Aug 24, 2017

Deborah Lippmann Chantilly Lace & Comparison

Deborah Lippmann sheer neutral polishes

A few weeks ago, I spotted an incredible sale on Bloomingdale's. I was trying to get a backup for my favorite nude polish while working on this post (you see, I tend to enable myself more than others). I was shocked to see Deborah Lippmann Naked and other sheer/neutral colors were marked down to $4.50 a bottle, so I even shared this info on the blog after quickly purchasing 4 bottles for myself (first thing first). There are a few items still on sale (Pretty Young Thing $9.50 & Candy Shop $10), but that sale disappeared on the same day. I'm guessing the Bloomingdale's team realized that it was a mistake or I wasn't the only savvy shopper that day.

Deborah Lippmann sheer neutral polishes

These are classic neutral polishes with different types of shimmer (except for Naked which is creme) that apply and wear very well. I checked to see if they are being retired but found that all are still avail in the core collection.

Deborah Lippmann light colors comparison
I will show each shade in separate NOTD postings but here is a quick comparison.
(I should have moisturized my hands better. A lesson learned)

I went with Chantilly Lace this week. Chantilly Lace is a light orchid pink with opalescent shimmer. This feminine color makes enough contrast to my skin yet does not alienate it. Among the four, this is the coolest in terms of color and gives an opaque finish (the other three are sheer). 

Deborah Lippmann Chantilly Lace NOTD

Deborah Lippmann Chantilly Lace swatch

I plan to enjoy these light neutral polishes for the next few weeks. I should be in the mood for red lacquer again by mid-September. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Have you taken advantage of any of the recent sales?

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  1. Classic neutrals like these are my favorites. I find them more forgiving than dark polishes which chip so easily on me. Maybe I should just give up housework and cooking LOL but alas we did not win the Powerball ;p You are a savvy shopper! $4.50/bottle is a really good deal and these shades are all so lovely as well as varied. I haven't shopped much beauty but I just got a really cute pair of fall boots for $40 that I look forward to wearing to fashion week :) Enjoy your weekend Lena! Yes to some pleasant late summer weather ~_^

    1. I wanted to update my nail polish collections so I was super happy with the deal (they shipped free, too!). For some unknown reason, nothing really chips on me although I do dishes with no glove (I know, unwise) and deal with constant litter box tending and washing hands after. So, I won't be a good reference in terms of nail polish longevity. ;p Yeah, too bad we didn't win the Powerball. I'd blog everyday! ;D

  2. The Chantily lace and A Fine Romance are so pretty and up my street. I love a little pinkish neutral colours on my nails most times. <3

    1. Yup, they are super mod and pretty! Most of all, I like that they don't streak. These four shades pretty much cover all my neutral polish needs. ^-^


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