Feb 2, 2022

Pat McGrath x Bridgerton Collection

Pat McGrath Bridgerton Collection review swatches

I am not particularly into Pat McGrath as a makeup brand nor am I a fan of the Netflix hit series "Bridgerton". I purchased this collaboration sheerly because I liked the look of the color story. This collection is not exactly advertised as a "spring collection" but to me, it looks like the most ideal offering that I can find this season.

Ordering wasn't very smooth - I placed my order on the day of the launch (12/26/2021) but had to wait for weeks for them to finally ship. Let me just tell you that there was a long thread on Reddit regarding this issue and I think I saw some memes on Twitter as well. There is this rumor that this collection was leaked early so they had to rush the launch but they didn't actually have to goods in their hands. People also complained about the terrible or lack of customer service as many tried to reach out to them but had no answer.

Having said all that, this is a beautiful collection and I find it was an overall good purchase for me. I am particularly fond of the eyeshadow palette and because of this little thing, I will be still interested in seeing what Pat McGrath would offer in the future (I was almost ready to dismiss the brand as a whole, btw).

Pat McGrath Bridgerton Collection review swatches

I got the eyeshadow palette/blush highlighter trio bundle for myself. There was a bundle discount plus the additional 10% discount, so the price was not bad at all. Some also pointed out that these shades are not new (well, the colors in the blush highlighter trio are existing shades) and the eyeshadow colors are easily dupe-able, but since I didn't own too many Pat McGrath makeup, this was rather neat for me to try different things without having to pay a ton. 

Pat McGrath Bridgerton Collection review swatches

I personally find physically large palettes like classic Pat McGrath Mothership palettes overwhelming so this 6-pan palette with her famous Italian formula including the Astral shade is really perfect. This is actually meant for both face and eyes and the two pink colors can be used as blushes. I personally think these two look prettier than the ones in the blush highlighter trio. All colors are smooth and very pigmented. I can easily create various looks from soft plumy taupe eyes to deeper smokey with pink and glitzy blue accents. 

Pat McGrath Bridgerton Collection review swatches

I am slightly disappointed with this trio as the blush colors are not that unique nor am I impressed with the formulation itself. The highlighter looks so dark on my skin that it's almost funny. I also detect a very faint yet funky product smell from the blushes that I can't completely ignore. It still is a good economical way for me to try her blushes because I was curious about them (many people seem to love these blushes). Now I know that I wouldn't rush out to buy more colors, so that's good.

If you are a Pat McGrath stan and a Bridgerton fan, that alone would be enough reason to purchase this collection. Also, if you don't own too many from the brand and like cool shades with some vibrancy, this collection would be a nice option. I might declutter the blush highlighter trio but I do love and enjoy the eyeshadow palette for myself.

Pat McGrath x Bridgerton Collection is available on the official Pat McGrath website and also on Sephora. If you are interested in seeing the makeup look and tutorial, please check out my recent video below.

Thanks for being here! What do you think of this collection?

*The makeup collection was purchased by me. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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  1. I am a HUGE Bridgerton fan I think I finished the the first Season in two days. Im gonna watch your video right now!

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Steph! You should have this collection, then! I really love the eyeshadow palette. I think the icy blue shimmer and the whole packaging really embodied the show nicely! :D


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