Oct 28, 2012

Swatch - tarte eye catchers 6-piece smolderEYES set Holiday 2012

This is such an amazing deal!
If Guerlain's Liu palette is my pick for makeup palette, this tarte eyeliner set gets my vote for the best value among all the holiday 2012 sets came out this year.

tarte eye catchers smolderEYES set is a great standout both in the color selection and the quality.
(Have I mentioned this is an awesome deal?? Six full sized eye pencils for only $39! The chubby ones usually go for $25 each.)

tarte eye catcher set

The set comes with six smolderEyes all in new colors including skinny smolderEYES in Onyx color.
A pencil sharpener for chubby pencils is included, too.


Onyx, Ash Violet, Rainforest Black, Champagne, Gold, Gunmetal

Ash Violet - Gorgeous Smoky Deep Violet
Rainforest Black - Dark Forest Green
Champagne - Light Shimmery Beige
Gunmetal - Shimmery Dark Taupe
Gold - Medium Gold 
Onyx - Intense Jet Black

They glide on smoothly like butter and the colors are just so gorgeous, I thought I was going to cry.  ;p
Once set, they would not budge, but the formula still allows me to smudge and work with it nicely.
I just know they would make great eyeshadow base and I am so excited about the possible looks I can create with them.
The skinny pencil in Onyx is one of the best black waterproof eyeliners I have used. The black color is intense and almost wet looking, and it just glides on without tugging or pulling. Love it!

*Edited* I also did some comparison swatches. :)

top - tarte smolderEYES in Champagne
bottom - stila smudgepot in Kitten
They are almost identical!

top - tarte smolderEYES in Gold
stila smudgestick eyeliner in Koi
tarte Gold has more brown and stila Koi is more metallic with a bit of green undertone.
They feel similar in terms of application and color payoffs.

tarte is offering other great sets in LipSurgence and Amazonian Clay blush, but I passed up on those since I already got a holiday LipSurgence set from last year and the blush colors were not that appealing to me.

These are available at Sephora and tarte.com 

Have you tried these eyeliners?
Are you planning to buy any holiday value set?

Thanks for looking. :)

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  1. i agree!
    stila smudgesticks are quite comparable. ;)

  2. The quality looks amazing but we don't have Tarte here, I guess Stila will make up for it!

  3. oooh, the colors are really pretty! too bad we dont have sephora here but its a great steal ^_~

  4. Im surprised by how pigmented and unique these tarte colors look! I never usually use tarte, but these look tempting!

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  5. Woah I definitely like the moss-green coloured one! I feel like moss-green will be really in demand this winter, don't ask me why! Thanks for the review


  6. These are awesome! I had my eye on the blush set but I think it sold out already :(

  7. these look amazing. I like it when you said you thought you were going to cry. So true when you found a product which you love and so impressed by it. Now you get me want to get that.....

  8. I got this set and now I'm even more excited about actually receiving it! It is excellent value, and all the colors seem super adorable. So glad to hear they don't budge too!

  9. These are such lovely jewel tones! I've not tried Tarte eyeliners but this set is sure tempting :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves
    Enter my Blogiversary Giveaway!

  10. oh wow ... I want those. I love the colors :P
    nah we dont have that many holiday sets here, and those we have a just rubbish


  11. The colors are beautiful! I haven't tried these but I am not generally much a fan of Tarte. Still, the beautiful jewel tones are tempting!

  12. Woow love the colors! This is so tempting!!

  13. oooh then i should tempt you soon with my new tarte blush post! i agree illamasqua is softer in texture but it is more powdery and has some fall outs. tarte blush wears so beautifully and last for a long long time. :)
    i honestly think tarte could lower their price since they can afford to throw out bargains like this. i don't think they would go under because of this shocking price, you know? ;p

  14. Such a steal! Great swatches too. I really like Rainforest Black. Can't wait to see what looks you come up with these!

    You know, I've yet to own any Tarte products, lol. Their blushes are always raved about, but whenever I see the testers at Sephora, I find them a little dry to the touch (not sexy smooth like Illamasqua). However, I'll definitely have to check out all of the holiday sets!

  15. this is a great buy! i'd recommend it to anyone. ;)

  16. the chubby ones make great eyeshadow base and highting shade. this is a bit different but comparable to my LM caviar stick as well. i am quite happy! :)

  17. yeah we gotta be careful with those sets, really.
    i often get sucked into them for a pouch or the bling-y concept, but they often turn out to be rubbish, too.
    tarte is famous for their holiday sets, though. :)

  18. this is my first tarte eyeliner experience as well!
    so far, i've like everything i tried from the brand. i think tarte is a great independent company. ;)

  19. i am very excited for you, too! this is truly amazing value and great quality products. i can actually see myself using this often. they are very easy to use. :)

  20. haha we both know the feeling, right? :D
    they are so easy to use and gorgeous. go for it if you like the colors. :)

  21. my pleasure, Eliva!
    i am not very fond of green in general, but i do think this darkened green look beautiful! :)

  22. ah, really??
    i passed up on the blush set since i recently got a red color from the range and the set includes a highlighter and a bronzer which i don't use too often.
    hope they are back in stock soon! :)

  23. ah, too bad. i don't think tarte ships internationally, either.
    it is such a nice deal, though.. ;-/

  24. they are really high quality and i'd pay the regular price for the colors i really like.
    i am only discovering them, though. ;)

  25. Such gorgeous colours! The black seems amazingly well pigmented, wow! I wish they sold Tarte here, they seem to have nice stuff and I like the look of the brand too :). Nice to hear that they are such a good value!

  26. They look soooooo goood! and the price is such a bargain!!
    I'm so jealous you have access to a lot of cool and amazing make up brands there in US.. I believe I can only order tarte online in europe, but the price is far more expensive than you guys have in US ://

  27. oh i didn't know tarte has an europe site. that's a bit better, though.
    i am not sure but i think tarte is a ny based company as well. they stay small but thrive in business compared to other relatively smaller brands.
    i really like the set and i look forward to using them soon. ;)

  28. i will have to give a full test to each of them but i have high hopes about the black liner especially thinking it might stay on my lower waterlines. lol
    i also love their blush range more than the famous ligsurgence. ;)

  29. I was eyeing this palette, especially because of the green and purple shade. I am still undecided, ahh! But they look very pretty!

  30. Ugghhh, I wish these were available when I was in the US! I so would've picked up this set and the blush set as well. Such a great deal! The shades look gorgeously pigmented and vibrant as well :)

  31. I mean eyeliners, not palette :P

  32. yes. they could double as all over colors, too. ;)

  33. omg the gold and champagne are beautiful!! so pretty!

  34. it's too bad tarte doesn't do international shipping!
    i am really pleased with the colors as well. the skinny one is a great liner for sure. i am more excited about the chubby ones since they will make great eyeshadow base! :D

  35. there are so many sets and palettes, i wouldn't know how to look away! lolz
    the green and purple shades are especially beautiful. ;)

  36. I haven't tried them, but I'm sure the hell are going to purchase them after seeing these swatches!!! hahahaha They are GORGEOUS! Not chalky and the color really packs a punch. Thanks girl!

  37. These look really good, I love the rainforest shade and the gold would be perfect for X-mas of course. I'm usually a black eyeline kinda girl but could use one with a smudgestick on the other end.

  38. they are comparable to smudgesticks or LM caviar sticks, even.
    the colors are so gorgeous. ;)

  39. haha i've noticed i always skimp on my swatch a little being a hoarder. this time i put on some more products and focused on my "drawing" ;D
    i really love all the colors. very nice set! i'd recommend. ;)

  40. Can't wait for my Carried away Set coming this November:) How do you like the lipsurgence set?

  41. Hi Lena,
    I would love to try tarte products so bad but they are not avail in Singapore :( I am wanting Urban Decay Christmas set (eyeliners). Do you know how similar/different they are?

  42. are you talking about the smoked 24/7 liner set? they are great value, too.
    i haven't tried this particular set but i've swatched them at the store before.
    to me, they feel quite similar in terms of how they apply and last.
    maybe UD is a better choice if you're looking for a good mix of matte & shimmery shades. :)

  43. oh the carried away set is a super value! love the eyeshadow paletts.

    i am still enjoying the lipsurgence set from last year. they are very moisturizing.
    i've swatched the set here. hths. ;)



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