Jan 12, 2014

FOTD - Natural Taupe Smokey With Chanel European Les 4 Ombres

My original intention was to put together an overall look using the two recently reviewed items, Revlon Age Defying CC Cream (reviewed HERE) and Giorgio Armani Nude Lip Set (reviewed HERE).
As I chose the antique Chanel Quadra of mine for this look, the whole subject kinda shifted over and I suddenly wanted to do a post about an age-old question - Is the baked (european, non-U.S.) Chanel Les 4 Ombres such a terrible thing in quality?

The particular Les 4 Ombres I have is called Planètes (90) consisting of shimmery browns and taupes with light peach highlighting shade.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Planètes (90)

Sorry the picture does not look very clean since I have cherished this quadra for many many many years. 
The texture and the colors are still very much intact probably because I refuse to use them wet although the purpose of the "baking" process is to enable the dual application methods.

It was swatched on moisturized arm, but the color payoffs are not that great especially for the darkest shade that lacks shimmer.
Still, you can see each shadow has the iridescent silky quality to it and they are actually quite long lasting once applied.

To tell you the truth, I did not appreciate this quadra that much when I first got it. 
This rather muted colors didn't speak loud to my pastel-chasing young heart at that time, and the layering eyeshadows with different texture was an unknown technique to me.
It was much later that I rediscovered it after I started using a creamy pencil to base my eyeshadow colors.
Amazingly, baked Chanel quadra has one of the nicest texture to pair with creamy base and the result is pretty impressive. The color appears to have more complexity and depths imparting such sophistication.

I used L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Liner in Brown on my crease then blended upwards using all four colors from the quadra.
Not bad, right?

Here is the overall look.
You can also see the Revlon CC cream and the GA Nude Lip Set in action.
(They are not bad, either.)

I am not saying we should all go out and start buying the baked quadras. I myself still prefer the non-baked U.S. version in general or even Dior and Guerlain quints for the same money.
It is just that the effects and the texture I see from layering them is very different (which I should know well since I use the creamy pencil with other eyeshadows anyway), and I quite like it.
Nowadays I feel weary of those super-pigmented eyeshadows that can bruise my eyes with one swipe, so this subtlety with quiet enunciation is much more appreciated than before.
If you already own a baked Chanel quadra, you might as well try them layered.

Makeup products used in this look
L'Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions WP Mascara
Chanel Les 4 Ombres Planètes(90) 
Rouge Bunny Rouge Precious Velvet Powder Piano Forte

Hope you enjoyed this post.
How do you like the european Chanel eyeshadows and other baked formulations in general?
Anyone has a new found appreciation for iridescent sheer eyeshadow colors like I have?

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