Jul 14, 2014

Review, Swatch - Maybelline Master Kajal Cream Kohl Eyeliner Navy Night

This impulse pickup from downstairs (there is a drugstore) turned out to be a total letdown.
I use hybrid kajal pencils (L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Liners) daily to base my eyeshadow colors. These have ideal texture that is not too dry nor too creamy, so I got all three colors from the line - black, brown, and grey. I have wanted something like this in blue color as well, which is why I decided to try Maybelline Master Kajal in Navy Night.

Maybelline Master Kajal Cream Kohl Eyeliner Navy Night

Packaging looks quite slick.
"No need to sharpen", Maybelline says.

I thought the pencil would be retractable and the rest of the bullet was housed in the plastic tube, but no,  this is all you get.
(Please let me know if I am mistaken.)

Master Kajal feels very waxy and certainly not creamy as the name "Cream Kohl Eyeliner" might suggest.
It reminds me of a Crayola crayon. No joke.
The name Navy Night is misleading as well. It is a greyed royal blue at best.

Longevity is not an issue for me here. Because of its waxy and almost dry texture, it does last for a long time. I smudge and set it with powder eyeshadows anyway, but it does not run on my lids.
However, I am very disappointed to see the liner crumbles and does not go on smoothly at all. The lack of color depths is another downside.

This is the look I came up with today.
I put on Master Kajal Navy Night on my eyelids and lower lash lines, and blended it using a taupe colored powder eyeshadow.
I am somewhat pleased with the finished result, but it is nothing like the campaign image from Maybelline.

"What the deuce?"
I am pretty sure it is not Master Kajal Navy Night that she is wearing.

I would have returned it if I hadn't torn the package up into pieces. 
I guess I can still use it for soft blue smoky eyes or something, but I am more upset that I got sucked into buying another mediocre Maybelline product because of their extravagant ads.
The new Color Tattoos Leather collection does look nice, but I am not sure if I'd want to pick up any other Maybelline stuff after this.

Have you tried Maybelline Master Kajal Cream Kohl eyeliners?
What is your experience with them?

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