Apr 28, 2018

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liquid foundation for fair light skin

For a beauty enthusiast, I think I have a modest foundation collection. Reviewing them individually seemed a lot more complicated though that I've decided to do a roundup post with swatches. You will probably see more of these of different subjects from now on, as I am taking a realistic approach towards blogging (rather than pledging to write all about them then failing).

For your reference:
I have light skin with neutral undertones that is overall normal except for the slightly oily T-zone. Although I've never purchased a MAC foundation, my best match is NC15 or so they say. I usually go for liquid foundations because I prefer a natural finish when it comes to the base makeup. I also prefer the ones with yellow undertones because they work well to neutralize the ruddiness around my cheeks and match my neck color better.

 1. Lunasol Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation in OC 01 ($43.90 on eBay)
I've just used up a bottle. The OC 01 is actually a shade darker than my complexion but it provides the most natural finish that it has been my go-to foundation for a long time. Lunasol may be phasing out this classic liquid foundation (I don't see it on the official site) but it is still widely popular and many swear by it. If you are looking for a fuss-free liquid foundation that looks uber natural and feels hydrating without being oily, I'd highly recommend this one. It is one of the best everyday foundations that I've used.

2. Paul & Joe Silky Smooth Foundation in Cameo (101) ($33.60 on BeautyHabit)
I have a few issues with the formulation itself but I love it for the color. Paul & Joe's Cameo is the prettiest and most youthful shade for me. The Silky Smooth Foundation is a light creme formula that provides a demi-matte finish with a medium coverage. The biggest merit is that it hardly oxidizes and looks fresh all day. It could accentuate your dry patches and does not play along with brushes or sponges, though. Fingertip application on the well-hydrated skin is best for this one.

3. RMK Liquid Foundation in 101 ($36 on Cosme-de.com)
Unlike the stock photo here, I have the older formulation that doesn't have a pump dispenser (see the main photo above), which is plain ridiculous because what's inside is quite runny. However, it is an amazing liquid foundation formula. Despite the liquidy feel, it covers and evens out superbly. It feels very light and hydrating as well. RMK's 101 is much yellower than Paul & Joe's and a tiny bit darker than my face, but I think I'd repurchase when I run out of my bottle.

4. Jouer Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation in Pearl ($38 at Nordstrom)
Kudos to Jouer Cosmetics for including foundation sample packets with all orders. And, now they offer whopping 50 shades! I would have never thought about purchasing a full bottle if it wasn't for the samples. Initially, it was a big fail because I didn't know it's for an ultra coverage with a super matte finish. The formulation is quite liquidy so I first tried my usual slap-dash method and was appalled by how my face looked. But, the Pearl shade was too pretty to pass up - it is a perfect light neutral - that I (finally) read the product description and applied a very small amount with a paddle brush. The result was flawless! I must say this is more of an Instagram generation kind of foundation, but I do enjoy the clean meticulous finish. The bottle only contains 20ml but it is basically pure pigment and you only need a drop for the entire face. If you like high coverage foundation with a matte finish, do take a look at this one. I'd recommend the foundation/brush set, because you need that brush.

5. Givenchy Photo'Perfexion Fluid Foundation in Perfect Beige (101) ($51 at Sephora)
This is probably the best impulse buy that I did in a while. I casually added this one to my recent Sephora order and couldn't be happier. It's still a bit early for a conclusion but so far I am loving everything about it. It looks incredibly skin-like yet covers well and stays on without turning. The color Perfect Beige is indeed perfect for my current complexion. The finish is luminous but not overly glowy. We shall see how this one will hold up in the warmer months.

A group swatch
foundation swatches for fair light skin

Next up is my non-liquid foundations. I don't reach for them on a daily basis but find them quite useful depending on the situations.

foundation reviews for fair light skin

1. Hera UV Mist Cushion in C21 (Vanilla Cover) ($37 on eBay)
I can't believe Amore Pacific is still insisting on the outdated floral scent from 20 years ago (which gives me major headaches sometimes), but I do like the quick even coverage that I can depend on. I don't use cushion makeups for that signature dewy finish so I still set it with clear silicone-based loose powder. The high UV protection number psychologically helps on a busy day when I have to skip the sunscreen, although I know better than that.

2. Becca Multi-Tasking Perfecting Powder in Light ($34 at Becca Cosmetics)
Not many are talking about this pressed mineral powder from Becca but I personally think it is a great formulation with a lovely finish. I did make a mistake choosing the shade Light which is too dark to look natural on if I apply it all over. For now, I use it for the most subtle contoured effects. It might suit me better in summer (which I kind of doubt because I don't really tan) but I'd like another compact in the Fair shade next time Becca runs a sale.

3. Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Stick Foundation in Vanilla ($13.44 at Ulta)
This is an unsung hero for me. It is supposedly a portable foundation that is optimized for quick touch-ups, but I've never carried it around. Instead, I smear a little bit on where it's ruddy and uneven, blend out, and set it with powder. It is an easiest base makeup routine on a low-key day. It is a great stick foundation especially for the price. Revlon Vanilla is a pretty good color match for me, too.

A group swatch for the above three
foundation swatches for fair light skintones

Hope you find this roundup post helpful. I want to show my face primers and compare them next time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Haha if your collection is modest then mine must be minuscule ;p I seriously have more facial masques/treatments than I do foundations and usually I prefer CCC cream more. Looks like you have a good balance of different types of products in your collection Lena :) I really like the convenience of stick foundations but my dry skin hates them :( I want all the Paul & Joe products for the packaging LOL Have a wonderful week my friend!

    1. Actually, having more facial masks/treatments is way smarter than having many different foundation! I will probably keep searching for that "perfect skin in a bottle" but also want to do more for my skin itself so I won't have to depend on foundation so much. ;p

      Have a great week yourself, Rowena! :)

  2. Ooh so many love options here! I think my skin is similar to yours so these are interesting options. I'm going to have to see if I can find the Lunasol and Jouer foundations in Singapore. I used Hourglass for a while which is pretty full coverage and have been searching for more options.

    1. For some reason, I've never gotten into the BB/CC cream and cushion makeup trends. Always been a liquid foundation girl! And, I really like Japanese foundation mainly because of the colors. There are a few US drugstore foundation formulas I love but it's hard to find a good color match. *sighs*

  3. Ah I love the RMK Liquid Foundation. I have the new pump bottle, in the same shade 101 but I find that this 101 is slightly darker than the old 101. I wish I still had the old one so I could compare. But it's not so obvious that it's one whole shade darker. I just use a slightly lighter concealer under my eyes and around my nose to balance things out.
    I also enjoy NARS velvet matte skin tint. Unlike the name, it is a foundation, not just a tint. And it's not too matte either, so it's really nice!

    1. Isn't it a great foundation? I'd still repurchase the RMK liquid but it's shame because for me I wish the old formulation's 101 was tiny bit brighter. And, I will check the NARS tint next time when I am in Sephora. They have nice color selections for yellow-based foundation. :)


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