Aug 29, 2020

2aN Gleaming Tension Pact (SPF37 PA++)

2aN Gleaming Tension Pact review swatch

Isn't this beautiful? 2aN Gleaming Tension Pact is another must-have that I didn't think I needed! I was actually shopping for Olaplex hair products and found the whole set at a very good price on itzyuz. Itzyuz is a curated online boutique shop based in California where you can find niche Korean skincare and makeup as well as high-performance brands such as Caudalie and Olaplex. The 2aN cushion was a surprise gift included in my order. There was no obligation to review or feature it but I felt compelled to do so because I ended up loving it!!

2aN Gleaming Tension Pact 21 Light Beige swatch
First of all, can we appreciate the beauty of the packaging? The size and the structure are about the same as any other cushion makeup but the multi-faceted top is so pretty! It's not silver nor gold but pale gleaming champagne and it catches the light like crazy.

2aN Gleaming Tension Pact review swatch

To be honest with you, I was never big on cushion makeup. Granted that I've only tried a handful and that was a long time ago, but I remember not being a fan of the flat finish although most of them gave me good coverage. But, 2aN Gleaming Tension Pact is really something! I don't know if cushion makeup, in general, has improved over the years or this particular one is better than the others, but it is good.

2aN Gleaming Tension Pact 21 Light Beige review swatch
I love the puff shaped like a chubby water drop. The pointy side is really handy for detailed application on those smaller areas. A small yet big difference.

2aN Gleaming Tension Pact review swatch
It's also sealed more securely than the other cushion makeups I've tried.

2aN Gleaming Tension Pact 21 Light Beige review swatch
"Following the arrow, peel around."

2aN Gleaming Tension Pact review swatch
There is a layer of mesh inserted, which makes it easy to control the amount dispensed on the applicator.

2aN Gleaming Tension Pact review swatch
The content is quite dense. It's more of cream than liquid.

2aN Gleaming Tension Pact review swatch
There are only 3 shades available so I can't say inclusive but this is a niche Korean brand so I guess that's understandable. The #21 Light Beige is actually a fantastic match for me, though. 2aN describes their foundation shades as "pink beige" and to me, this is a very ideal neutral shade that is not too warm nor to cool.

2aN Gleaming Tension Pact 21 Light Beige swatch
You will see what I mean from this comparison swatch photo. Both the Givenchy and the Dior foundation shades are something I consider excellent matches for me although one leans warm and the other leans cool, none matches my skin like 2aN pact.

What I love most about 2aN Gleaming Tension Pact is the finish. The coverage is great because it makes my freckles and discolorations almost invisible yet the finish is natural and glowy. It doesn't have that dreaded flat finish that I experienced before. It is also very long-lasting and I don't feel that I need to set it with loose powder because it doesn't feel sticky. For something that keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day, there is no visible darkening which is like magic to me. It's almost too good to be true because it also offers EGF care and sun protection. I don't know if I am fully converted to cushion makeup just yet but I do know that I will repurchase refills and the applicators in the future.

I think itzyuz is the only authorized site that sells 2aN cosmetics and the whole range is currently on sale. The price seems very reasonable compared to the Korean retail price and even to YesStyle's.

Thanks for reading this long post! Have you tried something from 2aN?

*The 2aN Gleaming Tension Pact was gifted from itzyuz. All links in this post are for reference purposes only. As always, all thoughts and words are my own.

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  1. The packaging is so pretty on this! I love it when cushion pacts have this shape of puff, it's so handy!

    1. Isn't it? For me, it's hard to find a cushion that I love but once I do, packagings matter, I guess..because I keep it for a while refilling the inside. And, I love love the puff. :D


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