Dec 7, 2015

ProfilePRO Customized Shampoo & Conditioner Set

I have hair that is kind of low-maintenance and I don't like doing much except for getting a good haircut every 6 weeks. My hair does get unruly and frizzy sometimes, but that doesn't make me fret. Many drugstore offerings easily please me. No problem.
But, I've been also exposed to abundant high-end hair products like Goldwell, Kerastase, and Fekkai because I used to manage a luxury day spa with a hair salon. So I'm the tough one to really impress when it comes to basic things like shampoo/conditioner especially if they are over a certain price point.
So honestly, I was a bit skeptical about this "customized" shampoo/conditioner set from ProfilePRO. How different could it be? I agreed to try it because I wanted to see if this would work on someone who is pickier in choosing his hair stuff.

First of all, how cute is this? This vintage inspired packaging made me happy!

For customization, you start with a survey that is simple enough yet makes a good sense. My understanding is that this step would help determine which cleansing agents and how much of the emollients should be used in the customized formulations. Plus you can choose from 5 scents offered.
I took the quiz pretending I was him whose hair is fine and scalp sensitive. I also chose the citrus scent although I would have gone with the signature jasmine if it were for me.

A travel size set also came with the full-size items. 
I believe this promotion is still ongoing on the site.

("Sorry, dudes. These are not for plastic hair.")
Why Bear? Oh, that's his nickname.

Of course, I had to try the set as well. I figured this light volumizing combo would be nice for a clarifying session for me. And, unexpectedly and greatly so, I was impressed with the results so that the "Bear" only got the minis for his gym bag and I ended up keeping the big ones. (Sorry, Bear.)

The shampoo has a more herbal citrus scent that reminds me of the long discontinued "White Tea" scent from The Healing Garden by Coty (anyone remember this?), and the conditioner is scented a little sweeter, like orange peels. Both are lightly fragranced and smell quite natural.
Since the shampoo is sulfate-free, it doesn't lather up as much, but still plenty for me to thoroughly clean my head (almost everything lathers fine with the soft Manhattan water, though). I love that it leaves my scalp clean and so comfortable
The conditioner is thick and creamy, but it never leaves those slimy silicon residues. I don't mind cons, but my hair needs a break from them every now and then, you know? 
The set instantly reminded me of the ones from Rahua (another niche luxury hair care brand that is more on the natural side). After a quick blowdry, my hair feels bouncy and lustrous. I also love that it seems to softly define the hair texture. My hair looks a bit wavy but free of frizz.

I am 100% satisfied with the products themselves, but I personally think they could do more on the packaging. Although functional, the white plastic bottles look a bit too "homemade" to me. The price could be more affordable too if you ask me. Their subscription price with saving sounds more like it. If no string attached, I'd be willing to try something customized for myself this time.

Thanks for reading.
Have you tried the customized set from ProfilePRO?
What do you think of the idea of customized shampoo and conditioner?

*The products were kindly provided by ProfilePRO for review purposes.*

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