Apr 16, 2014

NOTD - Accent Jelly Mani with L'Oreal Berry Nice and Lilac Coolers

I could not resist these jelly shades from L'Oreal when I found them at a local discount store. Although they are from last year's, they look perfectly spring-y to me even including a sheer "Radiant Orchid" shade.
I had put them aside for a while due to this endless winter, but I finally felt like wearing something other than deep saturated vamp color on my tips. I tried this simple accent jelly mani using Berry Nice (607) and Lilac Cooler (606).

Berry Nice (607) & Lilac Cooler (606)

The bottle colors are quite deceiving since they have this sheer jelly like consistency.
You would probably have to put on 5 coats to achieve the opacity.

Before this mani, I attempted a pointy mani for the first time in my life, which was enabled by my hectic schedule that didn't allow me a weekly mani and my freakishly fast growing nails.

I used Butter London Scoundrel (another great "Radiant Orchid" shade with a bit of haze) and topped it with L'Oreal Lilac Coolers. It was actually perfect because Lilac Coolers added a light and bright touch to the finish otherwise that would have looked rather heavy.

While it was fun (and secretly empowering) to have pointy nails, it wasn't very practical. For one thing, I was kind of hurting myself (um, when I was scratching myself). I also ended up tearing one of my daily contacts. And, to be honest, the temptation of poking annoying people with my nails, was too great.

I still love square nails with slightly rounded edges (which is my signature nail shapes), but I wanted to try oval mani this time as it seems very much in for this season.

This is with 3 coats of each color.
Berry Nice does not look vampy nor scary as the bottle might suggest, and Lilac Coolers is much pinker on nails.

The formula of L'Oreal Nail Colors are rather excellent in my opinion especially considering that they are 5-free polishes. Usually jelly shades are tricky to apply, but that is not the case, either. The wide yet rounded brush shape works very nicely even on my narrow and curved nail beds.
I think it is best to wait a couple minutes before applying a fast drying top coat on these jelly polishes because that would most likely cause cuticle drag and shrinkage.

These colors wear very well and I do like this sweet color combo, but I am so going back to dark vamps today. This snow and hail mix in mid April is a total insult to my spring nails. Ugh.

Have you tried nail polishes with sheer jelly finish?
What are your favorite nail shapes for mani?

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