Sep 12, 2015

KLENSPOP | Silk Choco & Silk Brown

Silk Choco and Silk Brown are the newest additions to KLENSPOP's silicone hydrogel lineup
Unlike the other silicone hydrogel contacts I have tried so far, these are notably thinner and feel more flexible. My understanding is that silicone hydrogel contacts are generally thicker and somewhat rigid (the material is a hybrid of soft and hard lenses), and some people need a bit of time to adjust because of that. I am guessing these are targeted for those who like their contact lenses to be thin as well as looking subtle and natural.
(You might say "who doesn't want their contact lenses to be thin?" Well, there are pros and cons, but we will get to that later.)

They came in new boxes this time. 
I don't agree these lenses are "crazy" looking, but they are darn cute and do a nice job securing the fragile lens vials. (And they were wrapped with heaps of bubbles and boxed, of course.)

I wanted to do a comparison review since they both are brown contacts with the same graphic diameters.

Diameter : 14.2mm
Graphic Diameter : 13.6mm
Base Curve : 8.8mm
Using Period : 6 months
Water Content : 38%
Manufacturer : Polytouch
Origin : South Korea

They are obviously designed to subtly enhance dark brown eyes. People won't notice immediately that you're wearing contacts (unless someone is annoying you so that you have to roll your eyes). 
For me, they make my figures look softer and youthful or add an interesting color nuance. My  natural eye color is pretty dark and brown contacts like these usually lighten the color by a half shade, which is exactly the effect I am looking for.

No lens

Wearing Silk Choco

Wearing Silk Brown

The difference between the two are not as obvious, but you can see it a little better in the comparison photo below.

L-Silk Choco
R-Silk Brown

Silk Choco adds a reddish tone and makes my eyes quite glossy whereas Silk Brown appears slightly lighter and neutral for a sophisticated impression. (I personally like Silk Choco a bit more.)
From a distance, you probably wouldn't be able to tell them apart even if I wear each of them mismatched.

I still have a couple of FOTDs for you, but these will serve better to show how the two shades of Peri Pera Peri's Tint Water (reviewed) look on me.

Wearing Silk Choco and Peri's Tint Water Pink Juice

Wearing Silk Brown with Peri's Tint Water Orange Juice

As I mentioned, they are very thin and feel comfortable on all day long. My only gripe would be that they are more challenging to handle precisely because the material is thin. They flip easily when too wet and it takes a bit more time for them to settle on the eyeballs (if that makes any sense).
For that, I'd still prefer something from SCL line if I am looking for another natural brown pair of circle lenses. 
If you want to try silicone hydrogel contacts but are hesitant due to the rigid feel, you might just find them perfect.

*The products were kindly provided by KLESNPOP for review purposes."

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  1. I love it the silk choco effect on your eyes because make the eye looks like something cloudy and cute and I like it!

    1. I really like the slightly reddish hues in the Silk Choco, too!
      I am imagining these brown lenses would look very interesting and soft on your green eyes. :)

  2. I think I would want something more outrageous if I was going to have a pair of colored contacts. But I suppose it is nice to have just a bit of variety, too.

    And can we talk about that orange tint? Because GORGEOUS.

    1. I always have a couple of pairs that change my eye color dramatically. Love violet and blue contacts but they have to be realistic looking consisting of at least 3 colors. I'd love to see you wearing color contacts someday, Larie. ;)

      This orange tint has emboldened me to wear more orange things lately. You will hear more about them here soon. Haha ;D

  3. I totally know what you mean by "settle on the eyeballs". Just this morning it seemed like my contact was swimming around in my eye. Worst. Feeling. Ever. x)

    1. I think it also has something to do with the base curve or maybe you were more tired than usual. It happens to me sometimes even with the same pair of lenses that usually are fine fit for me. But I guess I don't like my lenses to be too thin. ;p

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      Sorry I had to delete your comment in compliance with my no link policy.

  5. yes, the difference is very subtle between the two, but nice. i like the richness of the choco. the orange juice is really pretty, too!

    1. Thank you! :)
      I really like the rich glossy effect that Silk Choco gives but I think I'd want something a bit easier to handle. Luckily they have other varieties with similar designs. :)

  6. These lenses make my eyes look really natural.
    I love it!

    1. I think we all need a pair like these as much as some fun and colorful ones.
      Glad to hear these work well for you! :)

  7. Hello! your face is so beautiful and those lenses look gorgeous on you!..Do you think that the Silk Brown would look like the Geo Bella brown?

    1. Hi, Luisa! Sorry about my late reply. I think blogger holds comments made to the older posts. I think Silk Brown would be darker and more delicate than Geo Bella Brown. Not similar enough to replace one another but good alternatives, I'd say. Hope this helps! :)


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