Jul 31, 2022

All my Chanel Foundations (Fair to Light shades)

Chanel foundation comparisons

I do love my Chanel base makeup but the color inconsistency is just mind-boggling and at times it can be frustrating. 

Chanel Foundation Reviews and Swatches

As you can clearly see, B10 in Water-Fresh Complexion Touch and Vitalumiere Aqua appear completely different. And the same for BD01 in 3 different formulations. BD01 in Les Beiges Healthy Glow foundation has a strong peachy undertone and is not a good match for me although it kind of blends in with my skin tone after a minute. BD01 in No 1 de Chanel is a perfect match for me and I wish all BD01 shades were like this one. BD01 in Ultra Le Teint is a very good match if not perfect and it is funny this one looks like a lovechild of the other BD01 shades. You'd think Chanel is capable of matching their base shades but NO. I know that it happens sometimes in other foundations from different brands and in this case, the discrepancy is pretty stark and it needs to be addressed!

Chanel Foundation Reviews, Swatches, Comparisons

Many people complain that Chanel lacks a variety of deeper shades but I also think that they need to have at least one fair shade with clear yellow/olive undertones. Maybe it is too much to ask for every single shade to be made unless it is a pro makeup artist brand, but we are talking about Chanel, a global luxury brand. I am sure they can make some more effort on this.

I might as well include short reviews on each foundation formula:

Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint ($65, Chanel)

I have reviewed this with the new Complexion Touch and I love this Tint way more than its more pigmented sister. Truly a beautiful tint that gives me a hyperrealistic finish. The Light shade is also a very good match for my complexion.

Les Beiges Water-Fresh Complexion Touch ($65, Chanel)

Many people seem to love this one and even anticipate this will outsell the original Tint version but I am in the minority here. I do think it is a lovely foundation but this so-called merit is kind of lost with me and I cannot help but feel it is a bit gimmicky. I have other foundations that can give me similar finishes and coverage without having to go over an additional step of breaking up the pigment. Also, it is disappointing that Chanel didn't even make my shade BD01 in this formula. B10 works but is still a bit dark on me.

Vitalumiere Aqua ($50, Chanel)

Ah, the great OG Chanel foundation. I would love it more if there is a better shade match for me. B10 shade is a decent match but this formula oxidizes on me quite a bit. This is undoubtedly a great gel formulation for flawless light coverage. If you're getting into Chanel base makeup, I'd still recommend starting with this one.

No 1 de Chanel Revitalizing Foundation ($70, Chanel)

As I said, the BD01 shade in this formula is a perfect match and I love this foundation for that. The formulation is lovely as well. Light, buildable coverage with a luminous satin finish, and it is surprisingly long-lasting. There is a slight base smell that isn't quite covered by the fragrance but I do enjoy this foundation a lot. You can check out my review here.

Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation Hydration & Long Wear ($60, Nordstrom)

This is probably the least favorite Chanel foundation of mine. Not a bad foundation at all but the shade match is not good and I do not enjoy the silicone-y feeling that I get after this one sets down. The best part of this foundation is the beautiful glowy finish. Longevity is decent but I wouldn't call this a long-wear foundation.

Ultra Le Teint ($60, Saks Fifth Avene)

One of my favorite foundations. The balance between finish, longevity, and comfort level is excellent. This BD01 is a very good match for me if not perfect. I also love the application is quite easy. I can apply this one with my fingertips and 1 pump is enough for me for decent coverage. It feels very thin and comfortable all day.

Ultra Le Teint Compact ($49, Selfridges)

To be honest with you, I don't use a powder foundation for the main base product anymore. I used to carry one for touch-ups back in the day but nowadays a simple powder compact will do the job for my normal to dry skin. The Chanel price on Selfridge is ridiculously good and I was curious so I bought a rosier shade, BR12. I love it for what it is. It is a beautifully formulated long-lasting foundation. The finish is perfect yet natural. I like using this to add another layer of coverage. If I use a brush, it gives me a more natural finish all over as well.

There you have it. All the swatches and reviews. Hope you find this helpful. What is your favorite Chanel base makeup?

*The Chanel foundations mentioned here were purchased by me. This post includes affiliate links. Thanks for choosing to use them.

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