Jan 4, 2014

Review, Swatch - Giorgio Armani Nude Lip Set

Giorgio Armani Nude Lip set was one of my high-end makeup splurges from the black friday/cyber monday sales.
This popular set was backordered immediately after I placed my order and took almost a month to arrive. It did make it home before the Christmas packaged in an enormous box, which confused me to think for a minute that my new boots had arrived (yes, I also splurged on boots).
I was happy to receive my pretties, but geez, it was the over-packaging of the year!

Giorgio Armani Nude Lip Set

The set is a great value even before the 20% discount including a Rouge D'Armani lipstick #103, a Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss #103, a mini Rouge Ecstasy CC lipstick in #400 and a cosmetics bag, all for $60 (before discount).

My justification for this purchase is as follows :
1. The sale
2. I had not experienced GA makeup. 
3. I don't have enough nude lip colors (oh, really..?) 
4. This is a nice way to experience most of the GA lippies.
5. I just...want them.

They came in a hefty gift box which can be re-used for something else, like a "blogsale" box?

Even this, I would say an over-packaging.
But this box came in another box that is the triple size of it.
These makeup companies should lighten up a little.

Rouge D'Armani lipstick #103
Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss #103
Rouge Ecstasy CC lipstick #400 (mini)

The cosmetics bag is not all that.
It's roomy and light but I am not big on things with gaudy logos on.

However, I can tell you I am pretty happy with what's inside.
Lets take a closer look. :)

Rouge D'Armani Lipstick #103 has a very ideal texture to my preference.
The coverage is semi-sheer and even, and the lipstick feels very light and comfortable with no discerning smell.
The signature black tube is very cool as the magnetized cap snaps back into its position. I show this to a couple of guys and they all seem to secretly want one. ;)

It has a perfect balance of pink and brown that would virtually suit any complexion.
This is a MLBB nude, not a concealer nude.

On my medium-pigmented lips, it appears as a pinky nude.

Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss #103 is a bit different in color from the lipstick since it has more yellow and orange in it.
This is a very sheer high-shine gloss with sparse shimmer. 
It has no unpleasant scent or taste.
The texture is very smooth and not tacky at all.

It only adds shine and volume to my lips.
Many lipgloss end up peeling my lips, which is the main reason why I don't wear them as often, but Flash Lacquer stays comfortable on my lips without forming those icky white lines.
The staying power is just okay.

Comparison swatches with my other nude lipgloss
(It is wonderful to see that I don't have any close dupe.)

Rouge D'Armani #103 and Flash Lacquer #103 worn together

Rouge Ecstasy CC Lipstick #400

I love "legit" minis like this. 

Rouge Ecstasy #400 is a gorgeous pin-up red.
Unfortunately (and fortunately), I don't like this at all.
This has similar texture as the Rouge D'Armani although Rouge Ecstasy feels a tad drier.
I love how true and vibrant the color is on me and adore the light lip-hugging application, but I just can't stomach the old school lipstick scent.
Why, oh why did you have to, Armani?!

In a nut shell, this is a nice value and a great way to experience Giorgio Armani lippies.
The colors and the texture live up to my expectations for higher-end lippies, and it is good for me to learn about their new Rouge Ecstasy lipsticks, which is a bit of disappointment and a relief at the same time.

This set is not available on the Giorgio Armani website anymore, but still is on Bloomingdale's at only $48.
Not an affiliated link, but just in case you want one. ;)

Thanks for looking.
And happy new year to everyone!

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