Jul 1, 2014

FOTD - Softly Bronzed

Believe it or not, I used to self-tan every summer but I stopped for a couple of practical reasons. It was fun to play with darker shades of foundation and bronzers, though.
I can't say a warm bronzed look is the best bet for me (one of the reasons why I stopped), so all the beautiful new bronzers came out this year have not really reached out for me on a realistic level. 
Still, I should have a bronzer or two somewhere, right? I do, and last Sunday, I felt like playing with them. 
(BTW, I have realized that Sunday is a perfect day to play with neglected makeup and challenge myself. I know, I am incredibly late to join this "Sunday Stash Shopping" party.)

Cargo Beach Blush (Coral Beach), Cargo Eyeshadow duo (Sardinia) and Bbia pigments (02) were used for the "softly bronzed" look.

I like using blue or teal on eyes if I am to use warmer shades for the rest of my face, but this look being a challenge, I chose brown and gold for my lids.

As usual, my eye makeup is super simple.
I put on the brown shade from the duo close to my lash lines and blended it out using the lighter pink shade.
The bronze gold pigments were placed in the center of the lids using my fingertip.
I lined the lower lash lines with the same brown shade and applied the mascara.

Since my complexion is about the same color as before and my hair is quite dark, I did not want to overdo with bronzer.
Cargo Coral Beach Blush is a ideal mix of blush and bronzer, and it is just perfect for this soft look.

Armani Rouge D'armani Flash Lacquer 103 swatch
On the lips, I used the Nude Lip Set from Armani (reviewed here).
I am not a fan of wearing gloss in summer, but in this case I had no choice since I looked like a dead woman when I wore the lipstick only. Adding the nude lipgloss (103) put some life back into my face.

Overall look
(Makeup items used are listed at the end of the post.)

I am not entirely happy with the finished look because I do not particularly feel pretty wearing these colors together - you might laugh, but hey, isn't this why we wear makeup? To look pretty, but more importantly, to feel pretty? ;)
I guess I can play up the eyes or wear more colors on my lips in the future.
This was a challenge anyway, and for that, I'm quite satisfied. I think adding a bit of glitters and lipgloss has worked to liven up the whole look otherwise that would have been a total disaster.

Any tip to wear bronzers on light complexion without looking unnatural?
Do you think I need to look at more bronzers, or am I going to be okay for now? ;)

*Makeup Items Used For This Look*

Giorgio Armani Rouge D'Armani (103)
Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer (103)
Cargo Beach Blush (Coral Beach)
By Terry Sheer Expert Foundation (02 Neutral Beige)
NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder (Translucent Crystal)

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