Nov 2, 2015

KLENSPOP | Von Natural Fit Gray

I have been sitting on this review more than I wanted to. I even had a Halloween plan with these lenses. KLENSPOP Von Natural Fit Gray has the quite vivid designs which I thought would be perfect for a simple Halloween-themed makeup I had in mind. The look achieved with Von Natural Fit Gray is twinkly bright eyes that are very much catlike. So I ordered a simple cat-eared headband for myself, which will arrive today, two days too late. (The life, you know?)

The delivery took a bit longer than the usual 7-10 days this time but nothing I haven't experienced from oversea shippings. Everything is packaged securely and impeccably (now I wouldn't expect anything less from KLENSPOP).

Diameter : 14.2 mm
Graphic Diameter : 13.5 mm
Base Curve : 8.7 mm
Using Period : 6 months
Water Content : 45%
Manufacturer : BELMORE
Origin : Korea

Von Natural Fit Gray is basically a two-toned design with darker outer rims with light gray inner patterns. These are on the opaque side but made with tiny dots (rather than straight lines) for softer effects.

Von Natural Fit Gray looks dramatically different depending on the lighting situations.

Natural low lighting
No makeup

Studio lighting
With makeup

Bright natural lighting
(See how twinkly it is? Love the light gray color with aqua hues.)

You might think this is a bit too much for everyday wear, right?
Don't worry. Indoors, and from a normal human distance(?), it looks quite natural.

I would say Von Natural Fit Gray is an updated design from the classic vintage pixel ones like GEO Angel. Of course, these are so much more comfortable (being silicone hydrogel lenses, but surprisingly so for a pair that has such opaque graphics) and nicer looking. 
Because there are more going on in the lenses themselves, I have been wearing less eye makeup to pair (here I'm just wearing Urban Decay Diamond Dog eyeshadow, some mascara, and a black eyeliner).

Oh, and I'm afraid you will soon see me wearing these with the cat-eared headband, Halloween or not.

Thanks for reading!

*The products were kindly provided by KLENSPOP for review purposes.*

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  1. The lenses suit you really well, Lena! I've only worn colour contacts once and my husband hated it so I never tried it again. LOL! Hope you're well, Lena and I'm glad to see a new post from you. xx

    1. Thank you, Shireen! :)
      This is not a design I'd go for every day, but I ended up liking it quite a lot.
      Did you go for a totally different color from your natural eyes? I've collected some negative comments myself when I first tried blue and grey ones. LOL

    2. Yep! I went for blue and scared the crap out of my husband! Haha! He was working so I crept into his office (he works from home) and then said "how you like it?!"...well, he didn't. He actually hated it so much that I took the lenses out and threw it in the garbage. LOL!

    3. Haha ;D
      In that case, it's perfectly understandable that you compromised (it's the essence of marriage, right?) especially when you're not terribly attached to those lenses.
      I still wear blue/grey ones when I perform on stage (once a curious man came to the backstage just to ask about my eyes. -_-;)

  2. Twinkly!! I love it! Although your eyeshadow is distracting me...I love you signature eye look my's just so YOU and pretty. <3

    1. Thank you, Tracy!
      I've been avoiding UD shadows or anything too glittery, but I had to pick this up! It's actually perfect for me these days. A perfect stand-alone taupe! :)

  3. I'd be staring at your eyes, Lena. It's so pretty! I tried wearing contacts again the other day - no deal. I can't anymore :-( It stung so bad, and I was tearing. Sigh...

    1. Haha, thanks! This is certainly a design that people would notice it's not my natural eyeball. ;p
      I'm sorry to hear you have a drying issue with contacts! Eye health comes first, though.

  4. Ooh I love grey lenses! I was using the disposable greys from Freshlooks but never tried any Asian ones before. Looks so intriguing on you!

    1. I've tried the blue ones from Freshlooks and I quite like them. I love that they only change the colors not enlarging. Asian ones are much more fun, though. The subtle enlargement is sometimes quite helpful as well. ;)


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