Feb 16, 2014

Review - Guerlain Météorites Blanc De Perle (00)

This was gifted by Bellyhead of Wondegondigo blog through her amazing giveaway, and I have already mentioned a few times about how great these ballz are for both illuminating and setting makeup.

Blanc De Perle (00) was introduced in 2012 as a part of their Blanc De Perle campaign, which was a brightening/whitening line and meant for Asian market.
Unlike the usual multi-colored Météorites, Blanc De Perle is mainly "white" resembling those pretty "pearls".

Guerlain Météorites, Blanc De Perle (00)

I had a multi-colored one with matte finish a long time ago, and my understanding for the product was a "correcting" powder for complexion.
Being young and clumsy, I did not really appreciate these rolling and moving powder and ended up crushing and losing many ballz.

Apparently, Guerlain has reformulated Météorites, and it is a setting & finishing powder among being everything.

Guerlain Météorites Pearls is an illuminating finishing powder, formulated to boost your natural radiance while evening out complexion. It's been reformulated to incorporate the brand's exclusive stardust technology which diffracts light upon contact to instantly envelope your skin in a halo of light.

How to use: Apply the powder evenly to the entire face to set makeup and improve hold. For a boosted radiance effect, illuminate the curved areas of the face by tracing a "G" from the center of the forehead toward the top of the cheekbone, then from the bridge of the nose toward the chin.

It is housed in a beautiful and sturdy metal tin.

When I said "everything", I meant it.
Not only the powder functions beautifully but also it satisfies our inner vanity and makes us feel beautiful using it. 
(*cue heavenly music*)

Behold the Ballz

I failed to capture the difference in the ballz.
Perhaps the previous picture shows it better.
The biggest one is matte and whitest in color and two smaller ones are shimmery and have opalescent tint to them. The smallest one might be lighter in color than the medium one, but I am not sure.

I do not have swatch pictures of the each balls or anything.
Placing them briefly in my palm for a close-up shot was already a blasphemy for me.
(Hold them tightly and try to draw lines on my arm? What for? ;o)

All I can tell you is that Blanc De Perle gives this insanely beautiful yet believable glow to your complexion and it holds your makeup better and longer.
I did try it as a sole makeup setting powder, but the result was not as impressive.
For me, it works best dusting lightly all over after I set my foundation with a sheer silicone-based powder.

I actually have some proofs as to "the glow" I was referring to.
I used Guerlain Blanc De Perle in these two different looks.

I think I can rest my case. ;)

Although Blanc De Perle was an LE in Asia, you can still find it from online stores.
It is suited best for neutral/fair complexions, but there are tons of other options with different colors and finishes as Guerlain brings out limited editions each seasons.

Have you tried Guerlain Météorites?
What is your experience if any?

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