Nov 11, 2015

Simple Glitter Line Nails

Some of you know that I am not so much into nail art or glitter nail polishes. I lack skills and time in general. I love me some good glitters, but I always dread the pain of removing them. (I tried a special base coat for glitters recently, but it didn't work out so well.)
However, I think I might have solved those two conundrums here. That is, of course, if you can call this line-drawing a sort of nail art. 

This is what I used. As you see, I am not equipped with any special brush or tools. 
Because of the low color contrast between the glitter polish and the nail beds, some minor mistakes are easily forgiven. A relatively steady hand is required, though.

  1. Apply a base coat on clean nails. Deborah Lippmann All About The Base is still the best one I've ever used, and highly recommended despite the rather steep price.
  2. Apply one coat of a sheer polish. I chose Essie Sugar Daddy which is really awesome for glossy natural nails.
  3. Carefully draw vertical lines in the middle of the nail beds using a neutral shade. Glitter nail polishes are more difficult to handle and most of them are sheer, so this would provide some color base and make the next step easier. I guess anything would do, but I used Zoya Jules here. It is packed with pretty glass specs and quite shimmery by itself. You can actually stop here and finish with a top coat for more of a subtle look.
  4. Add another layers on top of the lines with a glitter polish. Butter London Lucy In The Sky is my choice here. (I will show it to you in a full mani next time when I feel brave. It's really pretty.)
  5. Apply a fast drying top coat. I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, but go with something else if you're concerned about the bad chemicals.

That's it! Simple and easy, right?
Removal is virtually pain-free because of the small amount of glitters used. From a far, the nails look softly gleaming as if they are strobed. I've collected some compliments on this look.

A few more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for looking!
If you know other ways to wear glitter nail polishes (you know, easily), do share with me.

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