Jan 20, 2014

Review, Swatch - Dior 3 Couleurs Smoky Eye Palette Smoky Brown (781)

The cosmetic world is officially spring and I am busy admiring the pastel flowery shades popping up everywhere.
In reality, however, it is obviously middle of the winter (not to mention we are expecting another snow here in the NYC) and my daily color story still consists of dark neutrals and browns.
I have been reaching for the Dior 3 Couleurs Smoky Eye Palette Smoky Brown (781) very often lately.

Dior 3 Couleurs Smokey Eye Palette Smoky Brown (781)

I am a big fan of Dior eye shadows and I thought the shimmery taupe color (Couture Smoky, marked no. 3 on the plastic) would be a good backup for my Chanel Vega of which I recently hit pan. 
(It will still last me for one year at least, btw. Hitting pan means nothing but another excuse to buy new makeup. Who am I kidding, anyway? ;p)

I can't really justify it was a "necessary" purchase because, as you have guessed, I have so many neutral brown and taupe shades waiting to be reached from my bottomless stash box.

I won't say I wasn't attracted by this cool "sliding" case.

Yes, the top slides and the mirror part gently flings open.
Very cool!

Inside, you will find
Dark neutral matte brown (Soft Smoky 2),
Shimmery taupe brown (Couture Smoky 3),
and Silvery satin beige (Base 1).

I would say the texture of all three shades is Dior standard.
The shimmery taupe feels softest to touch and goes on very pigmented.
The light beige is firmer but has this incredibly even texture.
The matte shade is not as pigmented and hardest in texture that it reminds me of some of the NARS eyeshadows. The color goes on sheer yet evenly.

You can find more information HERE (from Sephora), but this eyeshadow trio is basically designed for easy foolproof smoky eyes.
It suggests applying the base color all over first and creating depths using either matte shade or shimmery shade for different tone of brown smoky.

There is nothing wrong with this kindly provided instructions, but I don't exactly follow them.
I still use creamy pencil base to add more depths and find the base color more useful as a highlighting shade.
The first option for "soft smoky" works very nicely when paired with more pronounced lip makeup, but with added dark base,  it creates another dimension of deep matte colors which I find quite attractive.
You can see the example (of me using the palette whatever the way I want) HERE. ;)

Is this a must-have brown palette? 
Probably not especially if you have a good number of neutrals and browns.
However, I would highly recommend this particular color, Smoky Brown as well as checking out other 3 couleurs Smokey Eye Palettes if you're looking to build a quality collection of basics.
I myself would be much more content with these three shades than with all twelve from, for example, Urban Decay Naked.

Anyway, I am adding a NOTD pic which perfectly complements the brown smoky eyes created with this palette.

Spa Ritual Smart Cookie,
one of the prettiest oxblood with a perfect balance between red and brown.

Have you embraced the brighter spring colors, yet?
How many shades do you usually require for a good smoky eye look?

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