Apr 8, 2014

Review, Swatch - Lancôme Lip Lover, Lip Lover (337)

I had to experience Lancôme Lip Lover since it has been so well received in the beauty blogosphere.
It is refreshing to see this veteran brand with a bit of mumsy feel keeps bringing out new and fresh items like this, yet they are still modestly priced.
In my humble opinion, Lancôme Lip Lover is like an underdog who hit a home run, and one of the few that are actually worth your attention out of all the spring makeup came out this year.

The color I chose is also called "Lip Lover (337)", and it is a "Bright Berry Pink".

Lancôme Lip Lover, Lip Lover (337)

I really like the packaging.
This well-made silver tube is light and perfectly sized.

I did not know Lip Lover came in such a high tech tube.
There is a button in the middle and the applicator gets released when you click on it.
Very neat, right?
(Of course, I foolishly tried to twist the top off and I still do it sometimes..)

Lip Lover is a medium berry pink with a hint of warmth.
It contains very fine and sparse shimmer that doesn't really show up on lips.
The consistency is balmy and somewhat thick, and it applies very evenly.

On my lips, the color is a natural blushed pink with medium intensity.

Lip Lover (337) is a very pretty and wearable color but it isn't the most unique pink or anything.
What impresses me is its superb formulation that feels so so nice on my lips, though!
It never feels sticky and it is actually amazing to think about the shiny finish it gives. 
My lips feel still moisturized after most of the color is gone not to mention it is quite long lasting leaving a pretty stain behind. 

There are few things I am not so crazy about if I am to be picky (I mean, very picky).
I am not keen on the slightly medicinal scent although it disappears within minutes or the rather small applicator (which I failed to photograph). I assume it is all personal preference, however. 

I've seen some reviews comparing Lancôme Lip Lover to Dior Fluid Stick (I recently reviewed one here) which is another recent hybrid lippie release. But to me, they are two different breeds.
Lancôme Lip Lover is closer to L'Oreal Extraordinaire, for example (my review here). I've actually compared the ingredient lists side by side and I see they share many of the same although L'Oreal one contains more oil, which explains why it feels heavier than Lancôme Lip Lover.

Here is how Lancôme Lip Lover, Lip Lover(337) looks on me.

Nowadays, formula matters more than color itself when I am contemplating on a lippie purchase (that's like all the time, as we all know by now). I see myself picking up a few more because Lancome Lip Lover is hands down the most comfortable lippie I've worn in a while. 

You can read more reviews here, here and here, about which I must warn you that they are quite enabling. ;)

Have you tried Lancôme Lip Lover?

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