Jul 28, 2020

Brief Encounter - Roen Beauty

Roen beauty reviews

Ah, I had such high hopes for these and was sure that I would love them. There is a very beautiful and unique quality to these but I ended up returning both. I think I would have kept these had the eyeshadows not irritated my eyes. It doesn't feel very classy blogging about the stuff I returned but at the same time, I hope this post would be helpful because nowadays we are not allowed to touch or swatch makeups even in-store.


Roen Cool eyeshadow palette swatches

For me, this cool shimmery color story was love at first sight. I was also intrigued by this hybrid eyeshadow formula that's supposed to bring the best out of both worlds - cream & powder. Plus Roen Beauty is clean and vegan. What's not to love?

Roen eyeshadow palette review

The packaging is also lovely. This slick gunmetal case that exudes simplistic beauty is all-recyclable as well. The case feels quite sturdy and has a good weight to it.

I remember being ecstatic when I was showing this quick swatch video in my Instagram Stories. All color swatched very evenly and I loved the depths and complexity of them. Consistency wise, I was expecting something like Pat McGrath's baked eyeshadows or even Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill, but these are more of creme shadows that feel much wetter and softer.

Roen actually calls their eyeshadows "lid illumes" and recommends finger applications for them although these can be applied with a brush for sheer diffused effects. I actually had no issues with the application either way probably because of the soft texture. The problem was also the soft texture because no matter what kind of base I used underneath, the colors would disappear and there is only some shimmer left at the end of the day. This caught me off guard because I usually experience no such issue with other eyeshadows. If I pack on some more, then it would crease which is another issue I rarely encounter. 

Roen Cool 52 Eyeshadow palette swatches

The biggest issue, however, was that my eyes get irritated by the shimmer. Roen says their eyeshadows are eye-safe, but I am not sure if these are indeed safe. My lower lash lines would get itchy and it definitely feels scratchy when I take the makeup off using cotton pads soaked with eye makeup remover. I like the idea of using synthetic mica and being ethical, but not at my eyes' expense. I am sure there is non-irritating synthetic mica, though. Anyway, this had to go.


Roen Kiss My Liquid Lip Balm Scout swatch

Again, the packaging is awesome. Slick, pretty, and functional.

Roen liquid lip balm Scout swatch

Roen Kiss My Scout review swatch

This is actually a fantastic formulation. It goes on smoothly feeling comforting and nourishing on the lips and there is zero stickiness while being decently long-lasting. It is scented with a faint peppermint that smells quite natural. 

Roen Kiss My Liquid Lip Balm Scout swatch

I wasn't in love with the color, Scout, though. It is not a bad shade on me and probably the only shade I can wear from the three currently offered. Scout has quite a bit of brown in it and it just isn't the perfect berry shade for me. If you like warm nudes, do check out the other two from the range. Roen Beauty currently is running a sale. 

I still wish the eyeshadow formula worked better for me and the same for the color of the lip gloss. I guess acing both formulation and colors is no easy task. 

Have you tried Roen Beauty? What is your experience?

*The Roen Beauty eyeshadow palette and lipgloss were purchased by me. The post contains some affiliate links. Thank you for choosing to use them.

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  1. I've heard so much about this brand, but I've never bitten the bullet and bought anything yet. The palettes really have me interested, the texture looks so unique. Your swatches look beautiful, you've definitely made me want to get one! xo

    Makeup Muddle

    1. I think it's a little too early to really know if this brand is here to stay. I can see they offer something unique and the colors definitely stand out! But with the creator left the brand and all, we shall see what they bring out next. The lip gloss is new and it seems a wonderful formulation, though.

  2. I've actually not heard of the brand before this! That sucks that the shadow irritated your eyes, especially since you loved the shades. The packaging is really pretty and sleek though!


    1. It is a relatively new brand and many clean beauty fans buzzed about it, I think. Some even say they prefer the bigger shimmer and experienced no irritation, though. The colors are so gorgoues that I still think about them. ;p

  3. I had the exact same thing with the irritation.. I even bought another palette because I was sure it was ‘just me’ and it looked so pretty on others! Yet the irritation didn’t pass and I had to stop wearing eye makeup for a longer time. I’m excited to try the gloss though!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience! I am glad to hear that I'm not the only one. A friend of mine also told me that she had to return all of her Roen eyeshadow quads because after a while some of the pans got hard and she couldn't get the colors out! I think the lip gloss formula is quite good. Hope you like it for yourself! :)


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