is identical to the Diva shade. Please see my YouTube short featuring them:

Hope you enjoyed this long roundup post on Chanel Summer 2023 Makeup Collections. Have you picked up anything from Chanel this summer?

*All the items mentioned here were purchased by me. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for choosing to use them.

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