Sep 2, 2015

Samples | Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops Embrace Of Cashmere & Seas Of Illuminations Sea Of Clouds

These two adorable pot samples came with my last Rouge Bunny Rouge order. Both contain enough for me to learn about the products, and obviously Rouge Bunny Rouge went extra miles for these sample containers with their logo and the printed labels attached. I like that.
Sampling them didn't lead to an additional purchase (I am on low-buy lately), but I occasionally reach for them whenever I feel like some extra glow. Not exactly the colors I would choose for my full size items, but they are pretty nonetheless.

Samples of
Fire Drops (Loose Glitter Pigment) in Embrace Of Cashmere
Sea Of Illuminations (Highlighting Liquid) in Sea Of Clouds

Rouge Bunny Rouge Embrace Of Cashmere swatch

Embrace of Cashmere is a shimmery champagne flashing a tinsy bit of green. The texture is very fine and even creamy yet it does not crease. I usually just put a little bit on my lid space blending with my finger for subtle definition and finish off with some eye liner and mascara. I personally would prefer something more distinctly taupe if I am to use a single color on my lids, so maybe I will pick up Caress Of Mink in the future.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea Of Clouds swatch

The texture of Sea Of Clouds is rather dreamy - it feels hydrating and seamlessly blends in to give a realistic glow despite the cold silvery hues. Initially I was worried that it would turn me into a cyborg (or worse, Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz), but that didn't happen. The opalescent Sea of Tranquility would be my first choice, and Sea of Clouds if I can afford another one. I love the natural and ethereal glow it adds to my complexion. It is a shame it is scented with a cucumber fragrance, though. (Why oh why)

Here is another swatch photo with both (because I forgot I had taken the pictures above before and took it again).

And I put together a very simple look using Embrace Of Cashmere and Sea Of Clouds. Believe the glow.

Rouge Bunny Rouge FOTD

Embrace Of Cashmere is also very handy to blend out a dark cream shadow and add more dimensions, as well as Sea Of Clouds to liven up my face when I skip foundation. They seem to be impressively long lasting even in the hot humid conditions. 

Have you tried these from Rouge Bunny Rouge?
What are some of your favorite pigment and liquid highlighters?

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