Nov 30, 2012

Swatch, FOTD - Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow Pink Persuasion

In my previous post, I came up with a wearable brown smokey eye look complaining that straight-up black or cold grey colors look too harsh on me.
(Actually, many browns (especially those reddish ones!) make me look like a (crazy;;) drunken woman, so I find them even harder to wear. Let's just put it this way. Brown or grey, we have to find the colors with the "right" undertones. ;) )

Then, I felt weirdly challenged by my own post.
"Why not? What if I warm up the look with pretty pink?"
So this long-forgotten Maybelline eyeshadow quad was dug up from my shadow box.

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow Pink Persuasion
(What a mouthful!)

Maybelline Eye Studio eyeshadow range is definitely different from the existing lines, and I remember I was very excited when they were first introduced.
The nylon shimmer, the candy-like colors, and the dainty looking quads remind me a lot of those Asian brands.
(Maybelline actually brought these out first in the Asian market. No wonder.)

I prefer them over the classic Maybelline eyeshadows which are chalky messes in my opinion.
I like that the color compositions are always excellent and how they blend in so easily.
However, it is just a solid B product for me since the pretty colors often end up looking muddy even with good eyeshadow primer.
Maybe they are too soft in texture? I don't know.


As you see, the colors in this quad are quite cold.
I have tried the mono tones only, but without the light pink color, it simply doesn't work out.
This pink color is very pale and light, it barely shows up on its own. 
It makes all the difference when I use it lightly all over the lids, though. 
"Pink Persuasion" indeed!

Here is the look I came up with using this quad.
I also tried to warm up this icy look by wearing a bright pink blush with silver shimmer (Cargo Amalfi).

Makeup products used for this look
Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow Pink Persuasion
Cargo blush Amalfi
L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner Black
Milani Liquif'Eye liner Black
Cargo triple action mascara
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter Cotton Candy
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss Pink Pursuit
Revlon PhotoReady Makeup Shell (003)

Thanks for looking.
I had a mad busy week so I wasn't able to blog as much, but hopefully I can show you some new swatches and looks soon.

Wish everyone a happy weekend! :)

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  1. I agree that the colors on the quad might look cold but you look very pretty dear. Love the smoky eye look you created. Just soo pretty :)
    Btw I like the lip look you created too, lovely gloss :)

  2. awwww thank you so much for your sweet comment!
    revlon super lustrous lip gloss is still my favorite after all these years. they photograph great. ;)

  3. pretty!! i love it with the pink :) and i also love ur lipcolor!!

  4. thank you!
    i need to try lip butter + lip gloss combo more often. ;)

  5. i LOVE that! the pinks and black look awesome together.

  6. thank you, Kim!
    i never appreciate this quad until this post. lolz

  7. im loving the quad, pretty colors ^_~ you look gorgeous with the look =)

  8. hi Janet! :)
    thank you. i really like the colors of the quad as well. it is indeed silky soft and maybe too much so, but still nice.

  9. Yet another gorgeous look hun! I agree that this quad is on the cooler side and I can see myself wearing this combination on a night out in town with smokey dark silver eyes with a hint of pink throughout.

    That lipgloss is super pretty! Love the gold specks.

    Does the Milani eyeliner stay on your waterline? I am looking for a pencil liner that stays there for when I do smokey eyes..

  10. thank you!
    revlon super lustrous lipgloss is the very first thing i was obsessed about and i had 20 of them at some point. lol.

    unfortunately, i am still looking for something that would stay on my waterlines as well. milani one is definitely better than many others but it's no match for my watery lines. it does stay on very well on my upper waterlines, though. ;)

  11. lol. thanks, Claire!
    actually the cotton candy is the least favorite out of the lip butter bunch i have. it looks kinda patchy if worn by itself. adding gloss makes it so much better.
    i totally agree with you about the maybelline eyeshadows in general. i do have a couple of favorites, though. ;)

  12. You make me want all the Revlon! Cotton Candy looks so innocent :D I don't like the Maybelline e/s bu they have nice colour stories. Nevertheless, you make every product seem delicious! :*

  13. Very cute look! I don't like pink on my lids as they make me look my lids are swollen:(

  14. thanks!
    i actually feel the same way about pink eyeshadows in general.
    pale pinks work ok on me, though. :)

  15. Woah~ I really like this palette! o: Possibly buying this next~

  16. thanks!
    i am glad you like it. ;)

  17. I think it really works! It is balanced out by the blush and soft lips. Very, very nice! I rarely wear pink eye shadow, but I wore it today, and I was actually quite pleased :D

  18. aw thanks, Larie!
    yeah, pink is another color that makes my eyes look swollen and drunk..but i guess it all depends on the shade. :)

  19. Ah, I've been looking into those palettes/quads for the past month or so! I recently got their older short rectangular quads, and while the colors are nice, the eyeshadows are indeed a chalky and non-pigmented mess. Thank you so much for the quick review :)

    The cool tones look really good on you, too.

  20. my pleasure, Becky! :)
    i do have my favorite ones from the classic line like natural smokes, but overall the quality is not that great. too bad cause the colors are so pretty!

  21. You look great with those colors! I have the Give Me Gold palette, and it's an all-warm palette, which I guess is the opposite of this one :) I never knew they were first released in Asia though (I never saw them there).

  22. thank you, Monica! :)
    i just looked up Give Me Gold and it looks very pretty!
    when it was released, i saw it first on the asian maybelline website, then it arrived in the u.s. after months later. (actually the whole eye studio line) :)

  23. That's a great look for you! I love the baby pink lips too.

  24. thank you so much, Wendy! :D

  25. Happy weekend Lena! You definitely made this work!

  26. thank you, Sunny! you, too! :)

  27. It's a shame the quad didn't work as well as expected. I love the look :) that blush is so flattering!

  28. i mean it is nice since they are so easy to blend in, but i guess i want something with staying power and better pigmentation. ;)

    thank you for your compliment! i really like the blush. my favorite shimmer pink!

  29. You are lucky you have such lovely porcelain skin, those pinks look gorgeous on you!

  30. awww thank you, Amy!
    but it is mostly makeup and nice lighting, i think. ;)

  31. This is such a beautiful smokey eye :)

  32. The pink is quite subtle but this is a really lovely look! I wish I had your skills with the eyeshadows :)

    Enjoy your weekend Lena!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  33. thank you, Rowena!
    there's no skill needed, though.
    this eyeshadow colors are too soft and blend in maybe a little too much, but they are very easy to work with because of that. :)

    you, too, enjoy your weekend!

  34. beautiful smokey eyes! Baby pink lippies look good on you! I can't pull off blue toned pink lippies, because they make my skin complexion looking sick , imho..T_T

  35. i love baby pink lippies but they wash me out but it all depends on the blush color, too.
    in my case, light peach is even worse. ;p


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