Apr 21, 2018

Swatch Set | Jouer Lips

Jouer lip swatches

I recently bought a mirrorless camera and so far it doesn't seem that I made a smart investment. I have been shooting with a tiny point & shoot under a softbox for years now. Not that I had a major issue with the picture quality but I wanted to offer better ones here on Lenallure. Frustratingly enough, my new camera is capable of capturing all my wrinkles and freckles yet it cannot (no, I cannot) give me clear swatch photos. A wise friend has advised me that I just need to get familiarized with the camera and its settings, so I was practicing a bit this afternoon. These five Jouer lippies were the objects. 

Jouer Hibiscus Mirage swatch
I bought these two color on sale when Jouer Cosmetics was phasing out the Moisturizing Lip Gloss line. Hibiscus is a shimmery medium pink and Mirage is a natural warm pink with a bit of shimmer. They don't have a strong scent, unlike the other lip stuff from the brand. The packaging is compact and cute. It feels moisturizing on the lips without being tacky. I like wearing them over gel type lip tints and they do a good job adding moisture and shine, but I don't see anything special about them. 

Jouer Worth Ave Bond swatch
Bond is from Jouer's High Pigment Lip Gloss line and indeed very pigmented. I will probably show this in a dedicated post because this cool deep berry is quite stunning. Worth Ave is from the Sheer Pigment Lip Gloss line (which is almost the same as the discontinued Moisturizing Lip Gloss except that it's scented with a sweet fragrance). It is a creamy nude that would flatter any complexion but again, isn't very special.

Jouer Fraise bonbon swatch
Then, there is this formidable hot pink that flashes blue, Fraise Bonbon. This is a beautiful color and the Long-Wear Lip Crème formula (Jouer's Liquid Lipstick line) is rather interesting that I think it deserves a standalone post. 

Jouer lip swatches
A group shot

Having tried a few formulations from the brand, I think they are decent for the price especially because Jouer runs promotions frequently. However, I won't hurry to get more colors. It's just that there are more than a few lip formulas that I prefer to them and nowadays I find lip formula is as important as pretty colors. To my surprise though, I ended up really liking Jouer's Essential Full Coverage Creme Foundation, and that's for another day.

It is obvious that I need more practice with this new gear but I hope these swatches are somewhat helpful!

Have you tried lip makeup from Jouer? How do you like them?

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