Oct 30, 2012

Swatch, FOTD - Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli

Actually, I went to a Chanel counter to get the L'Impatiente lipstick from the Holiday 2012 collection.
L'Impatiente was indeed gorgeous, vampy and deep which is all I am about lately, but I hesitated wondering if I really could pull it off because of its matte formulation (Rouge Allure Velvet).
Then the lady showed me Rivoli.
I have heard other bloggers talking about this, but I was shocked to see the actual color.
I swear this is the identical color of the Chanel lipstick I bought from a duty free a long ago although Rivoli was only introduced in 2009.
(I cannot even remember the name since it has been almost a decade. It was the discontinued Hydra Base and I used it up. Yes, back then it was no problem for me. ;p)

Long story short, I paid for Rivoli without having to think twice and came home with it.

Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli (21)

Rouge Coco is categorized as "Hydrating Creme Lip Color" according to Chanel.
It has the usual Chanel lipstick smell and the color goes on with light to medium intensity leaving a slight sheen. 
It feels very thin and light on lips but not too slippery as Rouge Coco Shine.

Rivoli is a deep berry red with a tiny bit of cool brown undertone (so it doesn't quite go over to the burgundy realm).
I guess it is too cheery and bright to be a vamp but it is deep enough and unique, not something you can ignore.

swatch on my arm

lip swatch

Most of all, I am so happy that I found the long-lost favorite color of mine, and I think I like how Rouge Coco feels on my lips better than the old Hydra Base. (They are not that different, honestly.)
This lip color feels comfortable and it doesn't make my lips look worse on those "bad lips days", which would be the usual issue I have with darker lip colors.
It lasts on me for about two to three hours but the color fades away very naturally.
Rivoli is not very fussy! ;)

Here is how Rouge Coco Rivoli looks on me.

Makeup products used for this look

Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation in Alabaster
NARS single eyeshadow in Lhasa
L'Oreal Smoldering Eyeliner in Black
Ebony pencil
Cargo Triple Action Mascara
Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli
Revlon matte blush in Blushing Berry

Lately I can't seem to get enough of deep dark lip colors.
How about you? What is your favorite lip color for fall?

Thanks for looking. :)

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  1. Jacqueline MMarch 17, 2013

    Gorgeous looking colour on you. I love this.

  2. Tessa NortonMarch 17, 2013

    Just found this on a Google search for this wonderful lipstick and wanted to add - I think you're right that they did a near-identical colour in the Hydrabase because I had it too! In about 1998. I used to wear it with Galaxie gloss which came in a little compact. I still have the stump of the Hydrabase which I'm keeping for nostalgia purposes as I was just a teenager then and it was my favourite lipstick. They're identical in colour but the Rouge Coco is a bit more moisturising and nicer to wear.

  3. hi! :)
    i appreciate your comment. i even forgot the name of the hydrabase but would love to remember it!
    back then i would just wear it with no eye makeup.
    there is something special about this posh color and i feel sophisticated yet slightly powerful(?) whenever i wear this. lol

    i'd love to visit your blog if you have one.
    please leave me a link if you get to see this reply. thanks! xoxo

  4. thank you for your sweet compliment!
    i still don't think reds look best on me and i always feel shy wearing them. ;p
    i always go for nudes and pinks myself most of the time.

    thanks for yor concern. luckily we are barely affected. the only difference would be we couldn't get food delivery for a couple days, but that is nothing to complain about! ;)

  5. thank you, Girlie Blogger!

  6. aww Sunny, you're so sweet. ;D
    i think rouge coco range is kinda inconsistent in pigmentation and wear.
    i mean it felt like it when i swatched a couple of different colors at the counter.
    yeah, i am really happy to find it again. when i finished the old one, i did try to get it here in the u.s., but they said they didn't have the same color (or at least anything with the same name..)

  7. i agree. it goes on much brighter than the bullet color. :)
    i guess rude chanel SAs are universal. luckily this time i met a nice one.
    they make commissions from sales..so i don't know how being rude and snobby plays out for them. ;-/

  8. thank you, Jacky!
    i basically filled my folds with kajal liner and blended with nars lhasa shade. it is great to pair with darker lip colors. ;)
    and guess what, i actually bought a black cherry lipstick a couple days ago and i am so happy with it! beautiful color! :)

  9. lolz. thank you, Laura! :D

  10. my pleasure, Raimar!
    thank you for your compliments. ;D

  11. lol. i myself can't seem to get enough of the color family! i keep looking for more swatches..it is not healthy!
    i want real plum colors and rouge noir as well. (btw, i had rouge noir before, but it never looked good on me..)

  12. lol. i have more to write about.
    i am usually pink/nude lips kinda gal. i don't know what is up with me this fall. ;p
    to me, Rivoli is a light-hearted vamp that is very wearable. love this color. ;)

  13. awww Sarah, thank you so much!
    how are you doing?
    hope you and your baby are doing great! :)

  14. thanks, Kim!
    i know berries and reds look beautiful on you! ;)
    i love this color. i don't know why i didn't look for it harder once i used up the old one. ;p

  15. oh, i really wanna get some rouge volupte! they are on my wish list. the colors are awesome but more importantly, i heard they wear great! :)

  16. thank you, Larie!
    NARS Lhasa is great to wear with deeper lip colors. i love it!
    i actually thought about you when i swatched L'Impatiente. it is not as intense as it seems. i think you'd rock the color. :)

  17. thank you, Tracy! :)
    i am planning to get a couple more shades from the range. some nude and pink, maybe? ;)

  18. So pretty! LOVE the berry on you! I love Chanel Coco Rouges-they are amazing!

  19. Eeee, beautiful, Lena! I love the silver eye shadow you paired it with, too.

    I kind of want L'impatiente because of the matte finish...hahaha! But this looks exquisite on you!

  20. My favourite colour for fall is YSL Rouge Volupte 18 - it's a beautiful plum burgundy. This colour looks so great on!

  21. Lena, that Rivoli looks gorgeous on you doll! I AM A BIG FAN OF BERRY COLORS! hahahaha This looks so exquisitely RICH. Great for fall!

  22. Geez, you are so stunning :) Make me want to run and put on a berry lipstick!

  23. yay, another vampy lipstick post! (I just love them, lol). Rivoli looks very pretty on you, on me it transfers more plummy :( I really like your eye makeup here. If I could I would wear such colours on a daily basis D:

  24. Uughhhhhh I wanna get my paws on them! I've been seeing vampy lip colours everywhere and I LOVE THEM! Your beautiful post has further fueled my desire to add dark plums to my collection! Time to go shopping tomorrow. =D

    ♡ M.May

  25. wow the color is so deep intense and beautiful thanks for this review sweetie...

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

  26. This looks so so prettyyyy! And you look too pretty with this lipstick and that smokey eye. I love and own way too many dark dramatic lipsticks. This many not sound very dark but I think my favorite red lippy product to wear day to day is the Tony Moly red apple lip stain. Its so pretty when layered. I just picked up Revlon's black cherry lipstick too and I really like that as well for fall!

  27. that is such a beautiful red! thanks for the review.

  28. This is so your colour. I totally see you wearing this daily. I thought it was going to be a deeper shade of red which *I* prefer but this still looks great. haha

    p,s you look great :)

  29. oh wow! Rivoli looks beautiful! I think it makes your lips look so huge! in a good way, of course!

  30. i agree. i wore a light color again and it feels weird. lol
    i love dark lip colors on you, actually. you rock them!

  31. Thanks. It's funny because I used to strictly be a pink girl and this year is when I really ventured out and now I mainly wear darker colours. I'm so used to it that I now prefer them.

  32. Wearing darker reds definitely takes a little adjusting but each day out wearing it makes it easier. GL!

  33. really? aww thank you, Feelo :)
    i still feel shy wearing any dark intense color out. this is encouraging! ;)

  34. very sexy shade!! you look really gorgeous with this type of reds ^_~

  35. thank you so much, Janet! :D

  36. OMG its SOOO beautiful i love that its not too burgundy and its soo pigmented and vampy! love it!!!

  37. thank you!
    i am really digging this color lately. ;)

  38. The lipstick looks awsome in you!! <3

  39. So pretty on you. Some people can just wear red lipstick so elegantly. You're one of them! I wish I could wear red and darker lip colors. My lipstick collection is so boring. All the mauve/pink colors.

    p.s. hope you are ok in NYC. So devastating to see that many places are destroyed and flooded.

  40. Ahh you gorgeous thing! I'm surprised to see the sheen though. I own one Rouge Coco (Mademoiselle) and it looks more matte to me!

    In any case, GREAT shade on you! I'm so happy for you that you rediscovered a new version of an old favorite that has been discontinued as well :)

  41. wow they look not as dark as it looks on the bullet. this is a really pretty,sheen version of vampy lips!
    I would love to get to know more abt chanel product, but the chanel beauty store in Berlin, has the most rude and unfriendly SAs I've ever encountered and it makes me reluctant to go there and try some products before deciding which I really like..


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