Oct 23, 2014

Butter London Nail Lacquer Ladybird

I often share my NOTDs on Twitter but not everything makes a blog post. Honestly I don't feel that passionate about nail polishes any more. I can't believe there was a time I changed colors daily (both on toes and tips). I still enjoy painting nails but maybe in the bigger sense of "grooming and polishing myself", not on its own.
However, this gorgeous red polish from Butter London has taken me by surprise, and certainly is worth talking about.

Butter London Ladybird
Butter London Nail Lacquer Ladybird

Butter London describes Ladybird as "an opaque tomato creme red". 
It is probably the brightest and warmest red polish that I own. I realized that I never had an "orange red" polish before this. Corals and some peaches maybe, but not a single orange nor orange red. I didn't think I was missing out much because orange and I don't get along that well.
But look at this! Isn't this such a fresh and clear red? It reminds me of a full bloomed red geranium rather than tomato.

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Butter London Ladybird

The formula is excellent which I find consistent in the creme finish from the brand (Shimmer and glitters are rather wonky. Sorry Butter London, I love you but the TRUTH). It is on the thinner side but covers very well and two coats provides this candy-like shine, which is remarkable for a 5 free polish. The application is a breeze. It goes on like buttah. 
I have been wearing it for 6 days now and I will put on something else today, but it is only because my nails grow freakishly fast (thanks, Mom) that it shows from the roots not because of chipping. In fact, the color is very much intact and still shiny.

Butter London Come To Bed Red is ultimately "the red polish" for me, but Ladybird completes my red polish wardrobe. It would be absolutely gorgeous in summer but I have been immensely enjoying this sunny red in this gloomy weather.

Butter London Ladybird vs Come To Bed Red
Butter London Nail Lacquer
Ladybird (L)
Come To Bed Red (R)

Thanks for looking.
Do you like red polishes with orange undertones? 
What are some of your favorites?

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